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Remote controlled Cars – A Cool Toy for Your Little Toys!!

The Flyers Bay Licenced Mercedez-Bens M Class

Hey!! It’s Christmas time!! Kids get the most fun out of Christmas for the additional enthusiasm of receiving presents. So, what are you gifting your sweethearts, this Christmas? Thanks to latest innovations and advancements, what better than remote controlled toys? We all love toys!! Isn’t it? Why not? After all, they are a terrific cradle of fun. Toys in our days have moved from the typical teddy bears and furry dolls or even the long-standing batman’s and superman. Well, the latest vogue that has become rampant in the circles for kids aged is the Radio Controlled toys, especially RC cars.

These RC cars offer swiftness and exhilaration to all the racers by offering the delight of the game. Overall, these cars offer win-win condition!! So, you are interested in purchasing an RC car? It is preeminent to resolve on which car you are exactly interested in. There are innumerable options over which you can absorb which remote control hulls are greatest for tyros. It is brilliant if you research before buying as this stuff is quite costly. Here, I would like to recommend two of them. These RC cars will be within your means and won’t awl a hole in your pocket. Whatsoever the motive for buying the RC car, in the long run, make sure you buy one that brings you glee and makes you smile! Read also Top 6 Premium Remote Controlled Cars Below 2000 Rupees

The Flyers Bay Ferrari Style Remote Controlled Car

Speaking of The Flyers Bay Ferrari Style Remote Controlled Car, this marvelous car from Flyer’s bay is a blend of elegance and flawlessness.  This is an RC Car with Ferrari Style Door Opening.  This ensures laid-back movability and reckless charging facility. Your kid can easily regulate this RC car in various directions with the support of the remote control.

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The Flyers Bay Ferrari Style Remote Controlled Car

The appealing looks will drive your kid crazy. However, do not just get carried away with the appealing look of this car. As you will miss pondering its utilities which are more vital. Moreover, let me tell you something, there is indeed a lot more for its features to drive you crazy.

The product comes along with a USB charger as an alternative to a wall charger. Furthermore, an improved battery life ensures stretched and better performance. Likewise, you get a switch in the center of the remote to open and close the door in a spellbinding way. This feature is much loved in the car. Moreover, the fronts head light and rear light are working, offering it a high detail. The great speed of the car offers your prized ones non-stop periods of pleasure and amusement.

Pro Features

  • Highly detailed car
  • Sturdy Remote
  • Larger Batteries
  • Upgraded USB Charger
  • Door Opening & Closing door by pressing button on remote
  • Working Front HEAD Lights
  • Working Rear Lights

Final Verdict: All-embracing, I would say that, no matter what, you will fall in love with the Flyers Bay Ferrari. The car is just a blast to play with. So, get your kids all set to drive in style this door opening Ferrari. Price: 799 Rupees.


The Flyers Bay Mercedez-Bens M-Class RC Car Toy

The Flyer’s Bay offers an electrifying steering experience with this remote control Mercedez-Bens. This Christmas, present it to your kid and let you kid revel in hours of frolic action with this remote controlled turbo. The remote encompassed along with the product lets your treasured one to govern the activities of the supersonic car. It embraces thorough and comprehensive cores and surfaces. Your toddlers will get captivated will playing with it.

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The Flyers Bay Licenced Mercedez-Bens M Class

Overall control of the car is quite delightful. You do not require much of assembling. In fact, just get the antenna fixed in, twist the button and you are all set to roll. Some of its tempting features will with conviction keep your youngster betrothed in a fun-filled activity for hours. It will work efficiently and is also very easy to function. Moreover, the glowingly planned replica of M-Class combined with perky LED lights offers it a flawless and stirring appearance. This bright LED head lights makes it operational in dark or murky rooms as well, with no trouble at all.

All the same, direction tuning helps in adjusting the Mercedez-Bens for direction regulation and control. In conjunction with marvelous looks, you attain an exclusive feature of the Shock absorber. This attribute helps the car to survive shockwaves and jolts that it may perhaps receive while running on the bumpy and jagged ground. Sooner or later, your kid will grow hand and eye synchronization while frolicking with this toy. Read also Top 10 Remote Controlled Racing Toy Cars Below 2000 Rupees

Pro Features:-

  • Direction adjustment.
  • 1:24 scale.
  • Detailed interior.
  • Steerable wheels.
  • Shock absorber.
  • Compatible with rechargeable batteries

When all is said and done, just hurry up!! Get this car home and let your kid enthrall with ecstasy!!! The best thing about this car is that it won’t lose its exceptional character even in the long run.

Final word: They say that boys will be boys!!  Even though that can be a very idiosyncratic simplification; the development of boy's toys into a fad for mature men can confirm to the fact that — some boys never get along, at least in footings of these cars. Ultimately, you see, these two RC cars are spot-on toys for the little and big boys. They are somewhat a bit that can be cherished by adults and kids alike, in terms of convolution, involvedness, and skill for actual duels. It’s not just for kids; in fact, it lets menfolk feel like young boys all over again. Even though, for just a while! So, this Christmas, don’t forget to present this worthy gift to your cherished ones. Price: 899 Rupees.

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