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Reliable Wonderchef Philips Coffee Maker for Small Offices

Philips HD7447 15 Cups Coffee Maker Review and Specifications

In medical research, Coffee has been deemed much safer than tea. In fact, many medical researchers have considered Coffee a herb, which has lots of health benefit as well. Some noticeable heath benefits of coffee are improving energy and stamina, and it also has some positive benefit for our heart like preventing stroke. When comes to rank the best foods for better sex, most health websites consider coffee in top three.

Those who regularly drink coffee could be categories in two groups: one who drinks coffee as a dose of refreshment whereas another group of the people drinks it under addiction. Whichever group you are in that hardly matters because experts say coffee is good for health. Thus, even you are an addicted and drink more than two cups coffee a day…is not much an issue.

Wonderchef 63151724 10 cups Coffee Maker

Making coffee although is easier than preparing a delicious Masala tea but it is still not a child game. For a delicious coffee cup, one needs to follow only a few but important steps carefully.

Coming back to this Wonderchef Coffee Maker, it is one nicely made kitchen appliance that bears all necessary features for making coffee-making easy. Also, ready coffee can be kept warm in it in case some urgent priority turns up.

10 Cup Capacity

Despite being priced below 2000 rupees, its capacity to brew coffee for 10 persons in one go is the most attractive feature besides other conveniences on it. The jar to collect ready coffee has the capacity of 1.4 liters.

Further, the jar is fully transparent letting users to see-through the delicious liquid. This is remarkable because not all coffee makers offer such glass jar for easy seeing inside. In fact, by this, one can easily see whether the quality of coffee is appropriate in terms of light and hard.

Wonderchef 63151724 Coffee Maker Review and Specifications

Other Cool Features

Some other features are also added in order to make the best possible coffee cup with deep flavor from any coffee powder. I have already mentioned above about heating plate that keeps coffee warm if one is not able to drink that on time. Besides, some other noticeable features with this coffee maker are removable nylon filter and anti-drip function.

Built and Design

Although the body of this coffee maker, which is 20×22×30 cm in size, is in plastic but appears to not so flimsy. In fact, it would last many years without any noticeable damage. But what I like more in its body is an attractive color that shines and with the transparent jar it can be a great addition to any smart kitchen.

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The jar also comes with a thumb lock for easy and securely pulling up lid. This is a great convenience because the chance of lid flapping suddenly is nil.

Pro Features

  • 10 Cups Capacity
  • Heating place to keep your coffee warm
  • Removable nylon filter
  • Transparent Jar

Ending Note

In my opinion, this Wonderchef coffee maker is much more suitable for black coffee. So, why I back this product? The answer has to be Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor besides cool features of this product.

I love cooking so I am a big fan of Sanjeev Kapoor, who is not only a great chef, a great gentleman too. In fact, I consider him Amitabh Bachchan of Indian cooking. Started with Khana Khazana, he has been redefined the Indian cooking without making it too complex for today’s generation. Unlike many other chefs, he never attempted to feed western food rather solve the puzzle of the Indian cooking.

Thus, when Sanjeev Kapoor puts his thoughts behind a kitchen appliance then consider that a must buy. Although I am a big fan of Philips & Preethi Kitchen appliances but just because of the Great Sanjeev Kapoor, a big thumb up for this Wonderchef Coffee maker.

Price 1735 Rupees
Capacity 10 Cups; 1.4 Liters
Weight 1.5 Kg
Warranty One Year; this does not apply on glass kettle


Philips HD7447 15 Cups Coffee Maker

As I said in the ending note for the Wonderchef coffee maker that I personally prefer Philips and Preethi kitchen appliances thus I am presenting one advanced alternative of the machine reviewed above.

The HD7447 is still best-seller despite two successors HD7450 and HD7455 in market. This machine comes with some necessary features and the capacity of 15 cups in one go. In fact, because of its capacity, it is much more suitable for small offices and larger families. However, for a small family, consider the Wonderchef coffee maker.

After seeing this wonder, I have to agree that when comes to preparing coffee in rich taste; Philips coffee maker has to be at number one position in the budget segment. There are many enhancements on this machine for making your coffee uniform in taste and flavor.

If you are looking for a coffee maker essentially to make milk coffees then consider this Philips coffee maker. Also, its capacity of 15 cups cannot be ignored.

Aroma Twister

The feature although is a simple function but it has a great impact in enriching your coffee taste. This works effectively, especially when you are trying to make milk coffee. It evenly distributes flavor across the liquid thus without forming a taste layer – from start to the last sip, the coffee remains in one taste. As a result, your 5 to 7 minutes of coffee break becomes one memorable moment. And, as it has been said – a quality break is much more important than a boring long break.

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Philips HD7447 15 Cups Coffee Maker Review and Specifications

 1.2 Liter Capacity is sufficient for 8-12 Cups

In one go this Philips coffee maker can prepare black or milk coffee for maximum 15 people. Its glass jar has the capacity of 1.2 liter, which is, by the way, lesser than 1.4 liters jar of the Wonderchef machine.

We appreciate smart appliances for smart cooking in our smart kitchen. So, this machine has some smart features, too. There is a water lever indicator that lets users fill the jar exactly for the coffee cups they want. This saves unnecessary waste thereby saves money, and time in cleaning.

The “Drip Stop” is another good feature I like on this budget coffee maker. Essentially, it allows you to fill your cup with a fresh hot coffee without waiting for a full brew cycle to complete. And, I do not think I need to explain how convenient can be this when you are in hurry.

Pro Features

  • Aroma Twister & Drip stop feature
  • Water level indicator
  • LED Indicator
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • Stylish look

Final Conclusion

Philips kitchen appliances are the best choice in the low budget segment. In affordable low price, only Philips could make smart kitchen gadgets. Not only that, even in terms of build quality and looks, Philips outshines other top players in market.

Thus, my final verdict about this Philips coffee maker is – consider it without a second thought if your budget allow. The HD7447 coffee maker is smart, durable, attractive, and has the features for today’s fast life. Also, its capacity to brew 8 to 10 cup coffee in one shot is making it quite an ideal choice for small offices and large families.

Price 2500 Rupees
Capacity 8 to 12 Cups; 1.2 Liters
Weight 1.42 Kg
Warranty Two Year; this does not apply on glass kettle

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