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Reliable Whirlpool Midea Automatic Washing Machines

Midea MWMTL062M31 Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Whirlpool 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WM Premier 652SD)

The whirlpool washing machine comes with many efficient technologies that make washing clothes just a fun. This is a fully automatic machine from clothes washing to drying. And, with the capacity of 6.5 Kgs, it is easily suitable for a family of five to eight members.

Whirlpool may not be a leader in the washing machine market since IFB and LG leaving no stone unturned in producing advanced products. But when comes to product quality, durability, and hassle-free customer service, Whirlpool is one of the best brands you can rely on. For excellent wash to your clothes, you can try this brand new Whirlpool automatic washing machine, which, despite being good in quality, in fact, is cheaper than IFB washing machines from the same price category.

Built and Design

Whirlpool WM Premier 652D is 28Kgs in weight, 87cm in height, and 54cm in depth. Its top window is transparent allowing the user to review the running washing process inside. It can be operated with some easy to understand buttons placed on top at user’s side.

In user’s control, the washing machine lacks digital display but that is not a big drawback as it hardly affects user’s usages efficiency.

As far as its built quality is concerned, metal and stainless steel are dominating top to bottom. Outer body of this is made with metal having rust proof coating on it and tube is made with steel confirms long lasting durability as well. In terms of built quality, the machine appears to be pretty solid, if it is handled with a care, it might not need service for many years.Whirlpool WM Premier 652SD Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Washing Function

This Whirlpool machine is based on the Agipeller washing method wherein clothes forced to move through the water at a greater speed for removing dirt from it. For a regular wash running this machine in delicate mode is advisable. Agipeller technology is hard on clothes thereby very effective in removing dirt but it can potentially damage to fabrics as well. This is the best technology for washing jeans, though.

Some washing machines fail to fill drum when water pressure is low. Especially those lives at top floors and closure to water tank face such problems regularly. In such cases, a washing machine should have some effective technology for filling drum even on a low water pressure. Whirlpool WM premier 652SD comes with the ZPF technology for getting drum filled at 50% faster speed even when water pressure in user’s place is lower than 0.017 Mpa. In fact, this technology remains effective even when the tap is just seven ft down from main water tank.

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Although it lacks inbuilt heater, which in a way is a good thing because that is lowering electricity consumption burden, it has an inbuilt dryer based on Whirlpool’s signature Max Dryer technology. The dryer does good work in drying clothes after a complete wash.

Users can choose from five wash modes: normal, heavy, delicate, whites, and speedy. There are eight wash programs on this machine. It also provides to choose from spin & rinse and spin only wash modes.

I am a big fan of “quick 30” and a special wash program for child clothes in LG washing machines. Whirlpool WM premier 652SD does not have such dedicated wash programs.

Warranty and Installation

According to the company’s service commitment, standard installation and demo service is free of cost. Two years warranty does not cover damage to outer body, plastic parts, and any accessories attached to this washing machine. Customers can call to 1800 208 1800 or SMS to WPL to 58558 to avail under warranty service and installation service from Whirlpool India.


  • Metal built and Stainless steel tube
  • Strongly recommended for hard clothes
  • Agipeller: Good for a strong wash
  • 6th sense washing technology
  • Error indication icon for low voltage and no water
  • Five wash modes and eight wash programs
  • Convenience features: inbuilt-auto restart, water reuse, detergent dispenser, scrub pad
  • Lint filter feature
  • Power with ZPF technology for working on those places where water pressure in tap is really low


  • Lacking dedicated washing programs for child clothes and quick wash

 Final Verdict

I rate this Whirlpool WM Premier 652SD with good marks for its sturdy built and simplistic washing control options. In terms of features, it is slightly outdated, have only features that were present in washing machines in the year 2013 and 2014. In 2016 Whirlpool should offer some extra features for making its washing machines little smarter as well. Those like to have a stable machine with Whirlpool India’s reliable service can purchase this washing machine.

Price Rs. 15500
Features 8 Wash Programs, Water Reuse, Inbuilt Auto Restart, Child Lock, Aqua Store, Scrub Pad, Lint Filter, Speedy Cycle, Detergent Dispenser
Washing Capacity 6.5 Kgs
Spin Speed 740 rpm
Function Type Fully Automatic, Top Load
Washing Method Agipeller
Inbuilt Heater NO
Warranty 2 Years
Power Consumption 360 Watt
Body Weight: 28Kgs, 87cm(H), 54cm(W), 56cm(D)
Buy Whirlpool WM Premier 652SD

Midea Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine MWMTL062M31

In Bharat, Midea is not so popular brand but in China, it has been a reputed consumer electronics brands since 1968. Recently it made entry into the Indian electronics market with its wide range of electronics products. One of them, which is a fully automatic top loading washing machine, priced just 13500 rupees, is here for review.

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Going by the trend in the Indian washing machine industry, the Midea washing machine cannot be termed a revolutionary product. But, in a package, in which five years warranty is also included makes it into the elite group of best washing machines available under 14000 rupees.

Built and Design of Midea Washing machine

The machine is set to consume 340watt in operation. It weighs 31 Kgs and measured as 92cm height, 51.5cm width, and 52.5cm depth.

In its sales box, besides a washing unit, one inlet pipe, drain hose, one screw, base cover, and instruction manual is included along with documents for five years of comprehensive warranty. Midea also commits for free standard installation and demo process when you have made a purchase through an online shopping website.

The washing machine is available in one color option and is quite user-friendly in day-to-day usages. It has an ergonomic design and faster spin rate with respect to power consumption than some popular washing machines in 15000 rupees price range.

Eight Wash Programs

The Midea washing machine has a steel drum, designed in Pulsator washing method for removing dirt completely from clothes. In this washing process, clock and anti-clock rotating panels create a kneading action, which at the 800 RPM speed of this machine removes dirt without damaging to fabrics.

Its 3-D Aqua wash technology throws water on clothes from all direction ensuring a complete wash as well as preventing clothes from tangling. In addition to this, Magic filter, Soft Touch Tub, Smart sensor is some advanced features also onboard ensuring user convenience, fabrics safety, and operational security for the machine.

Midea, by giving an intelligent design to this washing machine, not only has ensured better washing results by it, in fact, operational protection is also managed for its internal system so that it continue to be operational without any service requirement.

Dryer Functions

The Midea washing machine comes with a twist in clothes drying section wherein inbuilt heater function is replaced by a dedicated efficient Air dry. That ensures faster as well as safe drying of fabrics. You can be fully sure for safety of your clothes while that is passing through the air drying process.

Brand Trust and Commitment for customer service

This is the first time we are reviewing any Midea product. We have no knowledge how Midea delivers when it comes to offering post-sales service. We can only confirm about the product that is, in fact, user-friendly, durable, and efficient in giving good wash.Midea MWMTL062M31 Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

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I request for sharing your experience with Midea’s customer support here. Based on user’s feedback we will decide whether to review another product of this brand or this washing machine is the last one. Midea India customer help line: 1800 3000 0011


  • Good built and user-friendly control panel
  • Smart wash programs with 3-D Aqua Wash
  • Operational malfunction is protected by smart sensor
  • Air Dryer for faster drying


  • No dedicated wash programs

Final Thoughts

The Midea automatic washing machine with 6.2kgs capacity and smart features is a reliable product for giving a complete wash and air dry to your clothes. It is not a revolutionary machine but gets washing job done. Midea’s five years of service commitment is a big plus with it.

Price Rs. 13500
Features LED Display, Child Lock, Air Dryer, 8 Wash programs, Smart Sensor, Magic filter, Steel Drum, Soft touch Tub, and 3-D Aqua Wash
Washing Capacity 6.2 Kgs
Spin Speed 800 rpm
Function Type Fully Automatic, Top Load
Washing Method Pulsator
Inbuilt Heater NO
Warranty 5 Years
Power Consumption 340 Watt
Body Weight: 31Kgs, 92cm(H), 51.5cm(W), 52.5cm(D)
Buy Midea MWMTL062M31

Users Review and Opinion


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