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Reliable Vox Portable Cooler under 2500 Rupees

4 Liter Vox Mini, Portable Cooler, and Warmer Thermoelectric Refrigerators for Outdoor Picnic

If you are looking for a way to beat the heat or warm things up on a road trip, then you should better get hold of a mini car refrigerator from Vox. Although these types of gadgets are not really a new thing in the market, Vox has revolutionized how portable car coolers should look like. With this particular car refrigerator, you can enjoy yourself maximally with chilled drinks and fruits while driving. Vox has made this product to ensure your road trips remain beautiful and refreshed.

The good thing is that weather cannot affect the contents inside this cooler because it comes well lagged to keep out external temperatures. Therefore, you can confidently keep this gadget in your trunk without fearing that your apples might bake in the heat. This device is very efficient and it consumes about half a unit of power for a whole day’s operation. You, therefore, can save on power as you cool your favorite drinks. Talk about power consumption, this portable cooler is not different from your car’s AC system. You will hardly notice any lag even if you connect it to your car’s power system – and no any additional electricity charges if you decide to use it at home. Read also Five Top Wine Chillers In Indian Market.

This Vox Portable Cooler offers Excellent Performance

To start with, this device is a multi-purpose refrigerator and can be used to heat and as well as to cool items. The cooling mode on this device is best suited for storage of drinks, fruits, and medicine. This is because the temperatures inside this cooler can go as low as what you do get in your kitchen refrigerator. While on heat mode, this device can heat up contents up to 60 degrees. Actually, this mode is the best suited for food or snacks that you want to warm up before munching. The total capacity for this gadget is six standard soda cans. Thus, it has an average storage volume of 4 liters. This device comes in two major colors: Red and White.

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Vox Mini Portable Cooler and Warmer Review and Specifications

Care and maintenance: When it comes to the handling of the fridge, consider certain things to ensure that you get the best from this device. Firstly, you should keep it away from water and moisture since this may cause the lead on this device to rust. Secondly, you should always keep it clean. The manufacturer recommends regular cleaning for this gadget since you will be storing edible items in it. Additionally, cleaning it will add on to the general durability of this device. Read also Single Door Refrigerator for Students and Office Use.

Convenience and usability

This particular car fridge/heater is very convenient to use. One can use it in many places. All you have to do is just to plug it into a reliable power source and you are good to go. To make it even more convenient, the designers of this gadget allowed it to be powered by either AC or DC power sources. When in your car, you can crank this refrigerator up, by plugging it into the 12-volt cigarette socket in the car.

An AC 200-240 volts power input support on this device is good when you want to use the gadget at home or in the office. Moreover, this device is easy to use. Wherever you are, you need not involve any expert or a manual to illustrate on how to use this device. This device also has Hot/Cold off button to switch between different modes easily. It can work with a minimum of 110-Volts on AC and it has a total wattage of 41 watts. Read also Four Portable and Quick Ice Maker in Bharat.

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Vox Warranty Commitment for This portable Cooler

The refrigerator comes with a one-year warranty, which is only claimable within this period. If returned any later than that, there is no guarantee of any compensation from the manufacturer.

Verdict: On my part, I would not say that this is the best car refrigerator out there, but it sure is a practical one. All the same, it is cheap and ideal for people who travel a lot.

Vox portable Cooler is priced at 2500 Rupees. The fact that you can even use it as a substitute for your home refrigerator (through AC power) makes it a must have if you own a car. I would tell you to go forward and get one for your car. However, if you were looking for a portable refrigerator maybe for an institution like a hospital or a hotel, I would advise you to get something bigger. This one will not work, as it is too small. Read also 5 Unique Android Apps to Help You Organize Home Party.

Price 2500 Rupees
Brand Vox
Model Mini Refrigerator
Material Virgin ABS
Power Rating 49W (cooling), 41W (heating)
Voltage 220V
Defrost System Direct Cool
Capacity 4L, 6Kg
Batteries No
User Rating 2.0/2 Stars

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