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Reliable Surge Protection Backup UPS Below 2500 Rupees

Zebronics ZEB U725 UPS Review and Specifications

Have been examined several UPS with surge protection features the GS team selects the three powerful UPS from APC, Intex, and Zebronics. These branded UPS comes with excellent backup time and has the features to protect your computer system from electricity fluctuations. However, no drop in backup time even after a good few months of use makes them special ones among the alternatives on sale currently. Follow this article and select the one that is fit for your requirement and is in your budget. Read also Things I bought Online to Make an Old PC Run Faster.

APC BX600C-IN Surge Protection UPS with 15 Min Backup Time

The market for UPS has maintained a stronghold in the market for computer peripherals for quite a few decades now. It is only on a steady rise with a constant requirement of them for use, at both in homes and the corporate world. APC is known for producing UPS especially and has managed to become one of the biggest players in the Indian market, giving tough competition to the likes Microtek and Exide. The latest from APC in surge protection category UPS is the BX600C-IN. Priced at Rs.2591, this UPS is power packed to give computers and other gadgets an uninterrupted supply of back up.

Compatible with many devices: When it comes to the specifications of this UPS, it has some of the fine ones indeed. The height of this piece is 21.8cms and it measures 10.7cms in width. The weight of this product is 4.7 kilograms, which makes it not so light. The length of the power cord provided with it measures a total of 1.5m and it delivers a backup of 15 minutes, which is the standard backup time of any UPS. This UPS would work perfectly to backup computers, wireless networks, gaming consoles and other power sensitive electronic devices. The all black color of this UPS makes it appear very sleek and futuristic looking.

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APC Back UPS BX600C IN Front

This APS UPS is an excellent choice for surge protection

The surge protector feature of this UPS makes sure that your devices stay safe and protected from any high voltage fluctuations. On devices which use small amounts of power consumption, this UPS has the capacity of backing them up till 30 minutes and even more. APC offers a warranty of two years on this UPS. It doesn’t cover any damages caused to the device externally, though. The customer care service of APC is great so in case any issues arise they are likely to be taken care of without causing much inconvenience.

Drop in backup: One issue which can likely arise and that being reported constantly by many of its buyers is the battery backup is good in the beginning, but reportedly gets lower with time. For using it about for just 2 months, the backup drops down to a 20% and it is certainly not good for reputation. Also, it doesn’t feature a USB connection like most of the UPS companies are offering these days along with their models.


  • Good at tackling voltage fluctuations
  • Good back up
  • Compatible with many devices


  • Backup time drops later ahead
  • No USB

Verdict: As far as the charging time goes, it charges up very fast and even has a battery saver option available which enables on protecting the battery life of the UPS. The APC BX600C-IN UPS offers good if not great service for a price that is quite reasonable. It does a great job at tackling voltage fluctuations. If few of the shortcomings can be overlooked, this UPS definitely makes for a good purchase.

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APC Back UPS BX600C IN Back

Price Rs. 2350
Backup 15 Mins
Brand APC
Warranty 2 Years
Surge Protection Yes
Weight 4.7kg


600VA Intex Surge Protector UPS 725 Three-Plug

Intex is one of the top brands involved in manufacturing computer systems and related items. It has gone on to become one of the biggest companies in India when it comes to sales and customer base. Intex UPS have a reputation for being high in longevity and supplying a good backup in general. Its Surge Protector 725 3Plug UPS is one of the most cost effective UPS in the market. This is perhaps also the reason which makes it the company’s one of best selling UPS as well. Let’s find out about the product in more details.

Fast transfer time: The specifications of this UPS are quite modest but good nevertheless. It requires an input of 230V for getting charged and takes about 6 hours of time for getting fully charged. It has a transfer time of 4ms-8ms, which is quite good. When it comes to its noise level, it manages to keep it under 40dB and is capable of providing a backup lasting anywhere from 10-15 minutes. It can tolerate voltage fluctuation very effectively ranging from 140V-300V. The type of battery in this UPS is a 12V / 7Ah x 1 and it can easily be replaced once runs out.

Intex Surge Protector 725 600va 3Plug UPS

Mediocre backup time and the Design of the UPS

The indicator lights provided on the body of the UPS are in green and alert about battery mode and AC mode. The weight of this device is 4.25 kilograms, which is quite heavy considering there are so many lightweight UPS available in the market these days. The sound of the battery indicates the status of the battery quite well. On overcharging or encountering some issue, it repeatedly makes noise to inform the user. The waveform of the battery is in Sq Wave and this UPS comes with a warranty of one year which doesn’t take care of damages caused externally to it.

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Design could improve: The outdated box type design of this UPS is something where Intex can definitely make some improvements. The boring rectangular shape of it makes it seem so old and as far as looks go, it will fit well with the sleek appearing gadgets. Even the all black color with red highlights could not save it from appearing quite class less as far as the design goes. But otherwise, it manages to pull off a great performance and deliver all that’s required from it.


  • Good battery backup
  • Priced cheap

Verdict: The 725 3plug UPS is quite a catch for the price that Intex is offering it. At Rs.1689, it easily is one of the cheapest UPS inverters available in the market currently. The battery backup is good and as expected. Few shortcomings like the mundane design and long charging time are something which can be improved to enhance the overall rating of the product. Although there are far better UPS available for buying, but for those on a budget, this might be a good option nevertheless.

Price Rs. 1900
Backup 10-15 Mins
Brand Intex
Warranty 1 Year
Surge Protection Yes
Weight 4.25kg


600VA Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS with Shine Wave Technology

Zebronics is a fast-rising player in the market for computer peripherals and other electronics items, especially in India. The market for UPS in India is already a humongous one and Zebronics has already managed to establish quite a mark for itself. Its UPS along with other accessories for computers are fast selling. The ZEB-U725 UPS is one of its top-selling products currently and is available for Rs. 1508. Let’s take a look at how well the UPS does when it comes to others in that price category.

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Airy and lightweight: When it comes to the specifications, the ZEB-U725 UPS measures 32.4x22x14cms in dimensions and utilizes about 230V of voltage in input. It weighs only 2 kilograms which gives it quite an advantage over other UPS in its category. Most UPS in this price range these days are all over 4 kilograms, hence having an UPS of half the weight is quite good. It also has a modified sine wave waveform which helps it adjust to voltage fluctuations. At the backup front, it is capable of providing is 15 minutes on a PC, which is again the standard time for any UPS in this segment.

Zebronics ZEB U725 UPS Review and Specifications

No Drop in Backup Time even after Many months of use

The transfer time it takes is 4-8 mini-seconds and requires a time of 6 hours to get full with at least 90% of its battery charged. The capacity of the UPS is a total of 600VA and its input voltage range is 140-300VAC. Again there’s nothing new about this as most of the UPS today in this category come with the same. However, one good thing about this UPS is that even after using it for a good few months, there is no drop noticed in the power backup time as is the case with many UPS these days.

Looks with performance: The three power plugs of this UPS comes attached with a chord and the color in which its body is black, with red and white graphics displayed on the front. Zebronics provides a warranty of two years on the product. The first year is an on-site and the second year a carry-in. Apart from this, the battery of it is also covered under a warranty period of one year. This is also a step up for Zebronics considering most other brands are providing only 1 year of warranty on their devices.

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  • Very lightweight
  • Consistency in backup maintained
  • Priced reasonably
  • Has good looking design
  • 2 Year warranty

Cons: No power surge feature

Verdict: The Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS is a great looking and very lightweight UPS which delivers good performance. The UPS is a solid device which manages to consistently deliver even after some time has passed. It is better looking than most box-shaped UPS which are there in market in this range. Hence, considering all the positives of this UPS, it definitely is a must buy product if you are on a budget looking for a UPS which will not disappoint you. Therefore, you can definitely go for this one with eyes closed.

Price Rs. 1500
Backup 15 Mins
Brand Zebronics
Warranty 1 Year
Surge Protection No
Weight 2kg

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