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Reliable Rechargeable LED Torch with Durable Build

Reliable Rechargeable LED Torch with Durable Build

Mr Light 2100 Rechargeable Flashlight

It would be pretty hard, rather impossible to find a home without a flashlight. Earlier because of the backward technology, the bulb inside the torch used to fuse or sometimes even burst which caused a lot of disappointment and agitation in case the lights went out. Although in today’s date, there are some extremely good and lit torches available in the market. Such one torch is Mr Light’s 2100 Rechargeable Flashlight.

Mr Light, established in 2004 is also known as Moonway group is based in UAE and has a prominent role in the development of the lighting industry of the Arabia gulf region for over 10 whole years. It even holds a genius world record for the world’s largest LED torch ever manufactured.

As the name depicts, the company has been excelling in some really good quality torches since the start now. Many times two different flashlights with the same numbers, when tested can produce totally different results which are a shame and the reason behind it is the cheap material used. Mr Light has some satisfied customers and even their reviews which show how this company is able to build up its clients trust with the superior quality products.

Now we will be moving on to the features of Mr Light 2100 Rechargeable Flashlight.

A LED Torch with MC2 Technology

Most of the flashlights when used in continuation start to dim their light and slowly get weaker. This is one of the most common problems with any kind of torch, especially the unbranded ones. This does not happen with the flashlights produced by Mr Light as it comprises of the MC2 technology. If you are wondering what ‘MC2’ even means, it is an equation derived by Albert Einstein which represents the energy, speed, and mass of light.

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Longer Range: The distance the light of this torch goes is 1300 meters, which as a matter of fact is pretty good. In situations when it’s all dark flashlights with such range are needed to make everything easier till the lights are back on. Seeing 1.3 kilometres is something that the common flashlights do not possess, making this a plus point over others. The standard flashlights have lesser range that travels only some spots further than you, a torch like the one we are exploring rather make it easier for the people around you too as everyone won’t then be needed to carry a torch which lessens on the cost too.

Higher Run-time: This torch runs for at least 2.5 hours without the dimming its light in proper continuation which I personally believe is a good time period. This makes you not worry and stay carefree for at least those hours as you do not need to bother about when the power of the torch will go out too, leaving you stuck in the dark. Places where the power cut down – is a problem, this one is perfect as it gives you the advantage of 2.5 hours which is a pretty normal time for the lights to come back on.

Strong Body of this Mr Light Product

The material used in the manufacturing of the torch is really good which increases the durability of it. The medium by which Mr Light’s 2100 flashlight is made is machined air craft aluminum case. Such strong material lessens the chances of any scratches or even breakages that very often take place in the common plastic body of the standard torches. You may use it the rough way and because of the colour and body, not a thing will happen.

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Mr Light 2100 Rechargeable Flashlight Review and Specifications

1 Year International Warranty: One full year’s warranty for a torch is a pretty huge deal as these categories of torches rarely have any warranty. Even if they do, they usually exceed to 90 days. Note that this particular flashlight is also rechargeable and now apparently it even has such a long and rare warranty time period. This gives you all the reasons to go in for as I personally have.

Mr Light Offers A great Quality: Now Mr Light as a company believes in giving its customers some real quality and value for money. They allow you to experience satisfaction with their products and so implies to this torch. Being a specialist with torches, Mr Light’s 2100 flashlight also consists of their precision. From the clarity of the lens of the torch to the cap, every small detail is taken care of while the manufacturing.

Some Pro Features:-

Water resistant: Every torch produced by Mr Light comes with a factory guaranteed o-ring. This ring in specific makes the torch water resistant. The torch works perfectly fine but only if the contact made between the water and the torch is a short tenure.

Electronic switch: Mostly all the flashlights by Mr Light come with an electronic switch to control the usage of the light. This saves you on the wear and tear that happens in the regular rubber switches.

Improvised LED Light: Mr Light has come up with better LED, their MC2 technology triples the light beam and makes it easier in the dark in a better way as compared to the rest of the flashlights.

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Lifetime Free Services for Most Parts: The company also offers you the ease and lessens you cost because of the totally unusual fact of giving lifetime free services for most like that include the adapter, LED light, battery and it also comes with a battery when brought.

Noticeable Cons:-

Price: People don’t usually like to spend a lot on an article like a torch and therefore settle for the ones which are not worthy. The price of this product is slightly more than the regular flashlights but it does give you the output too.

Solves the Regular purpose: This torch is good but only for using it at home. If you want to buy it for something other than that, it will not be able to suffice as its output is 300 lumens.

Might Not Resist Rolling: A very common issue with flashlights is that they roll and fall because of their round body type. The same might happen with Mr Light 2100 Rechargeable flashlight.

Concluding it all!!!This flashlight is something good and will not let you down if you invest in it. The company majors in flashlights; it even has a genius record for world’s biggest flashlight, gives the best quality you expect for the everyday usage flashlight and has many happy clients too! Every person who bought this torch has been completely satisfied with it which is also adds up to its advantages. As for the price, if you want great quality then you need to pay a little more than the regular too. Read also Rechargeable LED Torch with 10 Hours Backup Below 800 Rupees.

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Buy 2939 Rupees
Range 1300
Runtime 2.5 Hours
Output 300 Lumens
Warranty 1 Year International Warranty
Included Batteries Available

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