There was a time when fingerprint scanners were a thing of science fiction. As a child, we used to see these hi-tech devices only in movies. Time has changed now. Technology to manufacturer fingerprint readers has improved and become a lot cheaper in the last few years. As a result, many offices have started using biometric attendance machines that use employees fingerprint scan to register their attendance.

If you have not installed a biometric attendance machine at your office, then I strongly suggest doing it. This machine will not only make employees more conscious about timings but also help manage their attendance record efficiently. Below is a list of best affordable attendance machines that we have compiled after two weeks of research. Read also Best Barcode Scanner for Inventory and Document Processing.

► MDI-3600 Biometric Time & Attendance Device

The MDI-3600 is one of the cheapest biometric time and attendance machine available out there. One can purchase it for just 2400 rupees. It offers many features and is suitable for all types of offices.

MDI 3600 Biometric Time and Attendance

Easy To Setup: Setting up the MDI machine requires no expert knowledge. This can be done in the following simple steps:

  1. Connect the device to a power outlet using the adapter and then press the power button.
  2. Press the menu button and then select the Employee option.
  3. On the next screen select the first option i.e. Register
  4. Now fill all the details of the employee including ID, Name, and Department.
  5. In the last step, the employee needs to put his or her finger on the glass scanner three times.
  6. Repeat these steps for registering all employees

Compact Body: This device does not require a lot of space on the wall. It comes in a compact body and feels appealing to the eyes. Quality of the build materials though is not good. Power cord is long, which means customers can install the MDI machine at the location of their choice without any kind of restriction.

Also Supports Password: In addition to fingerprints, employees also get the option to register their attendance using a password. Although this feature is a bit controversial (because it paves a way for proxy records), it will help an employee in case fingerprint scanner module shows some error.

Good Connectivity Options: On the left side, this machine features a full-size USB port and a miniUSB port. It can store up to 1,00,000 attendance records and register up to 10,000 employees. Users can transfer the onboard records anytime using a thumb drive.


  • Audio notification system
  • Good onboard storage
  • Attractive body
  • Highly affordable
  • Color display

Verdict: For those who are a looking for an affordable solution, there cannot be a better option than the MDI-3600 Biometric Time & Attendance machine. However, you should also consider its bad build quality before making a purchase decision.

Fingerprint Scanner Yes
Access Control No
Internet Connectivity No
Display Yes
Logs 100000
Connectivity USB
Price 2400 Rupees


► Realtime T52 Biometric Time & Attendance Door Locks

Do you want extra features like door access and cloud data transfer on a biometric machine? If yes, then the Realtime T52 Time & Attendance machine will be the right option to go for. It is available in the market for an amount of 6,000 rupees.

Realtime T52 Time and Attendance

High Quality Fingerprint Reader: The onboard fingerprint reader is really good at its job. It reads and processes fingerprints within no time. Moreover, the chance of returning an error is also very less.

Realtime has loaded this machine with a feature-packed operating system. A single person can register multiple fingers to be on the safer side. Only the admin user will have access to the menu and settings of the OS.

Come With A Bunch Of Features: Customers can also use the Realtime Attendance machine with EM cards to give door access to employees. The list of connectivity features includes Wi-Fi, USB port, and Ethernet jack. It is capable of communicating with a server using the internet.

The manufacturer offers optional features like GPRS connectivity and battery backup at additional cost.

Bad Post-Purchase Support: Although this machine is impressive in terms of features and functionality, you may still want to look for some other product. Realtime gives the worst customer service after the purchase. In fact, the manufacturer does not provide telephonic support and warranty to people who have purchased this machine online.

The instruction manual Realtime sends with the machine is not written properly, thus, many readers  find difficulty in follow that. A person with no prior knowledge of biometric machines will struggle to use it.


  • Good design
  • 8-inch screen
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • EM card support
  • Fast and responsive interface

Verdict: On the front of functionality, this machine manages to get a good score. My main concern, however, is of customer support. I would recommend readers to purchase the Realtime Attendance machine only if you can find it in a local store.

Fingerprint Scanner Yes
Access Control Yes
Internet Connectivity Yes
Logs 100000
Display 2.8-inch
Connectivity USB, GPRS (optional) and Ethernet
Price 8000 Rupees


► ESSL K30 Attendance Biometric Security Device

The last on this list is the ESSL K30 Attendance Machine. Available with a price tag of 6,400 rupees, the machine is the best biometric attendance recorder for small offices.

Accurate And Fast: A 500 dpi fingerprint scanner sits on the right side of the front panel and processes scans in milliseconds. It offers high level of accuracy every time you punch a finger.

Like most biometric attendance machines of this price segment, the ESSL K30 also features an RFID card sensor. The onboard storage can record 80,000 logs before requiring a reset. Other features of this machine include schedule bell, self-service query, and SSR recorder.

ESSL K30 Access Control Time Attendance

Inbuilt Battery: The most interesting fact about this ESSL product is it sports an inbuilt battery. It can work in case of power outages without any problem. There is also an Ethernet port on the back for connecting a server.

Unattractive Design: In terms of looks and design, this device has failed to attract us. The manufacturer has used low-quality materials while making it. The display is backlit but its viewing angles are not wide. Thus, be sure to install it a height where employees would have no problem in reading the screen.


  • Inbuilt battery
  • Schedule bell
  • 80,000 logs
  • Highly accuracy
  • Access control

Verdict: Except design and build, everything else on the ESSL machine seems to be good. It will not create any problem during the usage. The features this device comes packed with are hard to come by.

Fingerprint Scanner Yes
Access Control Yes
Internet Connectivity Yes
Display 2.8-inch
Logs 80000
Connectivity USB and Ethernet
Price 5000 Rupees