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Best Refrigerator under 50000 Rupees

Best Refrigerator under 50000 Rupees in India Market

Do refrigerators need a stabilizer? Refrigerators require a stabilizer to ensure smooth power supply to them. Some refrigerators have built-in stabilizer whereas some refrigerators require an external stabilizer. The newest models of refrigerators, however, come with built-in stabilizer. Whether your fridge needs a stabilizer or not that you can check by going through its user manual and specs sheet. If your refrigerator has a stabilizer built-in, it will be written in its user manual.

Which is the best refrigerator under 50000 Rupees? In this article, you read about best refrigerator from 40000 to 50000 Rupees price range. The selected refrigerator models are products of top home appliances brands in India market. They are a favorite choice of buyers because of high build quality, super active cooling system, smart operations, and lots of convenience features.

► 584-Liter Midea Side-by-Side Refrigerator {MRFS5920SSLF}

Currently, this Midea Side-by-Side Refrigerator is the cheapest option in the market. It is an excellent refrigerator for large families. I will not consider it, however, if I need a Side-by-Side Refrigerator. The reason is its non-inverter compressor.

Heavy home use appliances like a Side-by-Side Refrigerator have hundreds of components and consume lots of electricity. Therefore, the best idea for buying a heavy machine is to choose the one that comes with the most sophisticated system.

Midea Side By Side Refrigerator

A heavy use appliance with a smart Inverter compressor requires less service, consumes less power, and ensures a long life of built-in components. Thus, inverter compressor means less headache and money saving.

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Side-by-Side Refrigerators with an inverter compressor will cost you in the range of 70000 to 1 Lakh rupees. By adding 25000 Rupees more to your budget for a new Side-by-Side Refrigerator, you can get LG, Hitachi, Samsung, or Bosch’s Side-by-Side Refrigerator with an inverter compressor. In my opinion, that would be the right decision compared to this, buying the cheapest Side-by-Side Refrigerator in India market with a non-invertor compressor.

Price 49990 Rupees
Features Frost-Free Cooling System | Expert Sensors | Intelligent Display System | Keep Cool | Keep Fresh | Antimicrobial Protection | Built-in Stabilizer | Door Alarm
Interior Toughened Glass Shelf | Can Rack | Twist Ice Cube Tray | Deodorizer | Removable Rack | Flexible Rack | Cooling refrigerant: r-600a | Multi Air Flow | Transparent Interior Finish | Interior Light System | Freezer Interior Light
Build Digital Touch Electronic| Non-Invertor Compressor | 584-Liter Capacity | Height: 1788-mm | Depth: 748-mm | 895-mm | Door Finish: Stainless Steel | Door Lock | Removeable Anti-Bacterial Gasket | Wheel support
Warranty 12-Months on Whole Unit | 10-Years on Motor | Free-Installation