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Best Refrigerator under 35000 Rupees

Best Fridge under 35000 Rupees in India Market

Which refrigerator brand is best in India? In terms of market share, LG is the best fridge brand in India market followed by Samsung and Whirlpool. Godrej, Haier, and Bosch are other favorite refrigerator brands of Indian consumers.

Which refrigerator is best under 35000 Rupees? In this article, we cover the best refrigerators from 30000 to 35000 Rupees price range. The suggested fridge models are currently a top favorite of buyers in the price segment.

► 335L LG Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator {R372}

The LG refrigerator comes with inverter compressor and 4-star rated power system. Its annual power consumption, in case of typical usages, will be only 213* units is what the brand claims. It is spacious from inside with a suitable storage section for almost all commonly used consumable items. And above all it an LG brand product, designed and built to work well without service next several years. There are no other refrigerators under 35000 Rupees as outstanding as this LG frost-free inverter refrigerator with 4-star BEE rating is. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that it is the best fridge under 35000 Rupees.

335L LG Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator R372

Built-in Stabilizer: This LG fridge supports a wide voltage input range of 100V – 290V, which makes it capable of handling major fluctuations. Hence, you will not need to buy a separate stabilizer.

The compressor of this refrigerator not only consumes less power but is also superfast when it comes to cooling the items. Its Multi Air Flow technology helps in efficient and faster refrigeration. Moreover, this fridge produces much less noise compared to other alternatives available in the market. This machine is also equipped with a moisture box that increases the life of stored fruits and vegetables.

User-Friendly Design: This refrigerator model might look simple to you, but its design is indeed user-friendly. The freezer can be accessed without any problem. Its hinges are made of durable materials, and the doors give a comforting feel during opening and closing. Also, the position of the ice tray can be changed according to user’s preference. The LED bulb dispenses light uniformly and gives a premium look. There is also space for storing two-liter bottles on the door shelves. This refrigerator is really big and takes a lot of space in the kitchen. Therefore, be sure to keep this point in mind before making a purchase decision.

Frost-Free Operation: This LG fridge is also equipped with an auto-defrost mechanism that melts the frost easily many times in a day. It does not matter how low you set the temperature of the freezer, the items inside will never get stuck under a layer of frozen moisture.

Strong Build: You do not have to worry about the durability of this product. Its smart compressor comes with 10-years of warranty. All the shelves are made of high-quality materials and will remain undamaged for years. However, parts other than compressor are covered under only a 1-year warranty.

Price 34000 Rupees
Features Inverter Linear Compressor (25% Lesser Noise | 51% Energy Saving} | Smart Diagnosis | i-MICOM Temp Control | Eco-friendly Refrigerant | Door-Lock | Anti-Bacteria Gasket | Dimensions: {1700-mm (H) | 600-mm (W) | 685-mm (D)} | Warranty: {1-Year on Whole Unit | 10-Years for Compressor
Cooling Keeps food fresh for up to 14-Days | Uniform Cooling Anytime | Door Cooling+ (best Cooling in Door Area) for 35% faster cooling inside
Interior LED Lighting | Deodorizer | Convertible Box | Chiller Zone Pull-out Tray | Moist Balance Crisper | Humidity Controller | Toughened Glass Shelves | Ever Fresh Zone | Egg cum Ice-Tray | 2-Liter Bottle Section | Total 11 Sections in Fridge | | Freezer: {Ice Bank | Ice-Tray | Total 4 Sections}
Power 4-Star BEE Ratings | LG Solar Smart {Solar Smart Refrigerators can work on Solar Energy} | 213-Units Annual Power Consumption | Auto Smart-Connect {can work on home Inverter power-supply → power consumption less than 2 CFL Bulb} | Works without Stabilizer {100V – 290V}
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► 340L Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator {IF INV ELT}

The newest refrigerator series in India market from the US brand Whirlpool is IF INV ELT. Whirlpool brand claims that the fridge model is the most intelligent refrigerator in India market at present. It is available in 260L, 292L, 340L, 360L, and 440L capacity. Their power system rating is either 3-Star or 4-Star. These are super-silent fridge thanks to Whirlpool’s Intellisense Inverter compressor.

340L Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator IF INV ELT

Equipped with Adaptive Intelligence Microprocessor and three sensors to sense load, whether conditioner and usages patterns, the fridge ensures optimum cooling for vegetables and fruits to keep them fresh for many days. Having this Whirlpool smart refrigerator in your kitchen thus means you will have to go vegetable market only once in a week.

If you like to make ice-creams or other chilling items at home, then this refrigerator is the best option. Its 6th Sense Deep Freeze Technology blows the wind in 360-degrees for greater efficiency and faster cooling. The freezer comes insulated with a chilling gel that stops heat from the outside to leak inside. Hence, your favorite desserts will not get damaged even in case of a power cut. The ice maker is attached on the top left side.

In fact, the 6th Sense Deep Freeze Technology not only helps this refrigerator freeze the items within a few minutes but also saves power. As chilling wind touches the beverages and other food items from all directions, it takes much less energy for the compressor to maintain a specific temperature. The benefit of this is that your electricity bill will remain under control.

Besides, the frost-free technology of this Whirlpool smart double door refrigerator easily takes care of the water molecules present in the air and prevents them from freezing on the food items.

Make your summer exciting this year with this smart double door refrigerator from Whirlpool brand. It is a noiseless fridge, and its annual operating cost will be less than 2000 Rupees.

Price 24000 to 45000 Rupees
Variant 260L | 292L | 340L | 360L | 440L
Variant 3-Star | 4-Star
Features Intellisense Inverter Compressor {90% More Powerful Cooling System | 40% Faster Cooling | Freezer Temp up to 24°C | 10% More Energy Saving) | Powered with Adaptive Intelligence Technology | User Interface Panel | 3 Intellisensors | Warranty: {1-Year on Product | Additional 10-Years on Compressor | Hight: 167.5mm
Cooling 6TH SENSE DeepFreeze TECHNOLOGY & CHILLING GEL | 7 Days Garden Fresh
Fridge 2 Shelves | Freshflow Flexi-Vents | Tower Cooling | Orchard Fresh Fruit Crisper | Everyday Fresh | 7 Days Garden Fresh Vegetable Crisper | MicroBlock: {Vegetable Crisper| Fruit Crisper | Ice Twister & Collector} | Freshonizer | Fresh-N-Sort | Active Deo
Freezer Ice Cream Tray | Ice Twister and Collector | Intellisensor
Power Stabilizer-Free (130V – 300V)


► 321L Samsung Convertible Refrigerator {RT34M5518}

Promising to maintain an optimal fridge temperature, the Samsung refrigerator with inverter compressor owns a lot of space in its fridge and freezer section. Still, if you need more space, you can convert its freezer section into an additional fridge section to store more everyday things. Plus, it also has the PowerCool and PowerFreeze modes that cool and freezes 31% faster than the normal operation.

321L Samsung Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator RT34M5518S8

Assuring remarkable sturdiness, the Samsung Frost-free refrigerator comes with an energy efficient Digital Inverter Compressor. Being active at all times, it mechanically regulates its speed to meet the cooling demand of the fridge. Guaranteeing an uncomplicated operation, the refrigerator maintains an enduring lifespan. By way of the maintenance of a silent operation using less energy, the Digital Inverter Technology regulates the speed of compressor automatically.

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The All-Around Cooling mechanism of this Samsung inverter refrigerator allows the whole lot inside the fridge to stay fresh. By freshening every single inch of the refrigerator equally from corner to corner, it maintains an even and perpetual temperature. Cold air blows out through numerous openings at each shelf level. As a result, it upholds an even temperature that allows the food to stay fresh for longer.

Thus, this Samsung double door refrigerator will keep food items fresh for many days. Its operation is super silent thanks to inverter compressor. Moreover, thanks to inverter compressor and 3-Star rated power system, its annual operating cost will less than the price of 10-Kg apples in your city. Therefore, it is a recommended fridge in 30000 to 35000 Rupees price range.

Price 33000 Rupees
Features Anti-bacterial protector | Digital Inverter Compressor | Warranty: {1-Year on Whole Product | 10-Years on Compressor} | Net Height: 1635-mm
Cooling 5 Modes Smart Conversion | Power Cool | Power Freeze | No Frost | Multi-Flow | Frost-Free Cooling Type | Twin Cooling System: One for Fridge and One for Freezer | Coolpad for Cooling During Power Cut
Fridge Deodorizer | Tempered Glass Shelf | 5 Sections + 5 Door Pockets | LED Light
Freezer Ice Maker Twist | 2 Sections + 2 Door Pockets
Power Energy Saving Door Alarm | 3-Star BEE Rating


► 345-Liter Haier Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator {HRB-3654}

Owning a refrigerator has turned to be an absolute necessity because without it the preservation of fruits, dairy and veggies, and storage of foods would be next to impossible. But, what about the large families with several members? For them, the Haier Double Door Refrigerator can act as a lifesaver, meeting their essential demands in a massive capacity of 345 liters. This 345-Liter Haier Refrigerator is bottom mounted. Thus and so, it assists in successfully operating the refrigeration area without bending.

345-Liter Haier Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator HRB-3654PSS

The refrigerator features around 3 unbreakable glass shelves attached to the foremost section of the fridge. They rest at the balcony of the fridge door. It also includes other sorts of storage places like beauty and care box, fruit case, candy box and utility box making an over-all 16 diverse shelves in the whole maneuver. You get a distinct fruit box to help you suitably store fruits into it. The vegetable crisper section is two times better and bigger than any other fridge offering you the suitability to store more. Thus, it retains your veggies for long.

The Haier fridge features 1-hour icing technology along with a crisper size that is nearly 2 times bigger than the conventional refrigerators. It is valued 3-stars by BEE energy star ratings. A sizeable cool pad preserves the cooling for almost 10 hours even after a power cut. Likewise, it utilizes the No Frost Cooling Technology, Super Freeze Function and BMR Technology. Thus, it proposes an astonishing cooling process.

The Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator from Haier embraces an excellent ratio scheme that is 75% fridge and 25 % freezer volume. 1 HIT (1-hour icing technology) assures freshness in the shortest time possible. This results in flawless nutrition possession for your foodstuffs. On top of, the wonderful twist ice maker is intended for 32 ice cubes in one go. Moreover, full DC inverter compressor saves about 51 percent electricity, upholds low-slung noise and uniform cooling. Personally, this refrigerator is too good in all respects. I would recommend it beyond doubt.

Price 34000 Rupees
Features Full DC Inverter Compressor | Door Alarm | Door Lock | Warranty: {1-Year on Product | 10-Years on Compressor} | 2X Bigger Vegetable Crisper | Separate Fruit Box | One-Touch LED Display | Stainless-Steel Body
Cooling Frost-Free Cooling System | 1-Hour Icing Technology
Fridge 259-Liter Refrigerator | Foldable Shelf | Vegetable Crisper | Beauty & Care Box | Fruit Box | Egg Tray
Freezer 86-Liter Freezer | Twin Twist Ice Maker
Power 3-Star Power System | Annual Power Consumption: 270 Units approx.
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► 345-Liter Samsung Double Door Refrigerator {RT37M5518}

This convertible refrigerator model from the house of Samsung is a best-selling fridge under 35000 Rupees. You can get this fridge in 324-Liter and 345-liter capacity. The current market price of these variants is 29990 Rupees and 33000 Rupees respectively. In the refrigerator capacity selection, bigger is always better. Therefore, you should consider buying the 345-liter option if you like this Samsung convertible fridge model.

345-Liter Samsung Convertible Double Door Refrigerator RT37M5518

Samsung RT37M5518S8 fridge is an excellent refrigerator for the residents of those areas where frequent power failure is common. To maintain necessary cooling during a power cut, the Samsung brand equipped this fridge model with two Coolpad. Moreover, it can smoothly run on home inverter power supply.

Build, design, and overall finish of this Samsung convertible fridge is very-very impressive. It will be a great addition to the kitchen decoration. Thanks to the digital inverter compressor and 3-star rated power system, its operation is quiet, and its annual power consumption is very less.

Price 33000 Rupees
Features 3-Star Rated Power System (260 Units Annual Energy Consumption} | Auto Fridge Deforest | 5-in-1 Convertible Fridge {Normal Mode | Extra-Fridge Mode | Seasonal Mode | Vacation Mode | Home Alone Mode} | Stabilizer-Free | Warranty: {1-Year on Whole Unit | 10-Years on Compressor}
Cooling Multi-Flow Cooling System | Frost-Free All-Round Cooling | Coolpad for Maximum Cooling up to 12-Hours during power cut | 31% Faster Freezing with PowerFreeze | 31% Faster Cooling with PowerCool | Separate Cooling System for Each Section
Interior 257L Fridge | 88L Freezer | Deodorizer | Twist Ice Maker | Big Bottle Guard | Egg Container | Vegetable-Fruit Drawer | Toughened Glass Shelf
Build Digital Inverter Compressor | Digital Display | Recess Handle | Door Alarm alert if door remains open more than 2-Minutes | Interior LED Light | Cyclopentane Insulation | NO Door Lock & Child Lock


► 335-Liter Panasonic Inverter Refrigerator {FBG34VSS3}

Samsung brand sells its 345-Liter 3-Star refrigerator at 33000 Rupees. LG brand sells its 335-Liter 4-star refrigerator at 34990 Rupees. Whirlpool brand sells its 360-Liter 3-Star refrigerator at 32900 Rupees. Whereas Panasonic brand sells its 335-Liter 3-star refrigerator at 30990 Rupees. These are inverter compressor refrigerators. Therefore, their operation is silent, cooling is even, and chances of their component failure are lesser. Which one do you think is the best refrigerator under 35000 Rupees from them?

Panasonic 335L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator FBG34VSS3

The Panasonic double door refrigerator is an excellent fridge for small to medium size families. Panasonic brand’s tested intelligent inverter compressor powers its cooling operation. The smart compressor automatically adjusts itself for even cooling as per requirement by using built-in sensors to measure cooling requirement based on food items stored inside and the temperature outside. That ensures the items maintain the same condition at which it was kept inside the refrigerator. Moreover, independent airflow for each compartment resulting in even cooling throughout the refrigerator.

No doubt about it that the Panasonic double door refrigerator is excellent. However, is it truly the best refrigerator under 35000 Rupees? Hmmm! That is a tricky question. You could select the most perfect refrigerator by going through the specs table of all the listed refrigerator models in this article.

Price 30990 Rupees
Features Frost-Free Refrigerator | Super Silent Operation | Intelligent Inverter Compressor with 6 Power Settings | Ag Clean Technology → Protection bacteria, mold and other harmful chemicals | 3-Star Rated Power System | Annual Power Consumption: 249 Units | Built-in Stabilizer | 40% Lesser Power Consumption
Cooling Air Vents in Every Compartment
Build Inverter Compressor | 20% bigger Veg & Fruit storage box {35L} | Toughened Glass Shelf | Big Door Pockets | Interior LED Light
Warranty 1-Year for Whole Unit | 10-Years for Compressor
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