Are you planning to buy your very first refrigerator for your new house? Or just planning to replace that old one you have had for ages? No matter what’s the case, you’ll have to sensibly consider all the options available in the market to make sure that you catch the perfect choice for you and your family.

For a high capacity or a double door refrigerator, your budget must be above 15000 Rupees. In the price range of 10000 to 15000 Rupees, there are only single door refrigerators.

Which is the best fridge under 15000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling refrigerators from 10000 to 15000 Rupees range. The suggested fridges are currently a top favorite of buyers because of smart operation, silent running, and fast cooling.

☼ 200L Lloyd GLDF214SBWS2PB Refrigerator

Under the leadership of Havells, Lloyd nowadays makes better products and provides better home service. Moreover, Lloyd products are cheaper compared to alternatives from other brands.

Lloyd brand has an excellent model if you need a refrigerator for 15000 Rupees. With a gross capacity of 200 liters, the model GLDF214SBWS2PB is currently the best option in the budget. Its power rating is 4-star. And its compressor type is the inverter, whose performance is dynamic in nature. The gross storage capacity and inside space management perfect this Lloyd refrigerator for small families.

The build and design of the Lloyd Refrigerator are very appealing. In addition to being spacious inside, this fridge also looks premium outside. Adjustable racks, fruits & veg buckets, a base drawer for onion & potato, and multiple door pockets are the features of the interior.

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Why should you buy the Lloyd refrigerator? Inverter compressor, spacious design, 200-liter storage capacity, four-star power rating, and premium design are just a few of the factors that make it a top choice. You will learn more about this Lloyd fridge in our video presentation, which is linked below.

200-Liter | 4-Star | Top Refrigerator in ₹15000 {हिंदी में} | #Lloyd GLDF214SBWS2PB

Price ₹15000 → Amazon
Features Capacity: 200-liter {180-liter Fridge + 20-Liter Freezer} | 4-Star Power Rating | Stabilizer-Free | Inverter Compressor | Fast Ice Making | Made in India | Gross Warranty: 1-Year | Compressor Warranty: 10-Year


► 200-Liter Godrej RD EDGE 215D Refrigerator

The Godrej fridge is currently the only 200-liter refrigerator below 15000 Rupees with an inverter compressor and 4-Star rated power system. It is very spacious and its interior is fully designed to keep almost all those essential things that are ideally required for small families.

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There are several reasons why the Godrej RD EDGE 215D refrigerator is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a long last, silent, and less power-consuming cooling machine for their home. 200-liter capacity, inverter compressor, 4-star rated power system, and up 10 years warranty are some of the key features that make it a total value for money option.

200-Liter + 4-Star | Inverter Refrigerator under 15000 Rupees | #Godrej RD EDGE 215D

Price ₹14990 | Amazon
Features Capacity: 200-Liter (188-Liter) | 4-Star | Inverter Compressor | Adjustable Shelves | 20-Liter Fruits & Vegetables Basket | Base Drawer


► 188-Liter LG B191 Refrigerator

The LG single door refrigerator is smart, silent, and fast. Its working is Smart, so no manual intervention is required. Most of the things it manages automatically! Its operation is Silent thanks to the inverter compressor. And, it comes with Fast ice making technology. These features and functions make this LG fridge a more perfect choice than its available alternatives from the price range where it is placed in on the market.

The gross capacity of this LG inverter refrigerator is 188-liter whereas its actual storage capacity is 178-liter only. With such storage capacity, it is a perfect refrigerator for small families and bachelors.

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Better interior design makes the LG refrigerator more spacious and thereby more useful. It has a total of 13 sections and if the given ice-tray is included, then the total count of the separate sections becomes 14. The 9.6-liter veg basket will keep fruits and vegetables fresh for more than a week. Plus, the adjustable shelves of this LG fridge can be adjusted to fit a tall birthday cake or utensils.

188-Liter Smart Refrigerator under 15000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #LG B191 | Inverter Compressor

Price ₹13990 | Amazon
Features Capacity: 188-Liter (178-Liter) | 3-Star | Smart Inverter Compressor | Fast Ice-Making | Adjustable Shelves | 9.6-Liter Fruits & Vegetables Basket


► 190L Godrej Single-Door Refrigerator

This Godrej refrigerator is a fantastic solution for those who live in a small town or village, or in an area with troubled electricity distribution. Its compressor is an inverter compressor, known for saving power by dynamic performance. Its power system is 4-Star BEE rated and can run smoothly even when the input voltage is as low as 140V. In case of power cut, your home inverter will be able to power up this Godrej inverter.

190L Godrej Single Door Inverter Refrigerator 4-Star BEE Rating

With 190-Liter capacity, this Godrej fridge is a perfect solution for regular Indian families with 2 to 5 members. It is spacious from inside and comes with the Multi-Air Flow system that evenly distributes the cold air in all the sections. Therefore, your food will stay fresh for longer duration in all compartments of this Godrej single door inverter refrigerator.

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Further, this Godrej refrigerator comes with many safety and convenience features. According to the brand, unlike other refrigerator models, this Godrej refrigerator with inverter compressor does not emit CFC, HCFC, and HFC. It is 100% environment-friendly refrigerator. Buying it, therefore, means you will be contributing your part in saving the most critical ozone layer around the earth that absorbs 97 – 99% of the sun's high-frequency ultraviolet light.

190-Liter Single-Door Fridge under 15000 Rupees (हिंदी में) | #Godrej RD EDGE 205

Price ₹13990 | Amazon
Features Runs on Home Inverter | Inverter Compressor | Temperature Control | Door Lock | 100% Environment-Friendly | Warranty: {1-Year on Product | 10-Years on Compressor}
Cooling Multi Air Flow | 24 Hrs. Freshness | Direct Cool Deforesting
Power Built-in Stabilizer (Min Voltage 140V) | 4-Star Rated Power System
Interior Anti-bacterial Gasket | Toughened Glass | Store 2.5L Bottles in Aqua Space | 20L Vegetable Basket | Keep 5 1-Liter Bottles in Chiller Tray | Deodorizer | Interior Light
Sales Box Refrigerator Machine | Documents


► 192L Samsung RR20M182YR3 Refrigerator

The 192-Liter Samsung 4-Star Direct-Cool refrigerator is arguably the best selling refrigerator in India market. Not that this machine uses space-age technology, but its practicality in a standard Indian family is matchless. This low noise fridge will serve a family of 3 to 5 people comfortably. When designing this 192-liter icebox, Samsung considered many factors that would make it adaptable to a small homeowner.

Low noise and less power consumption: To begin with, Samsung engineered the RR20M182YR3 refrigerator with a new technology known as the Digital inverter technology. This technology involves the use of a programmed digital inverter which automatically regulates the compressor’s speed. In this refrigerator, speed adjustment happens in real time depending on the cooling demands.

Samsung RR20M182YR3 Single-Door Refrigerator in 15000 rs

Automatic speed adjustment in this freezer reduces noise levels coming from the compressor and fan. It also reduces power consumption to a considerable level. This inverter compressor refrigerator has an energy efficiency rating of 4 stars. Being a direct cool refrigerator, this product uses natural convection to chill the contents. This way the freezer uses lesser amp hours of power. Cooling is also faster through direct cooling method.

Is stabilizer required for Samsung Refrigerator? Samsung has lately made this feature a standard attribute in all their recent fridge releases. This Samsung freezer has Stabilizer Free Operation technology.  What Stabilizer Free Operation means is that you don’t need to buy a power stabilizer to use with this product. The compressors on this product handle power fluctuations comfortably.

Ultimately, this makes the Samsung RR20M182YR3 the best refrigerator under 15000 in India. Apart from saving the money that you would otherwise have spent on purchasing a stabilizer, this fridge uses less power. Samsung compressors provide better energy efficiency ratios. This product can work with as little as 100 Volts.

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Elegant- hardy design: Design-wise, this Single-Door Refrigerator has an impressive build. Its shelves are made of toughened glass. The shelves can hold up to 150 kilograms of raw food and dishes. The designer also added a base stand drawer at the bottom of the fridge. You can use this drawer to store items that don’t need to be cooled such as potatoes. The body of the fridge is made from steel while the doors have an anti-bacterial gasket.

With this gasket, no fungi or bacteria can grow on the doors. The backside of this freezer is easy to clean and has a safety cover too. Generally, the overall impression of the freezer is appealing. The door has a chrome handle whereas the bezels on the door are just imposing. From Samsung’s portal, we confirmed that this product comes in a number of colors. However, we liked the Rose Mallow Plum colored one.

Best Single Door Refrigerator under 15000 rupees (हिंदी में) | #Samsung RR20M182YR3

Price ₹14990 | Amazon
Ideal for A family of 2 to 3
Capacity 192-Liter( Net 182-Liter) | Net: 18-Liter Freezer + 164-liter Fridge
Warranty 1-Year on the refrigerator | +9-Year on the compressor
Power 4-Star 2018 Rating
Build W: 532-mm | H: 1302-mm | D: 649-mm | Weight: 33.6-Kg
Cooling Type Direct Cool
Space 2 Shelves | 1 fruit & Veg drawer | 5 Door Pockets | Egg Container |
General LED Light | Cyclopentane Insulation | lock & key | Refrigerant R600a | Base Stand Drawer | Big Guards | Free-standing Installation
Freezer Tray Icemaker


► 200L Whirlpool 215-IMPWCOOL-PRM Refrigerator

Not every refrigerator in the market will meet your needs entirely, especially if you are on a budget. A standard fridge will not only save you money on power bills but also solve most of your chilling problems. If you want a standard refrigerator that would not disappoint you, then you should get a whirlpool India refrigerator. Whirlpool is a renowned home appliance manufacturing company based in America. However, the company has a major branch in India.

The Whirlpool 4-Star Refrigerator is one of the top-selling fridges in India. The reason behind this is that Whirlpool built this refrigerator to meet the needs of an average Indian home. Below are some of the most exceptional features of the 200-liter Whirlpool IceMagic Powercool Refrigerator.

Whirlpool IceMagic Powercool Refrigerator 215-IMPWCOOL-PRM in 14300 rs

4-star rating on Energy consumption: Eco-friendliness and power efficiency are some of the essential refrigerator features to consider when buying a refrigerator in India. The Whirlpool IceMagic 215-IMPWCOOL-PRM Powercool Refrigerator is both eco-friendly and energy saving. This fridge has a 4-star rating on energy consumption. This tells you that the fridge saves a huge deal of energy when in operation.

The manufacturer insulated this fridge with an environmentally friendly insulation material known as Cyclopentane. To guarantee zero Ozone depletion, the manufacturer uses an eco-friendly refrigerant called R600a. This combination ensures that the fridge emits very little CO2 into the environment.

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6th Sense Power Cool Technology: The defrosting method applied in this particular fridge is direct cooling. Most 4-star rated fridges use this technology so as to maximize performance without any extra burden on power consumption. When building the 200-Liter Whirlpool IceMagic Refrigerator, the manufacturer complemented direct cooling with 6th Sense Powercool technology.

The 6th Sense technology allows this freezer to hold the cooling effect for up to a whopping 12 hours. This feature makes this fridge one of the best fridge options under 15000 that can handle power cuts comfortably. Insulated capillaries in the 215-IMPWCOOL-PRM are the reason 6th Sense technology works so well. The insulated capillaries allow for better compressor efficiency and boost the cooling process.

Superb design: Design-wise, we could say that this fridge is the best refrigerator under 15000 Rupees. The whole glossy veneer adorned with some flowers and a chrome handle just appeal the eye. What is even more, the door even comes with a flush lock to lock out mischievous kids. The designer used toughened glass to make the shelves in this fridge. Toughened glass is scratch resistant and durable enough to hold heavy stuff without a glitch.

The designer of this product also created several individual compartments to store different items. For instance, this fridge has a medicine compartment, a deep chiller, and a masala bin. The fridge also has a pedestal drawer for storing stuff that you do not want to refrigerate.

Is stabilizer required for whirlpool refrigerator? Just like most Whirlpool refrigerators, you do not need a stabilizer to use with this fridge. This product works comfortably within the 130 -300 Volts range, regardless of power fluctuations.

Price ₹14300 | Amazon
Body Weight: 40-Kg | H: 1247-mm, D: 619-mm, W-536-mm
Type Refrigerator: Top Freezer | Defrosting: Direct Cool | Compressor: Reciprocating | Single Door
Capacity 200-Liter
Power 4-Star
Features Toughened Glass | Built-in Stabilizer | Cyclopentane Insulation
Compartment Larger Crisper | HoneyComb Crisper Cover With Honeycomb Moisture Lock Technology | No of shelves: 02 | Chiller Type: Transparent | Egg Tray | Multi Utility Box
Functions Cooling Retention: up to 12 hours | Fastest in Ice Making
Freezer Transparent Door | Ice Tray 2-unit
Warranty 10 Years


► 251L Godrej RD ESX Single-Door Refrigerator

For a high-capacity single door fridge in 15000 Rupees, the Godrej refrigerator model is currently a heavily preferred option in the market. It is available in 251-Liter and 221-Liter capacity. Since the price difference between both the variant is only 1500 Rupees, you should order the 251-liter model. In the case of refrigerator machine, bigger is better.

251L Godrej Direct Cool Double Door Refrigerator RD ESX

It requires manual deforesting. Godrej brand provides up to 10-Years warranty. Its power system has a 3-star rating. According to the Godrej brand, annual power consumption will be only 225 Units, withal.

The 251L refrigerator is spacious from inside and super attractive from outside. You can store in it a large quantity of essential consumable items. Your fruits and veggies will stay fresh in it for many many days. Built-in Aroma Lock deodorizer plays an indispensable role in ensuring 24-hours freshness as well.

The only thing that I dislike about the Godrej fridge is — its compressor is now outdated technology. That has not much impact on its cooling performance, though.

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Those who have been using the Godrej refrigerator have rated it with 5-star for outstanding performance, low noise, space inside, and its attractive design. Order before it becomes SOLD OUT.

Price ₹15000 | Amazon
Features 24-Hours Freshness | Reciprocatory Compressor | Low-Noise Operation | Manual Deforesting | Environment-friendly refrigerants | Anti-Bacterial Removable Gasket | Door-Alarm | Child-Lock | R600A Cooling Refrigerant | Net Height: 150.5-CM | Warranty: {1-Yr on Product | 10-Yr on Compressor}
Power Low Voltage Operation (140V) | 3-Star Rating | Annual Power Consumption: 225-Units approx.
Interior Toughened Glass | Deodorizer | Removable Rack | Jumbo Vegetable Tray with SIF | Recessed Lamp | Humidity Controller | Bottle Snugger | 2.5L Aquaspace
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