Using an HDFC Money Back Credit Card, this tutorial guides through how to redeem your rewards points to cash. As per HDFC credit card terms and condition, the validity of rewards point is only two years. Therefore, HDFC credit card users should redeem accumulated reward points once in four to six months. With Money back credit cards, HDFC offers 20 rupees for each 100 Reward Points.

There are two ways to go about this. First is to fill reward point redemption form and send it to HDFC credit card centralized processing center, which is in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai. The charge to avail this service is 99 Rupees + GST and 10 working days wait time. Use this Link to download the redemption form to redeem your accumulated reward points to your HDFC credit card account.

The second method, which I am going to explain here, is online, and hassle-free, instant, and doable in few simple steps. In this process, no need to fill the form or to pay 99 Rupees + GST, and to wait 10 days to process your request for redemption.

To redeem rewards points online, first, you have to register your credit card with HDFC credit card net banking facility. To do that a card user should have a credit card PIN.

How to Redeem HDFC Credit Card Reward Points (हिंदी में)

► How to generate Credit Card PIN for HDFC Credit Card?

You can generate or reset your HDFC credit card PIN in few simple steps by following the instructions of HDFC phone banking IVR system. First, authenticate yourself as card owner. For that, follow these steps.

  1. Call to HDFC Phone banking
  2. Select language,
  3. Select 2 for credit card,
  4. Press 3 to access services on Credit card,
  5. Select 4 to generate credit card PIN

Next, you need to enter your HDFC credit card number followed by the # key. Further, follow the steps to generate an OTP to verify you as the card’s real user. The generated OTG will deliver on your mobile number when you disconnect this live call. Note down this on paper. Call back the phone banking number again and by pressing same options reach to the option to generate credit card PIN.

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This time select the option to use already generated OTP to verify you as the card owner. Once this step is done, you will be redirected to set a four-digit PIN for your Credit Card. When the IVR system of HDFC bank confirms that new Credit Card PIN has been created for your credit card, disconnect the call.

From here, I will guide you through images, which I captured while I registered my credit card and followed further steps to redeem rewards points to cash. These images with details will assist you while registering a credit card with HDFC net baking.

► How to Redeem HDFC Credit Card Reward Points to Cash?

Step One: To register your credit card with HDFC Netbanking click on this URL:

Click on HDFC Credit Card Netbanking Webpage

To register your credit card with HDFC bank Netbanking, follow the link “Register for Credit Cards.” Next, fill the form below. Decide a secret login ID ( do not reveal this in public), name as it appears on your credit card, card number, card expiry date, credit card PIN and a powerful password to protect your credit card Netbanking account from hackers.

HDFC Credit Card Netbanking Log In or New Registration

HDFC Credit Card Netbanking Registration

Once the registration process is over, you are good to follow the following steps.

Step Two: Login your HDFC credit card Netbanking account and look for the option to Redeem reward points. While I am drafting this article the option to redeem reward points, appear on the left side towards bottom just above “Log out” link.

Redeem HDFC CC Reward Points

Step Three: Select the credit card, for which you want to redeem the reward points.

Select Your HDFC Credit Card to Redeem Reward Points

Step Four: You will be redirected to a new webpage, which is built by HDFC to facilitate reward points redemption through varies ways. Allow popup in your browser for the webpage. Apparently, the latest version of Firefox and Chrome by default blocks popup for all websites. As it appears in the below image you need to allow popup for the HDFC bank webpage so that the reward point redemption facilitation webpage loads in a new tab/window.

Allow Popup for HDFC Bank

Step Five: After allowing popup for the HDFC bank Netbanking webpage, you will be in your account on the reward redemption page. Here select cash redemption.

Select Cash Redemption of Your HDFC Credit Card Reward Points

Step Six: Fill the form and just click somewhere on the active webpage tab to update “Amount to be credited.” The amount will reflect as funds received/credited in the next credit card statement.

This drill ends with a service number generated for your redemption request. You should note down this service number and take a screenshot of the computer screen for a reference. It will help in case the reward points in cash is not credited or adjusted in the next credit card statement.

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Here is one important point you must be clear. Rewards point cash credit to your HDFC credit card account is not a payment towards minimum balance. You have to pay the minimum balance or full balance.

I just hope you find this article helpful in doing redemption of your HDFC credit card reward points.