Are you planning to go to the beach holiday? Do you desire to look your best? Then you should certainly get yourself a Bikini trimmer. A gorgeous bikini hair line offers you the self-confidence to wear that sensual bikini when traveling midsummer. Before you pack your baggage for a vacation on the beach or to bliss at the pool, do not overlook to trim that undesirable and detrimental body hair!

What is a Bikini Trimmer? It is the best alternative to impermanent hair elimination. This apparatus can help you save a good deal of time for the reason that it is quicker than pulling your hairs exclusively with tweezers. Once you get rid of THOSE hair with your personal trimmer, you do not have to caution about – how do I look in that swimsuit? Now, what trimmer would be the best for eliminating your ingrown hairs? Here, we are recommending you two well-known leaders that can offer you groundbreaking solutions to all your shaving prerequisites. Read it and resolve which one is better for you.

► Lifelong BT02 Bikini Trimmer and Shaver for Women

This is a smooth and perfect bikini shaver that is an affordable solution to all your wet or dry shaving needs. Let us look- what makes it a perfect solution?

Lifelong BT02 Bikini Trimmer and Shaver for Women

Interchangeable shaving heads and easy to hold: This Lifelong Bikini Trimmer for women has three substitutable shaving heads which lets you resolve exactly how much you desire to shave or trim. These three shaving heads are:

  • 0 millimeters shaver head
  • 5 millimeters Trimming head
  • 4 millimeters Trimming Comb

Above and beyond, the easy-to-grip handlebar guarantees that the device won't slide off from your palm while shaving as well as provides you a stress-free authority to use its switches and controls.

2 trimming combs: The Lifelong Bikini shaver possesses 2 detachable combs that can check irritation while shaping your bikini area.  These trimming combs come in different lengths and help in monitoring the looked-for stylishness and size of the ingrown hair. This lets you have a closer and healthier shave. Henceforth, it becomes the best electric shaver for ladies on the marketplace at the moment.

Compact and elegant design: This Bikini shaver is extremely compact and lightweight giving you a relaxed time while you shave your bikini area. To boot, it makes a flawless travel article too. It would be a decent idea to select a product with an elegant design that you can attain along with an attractive color. You will fall in love with its irrefutably classy design and color. In addition, a design that favors your trimming session will serve to be a great acquaintance of any lady who wishes to get rid of annoying hairs from numerous parts of the body, for example, forelegs, forearms, thighs, armpit or the beachwear area. What's more? Lifelong Bikini Trimmer for women is precisely operative in and out of the shower.

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Once you bash on to try this shaver, you will be startled at how swiftly and slickly it trims the undesirable growing hairs on your legs or the curves of your bikini area. This option comes to you at a reasonable price of 1499 INR along with an assured replacement promise on encountering any manufacturing defect. Reckless, effortless, and stress-free, this personal bikini trimmer is a solution you have been eyeing for all your hair elimination woes.

Batteries Yes
Battery type Rechargeable
Wet/Dry Wet and Dry
Type Trimmer
Usage Body
Warranty 1 year
Price 1499 INR


► Philips BRT383 Bikini Trimmer

Now here’s another deal. The product understands that the girlish hair amputation can be a terrifying nightmare for some. After all, there is actually nothing exciting about your genital hair. Talking about Philips BRT383 Bikini Trimmer, it can be a tranquil, prompt, inexpensive and of course trouble-free hair exclusion dose. How? Read on to know further:

Easy to use and extremely convenient: Philips BRT383 Bikini Trimmer is an exceedingly easy-to-use and tremendously adaptable option for your private trimming essentials. Permitting you to shave those zones that are hard-to-reach and that too without any concern of wound or awkwardness, it is incomparable for you. Likewise, it’s dissolute, harmless and tender, and will not notch or scratch your subtle skin.

Philips BRT383 Bikini Trimmer Review and Specifications

Comes with a cleaning brush: Do you prefer using shaving creams? Then this Philips Bikini Trimmer will be an ideal choice. Why? This is because it is easy to clean and will not block up if you use shaving creams. You will adore the miscellaneous trimmer and shaver add-ons obtainable with the product. All of them are entirely washable, ensuring premium cleanliness and sanitation.

An ergonomic design making it handy! This Bikini Trimmer devours a handgrip that provides a convenient gripping option. An ergonomic design deters you to slip it out of your hand. Hopefully, this is enough to lower the amount of discomposure while shaving and bring about a painless bikini line trimming experience in the forthcoming future.

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Appreciatively, with the durable headways being through the mane elimination products, you do not have to devote unnecessary volumes of cash to find a purposeful resolution. A realistic price of 1700 INR proves this to you. Moreover, you get a supplementary 2-year warranty on the product. With such a great ladies bikini trimmer, you will have unquestionably no problem taming your pubic hair and making them goes out of sight!

Cleaning Brush yes
Ergonomic design yes
Trimming head yes
Storage Pouch yes
Wet and dry use yes
Warranty 2 years
Price 1700 INR