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Why we recommend this Maharaja mixer grinder for large families

Maharaja EasyLock King Mixer Grinder

Maharaja EasyLock King Mixer Grinder with 750W Motor and Four Jars

Nothing can paralyze cooking a good recipe, like having faulty equipment. Since nowadays we no longer use the traditional pestle and mortars in preparing food, having a reliable electric grinder could help you save lots of valuable time. The trick, however, is determining which grinder is the best for you, especially in this electronics-saturated market. Since electric grinders are still a new item in the market, most people would be tempted to buy grinders manufactured by the popular brands like Philips and Bajaj. However, with such a pristine appliance you can never be sure.

Maharaja Corporation has earned quite a reputation in creating kitchen appliances. Their most phenomenal entry into this line of electronics is the Maharaja EasyLock King Mixer Grinder. This grinder also doubles up as a mixer/blender meaning that you won’t need to buy a blender with this device. Here are some of its appealing features;

Features of the Maharaja Mixer Grinder

This device has a very simple design, with the top side having the attaching area, from which you can lock the mixing jars and grinders securely. The motor part as well as the controls are located at the bottom part of the appliance. It has a functional locking system, hence its name ‘Easy Lock’. This device comes with four stainless steel jars which include a grinding jar (1.25litres), a liquidizing jar (2litres), a blending jar (2litres) and a chutney jar (0.5litres). The tough steel jars are extremely durable and are complemented with ergonomically designed handles.

The main unit of this appliance is made of strong ABS material to add on to its durability. I also noted that this device is a bit hefty, with its dimensions scaling to 15.5 inch by 13.2 inch by 11.3 inch, in Width, Height and Depth respectively. The device weighs approximately 3.5 kilograms and comes in two conventional colors, Silver and Black.

Very Strong 750W Power

This Maharaja Mixer-Grinder has a really powerful motor that is rated at 750 watts. And, the motor works within a voltage range of 2300 Volts and has a frequency of 50 Hz. The rotary switch mounted on to the main unit allows you to adjust the operating speeds accordingly. In particular, the user has three workable speed options on this device.

The easy lock utility lets you secure the jars on to the motor ready for grinding or blending. In fact, the powerful 750W motor is ideal for crushing tough substances and spices such as coconuts and turmeric without breaking down. Even so, I disliked the designers’ decision to omit an “Automatic Shut Off” utility. This would add on to the safety of users when working with this gadget.

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Ease of use

Honestly, using a grinder or mixer can never be likened to rocket science. However, for the Maharaja EasyLock King, things are far much easier. To begin with, the main unit only has two prominent buttons, the easy lock button and speed (rotary) adjustment knob. Once you have put all your substrate into the jar ready for grinding or mixing, or you’ve got to do is attach it onto the main unit and by pressing the easy lock button, secure the jar into place. Next, plug in the power cord onto a wall socket and switch it on. Now you can comfortably switch the grinder to life by twisting the rotary knob and selecting a working speed.

This blender supports both wet and dry grinding. To prevent this device from toppling over, it has an anti-slip vacuum base to safely hold the grinder into place. I also like the fact that the designers of this grinder included a fruit filter for the blending jar, so it’s actually a complete blender.

Pricing and Warranty

The Maharaja Easy Lock King mixer is priced at 6300 Rupees in most retail outlets. Also, the product has two years’ worth of warranty, though the motor inside the main unit is has a longer warranty of 5 years.

Final verdict

Despite the fact that I don’t have anything to complain about in this product, I would recommend it to people with larger families. This is mere because of its immense size. Nevertheless, if you have a larger family, you can avoid buying the ‘King’ version of the Maharaja Easy Lock grinder and settle for the smaller Whiteline easy lock series. The King version costs almost twice the price of the Maharaja Whiteline, which to me is a better option for a small family.

Price 6300 Rupees
No. Of jars 4
Speed Setting 3 speeds
Power 750 Watts
Body material ABS Body
No. Of attachments 4
Type Mixer and Grinder
Color Black And Silver
Grinding functions Dry Grinding, Wet Grinding, Chutney Grinding
Power Input 230 V
Frequency 50HZ
Automatic Shut Off No

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