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Recent Price Cut Makes These Premium Flagship Smartphones Affordable

LG V20 Reviews in India

At the present, the market of smartphones has turned out to be more viable with a lot of new players arriving at the field. These players are offering a variety of options of reasonably priced smartphones that can reach your receptacles within your means. Not just affordable smartphones; in fact, the market is jam-packed with premium flagship smartphones. Comprising of technical brilliance, all the high-end business features, and tremendously beneficial and expedient functionalities, these flagship phones have become widely held. These phones not simply offer grander smartphone experience but also fascinate the customers with their classy and intricate designs.  And by way of their user-friendly functions, these phones can effectively cater to all your needs. But, by and large, these flagship smartphones are so overpriced that they just can’t get into the pockets of an average mobile user. Read also 12 Best Smartphone under 20000 Rupees This Month

But here’s great news for you! Now, owing to the current price cut, these sophisticated smartphones full of tons of business features can be part of your business and social life. At this juncture, we are going over some wonderful options for flagship smartphones from some trustworthy brands. I have studied each of these handsets unconventionally and then collected all the scores to provide you the best ranking smartphones. Be it the internet connectivity or data networking linked tasks, high-resolution digital camera grander battery life, dazzling color support, remarkable touch screens with high-resolution, up-to-date Operating Systems, enormous memory or the convenient media player access. Our list of flagship smartphones has something to offer for each reader. Read also 8 Unique Android Apps for Making Your Smartphone Use Truly Special.

LG G5 – 4GB RAM and 5.3-inch IPS Quad Core Display

LG G5 has the whole thing you could perhaps look for in a smartphone, On top of that the inventions and features it offers, makes it go that extra mile. The phone captures a new approach to flagships, by way of the introduction of a completely exclusive design.

Splendid Design: The LG G5 owns a metallic body, with a distinct frame as well as the rear shell. The metallic shell of the phone has small curves at the ends. The design is clean, with just a single volume clicker and SIM-tray existing on each side. The phone has a dual-camera setup on the rear side, with a lens that offers extra-wide pictures. The forward-facing side possesses a 5.3-inch display that never goes to sleep. You’ll be able to see the date, time and notification icons even when your phone is off.

Remarkable Software: The phone works Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 together with LG's Optimus UI 5.0 on the top. The software is designed pretty well with a well-ordered layout that appears and feels easy to move. There's a convenient display known as Smart Bulletin. It can be activated by way of the Settings app. This offers rapid access right from the home screen to the datebook, choices for how SIM cards are managed, rapid launch gestures for the camera, Quick Remote app, the Android soft key layout, health tracker, and a lot more. You can likewise download extra apps to use. Moreover, the pull-down quick settings menu is customizable. Thus and so, you can select what type of controls and toggles you need.

LG G5 Reviews in India

Exceptionally fast performance

It would be adequate to roundabout that the LG G5 is one of the fastest smartphones in the entire market at the present. In fact, it is the first completely clocked Snapdragon 820 and the G5 leaves negligible space for further queries. You can multitask or play games to your core’s content as you have 4GB of DDR4 RAM to support you.  It maintains sub-40 degree temperatures, even while the phone processor is close to the top clock speed. In addition, the phone can maintain this even in non-air conditioned places while the temperature is about 30 degrees. The camera is exceptionally swift at capturing photos and videos and you’ll figure no problem while playing games or while hurling and quitting apps or flicking over the home page screen.

Battery that’s Industry standard: If you set the display on auto brightness, then the LG G5’s 2800 mAh battery would last for around 10 hours on fairly substantial usage. With the substantial usage, I mean that you can have about 3-4 calls, around 30 minutes of gaming, click more than a few pictures and a number of emails. This seamlessly suits the industry standard for smartphones, but it certainly doesn’t meet the requirements of tremendous battery life.

LG G5 Comes with Two cameras at the rear side

The G5 has two cameras at the rear side: –

  • A 16-megapixel camera that has a standard 78-degree wide lens
  • An 8-megapixel camera that has a wide-angle 135-degree lens

The wider lens allows you to capture a larger amount of space within every single frame. Having a wide-angle lens on the rear side is beneficial if you're more inclined towards the far-reaching sceneries than capturing selfies. Moreover, by zooming in and out on the camera's interface, you can switch between the lenses without a glitch. As a result, it's easy to rapidly snap two styles of each backdrop you desire to capture.

To extract the benefit of the dual cameras, LG introduces two software features:

  • Popout: This feature superimposes a picture from the typical lens on top of the wide-angle lens' view by way of certain effects.
  • Multiview: This feature positions the snaps captured from all cameras into on the spot collages.


  • Beautiful screen
  • Remarkable wide-angle camera
  • USB-C fast charging


  • Unreliable build quality
  • Software is on the unpleasant side
  • Costly modules

Verdict: The G5 is a stride in an absolutely new direction for LG. Proposing a brand new design; striking dual camera along with the exceptional software experience, the smartphone enthuses all consumers. At the same time, LG hasn’t worked a lot on its design but for a first-generation phone, the G5 has us awfully enthusiastic about what’s to arrive. The cameras operate rapidly and capture sharp pictures. The LG G5 is all set to cost fairly within your means that is pretty distinctive for a flagship smartphone. The LG G5 is certainly on par with all other flagship phones in the market at the moment. Buy: 31000 Rupees.

HTC 10 with Impressive Camera and Super LCD Touchscreen

HTC 10 — A smartphone that's splendid on design, remarkable on camera conveys a user-friendly interface. This is the finest smartphone HTC has manufactured in years. It's amazing, though not just perfect. The smartphone is created with passion and offers a performance that’s off the chart. Read also Top 2 HTC Camera Selfie Smartphones Below 32000 Rupees.

Design and Build: Carved from an aluminum block, HTC 10 feels to be first-class. The general body has an ergonomic design while the charming finish doesn't provide ample grip. Thus, you might face slight problem while using it with the single hand. The smartphone retains an individually wide chamfered edge on the rear side that looks pleasant when light falls on it. The HTC 10 possesses distinct trays on each side for a SIM and a micro SD card. The power and volume buttons are well-built with decent tactile feedback. The USB Type-C port and speaker are located on the bottom most of the phone while the 3.5mm headphone socket is present at the top. In addition, the Type-C port maintains USB 3.1 Gen 1 speeds so that you can gain the benefit of quicker data transfers.

HTC 10 Reviews in India

Trust Tremendous Performance of this HTC Phone

The overall call quality of HTC 10 is rather brilliant, with rich and perfect audio from the headphones. On top of that, your phone won’t overheat all through the consistent usage but it does get markedly hot when you use the camera. Google's Photos app lets you put up slow-motion video recordings and RAW files that the phone’s camera is able to capture. The Play Music app manages the audio is managed by. Dolby Audio supports the Boom Sound. You acquire a dual-speaker setup driven by its personal amplifier. The phone is designed by way of a high-resolution DAC that backs 24-bit audio. This allows you to take full benefit of a decent pair of earphones and your FLAC files.

Remarkable Display: The phone owns a 5.2-inch Super LCD 5 screen that works at Quad HD resolution. This turns it out to be the first 2K HTC phone in India. The text would appear fairly sharp and details quite abound. You’ll love the saturation levels of the display screen. On top of that, the display has one more new feature — HTC adds a low-latency panel to the phone that lessens the extent of time between your finger touching the panel and the panel detecting it.

Terrific Battery life: The 3000mAh of the HTC 10 battery would last for about 8 hours on arduous usage. This might sound to be quite unsatisfactory. Nevertheless, with practical usage, the same batter would go past a full day with no trouble before requiring charging your phone. Likewise, the phone supports Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 that undertakes a 50 percent charge in almost 30 minutes.

HTC 10 comes with Fantastic Camera

HTC works on Ultra pixel technology and at present by means of version 2.0, you get a 12-megapixel resolution along with the 1.55um pixel size that’s absolutely great. Correspondingly, you get a pretty large f/1.8 aperture, OIS as well as laser autofocus. This works fairly well in conveying extremely detailed and noise-free photographs. The sensor performs a fairly decent task with capturing perfect colors as well. The great aperture offers you an exceptional bokeh effect that is accessible while shooting pictures.

The camera app is quite slick and fast providing you elementary controls on the right together with the menu for interchanging shooting modes on the left. For proposing ease of use, the flash and Auto HDR toggles are displayed blatantly. In addition, you attain Zoe camera that captures a snapshot and quite a few seconds of video recording. You can further access Panorama and Pro modes. Besides, videos are controlled well at resolutions of about 4K.


  • Iconic design
  • Splendid version of Android
  • Remarkable audio quality
  • Excellent selfie camera
  • Quick charging


  • Some camera niggles
  • Pinkish dash to the display screen

Verdict: The HTC 10 is an attractive, well-crafted smartphone with the most influential modules accessible at the moment. The camera performance is fairly splendid. I am in love with HTC's new lean approach when it’ about its software. It is an extremely sturdy device that has top-tier horsepower and most importantly the software that’s really amazing. The brand has moreover improved its camera game significantly, even though the outcomes yet fall short of a number of challengers. Without a doubt, I wish that the battery life could have been better to some extent. But, it's definitely not a deal-breaker. Yet I feel that if what you're searching for is a wonderful smartphone, HTC 10 is undeniably worth a look. Buy : 38000 Rupees.

Sony Xperia XZ with 23MP Primary Camera and Triluminos display

This is yet again another incredible choice in our list of the latest flagships coming from a dependable brand SONY. The phone truly shows an outstanding degree of improvement that is time and again lost from other options.

Marvelous Design: The design of the Sony Xperia XZ is to a certain extent what you'd catch on a number of modern smartphones that possesses a firm slab of Gorilla Glass 4 at the front. The front of the phone has the 5.2-inch full-HD display. Above the screen is the logo of the brand — Sony, and an earphone that couples up as a speaker while you view the videos or snoop to your favorite music. Sony has designed this seam-heavy design like a dream, though. You’ll not find any sharp edges that may collapse the grand feeling and the whole thing is impeccably color-matched.

The fingerprint scanner stands right below the power button – the large gray color oval-shaped spot on the adjacent side. This offers you the customary feeling of a side-fixed power button along with the finger security that adds a pleasant touch to it. The Xperia XZ is water-proof as well. The only flap on the side of the phone shields the tray that grips the micro SD and SIM card. This is licensed to IP65/68. Hence, it can survive being immersed in water at a depth of around 1m.

Sony Xperia XZ Reviews in India

Full HD Wonderful Display with Corning Gorilla Protection

Sony is a dominant leader when it comes to creating LCD screens and making them appear super-colorful and lively. Nothing changes with the Xperia XZ too. The display screen looks way too interesting and sensational. In fact, the smartphone screen is pretty comparable to a ripe and colorful fruit. The phone retains a 5.2-inch IPS LCD display that has a full HD resolution. This results in the 424 PPI pixel density. The display is sharp enough to easily read the text or perform web browsing. On top of that, it proposes brilliant viewing angles that are amazingly very lively. You don’t have to worry at all about the intensity of the brightness and the screen is effortlessly view-able out-of-doors. You can likewise access the normal white balance controls together with integral Sony’s X-Reality engine. This offers sharper, better and natural looking pictures and videos.

Extraordinary Performance: The Xperia XZ from Sony folds a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. This is supported by the 3 GB of RAM and the Adreno 530 GPU. By way of a 1080p display, you’ll normally attain much better graphics performance and game-play when associated with Quad HD screens. This is due to the reduced stress on the GPU.  As expected, the game playing experience is absolutely smooth and you’ll experience no dropped frames or stutters that may possibly be perceptible with high-end games. Run-of-the-mill jobs comprising of the web surfing, checking electronic messages and emails, opening apps and viewing videos would turn out to be extremely smooth.

Amazing Hardware of this Sony Flagship Smartphone

The Xperia XZ arrives to you along with 64 GB or 32 GB of onboard storage. However, if you choose the lower storage choice, you can boost that by way of a micro SD card by almost 256 GB.  On top of that, the phone comes together with an IP 68 rating that proposes effective resistance to dirt or water. Therefore, you can use it in the shower as well. Really! The phone actually claims to persist submerge in the water with no hostile effect on its functionality. Audio is again a huge part of the experience you attain from the phone. By plugging in your earphones, you can extract the benefit of its integral support for Hi-Res audio files. These files may include ALAC, DSD, FLAC as well as LPCM. This may help you upscale the compressed music collections that may offer you a Hi-Res sound.

The phone possesses a 2,900 mAh battery that is great enough to easily permit you to have a full day of usage. However, you won’t get the whole enchilada more beyond that. Even if you use it comprehensively along with quite a few hours of gaming and typical undertakings that consist of messages, browsing, and email, the battery would last for almost 12 hours off the charger. Not bad either! Right?

Noteworthy Camera – 23MP and 13MP Camera with Triple Image Sensing Technology

Sony is famous for manufacturing really great camera sensors for phones. The Sony Xperia XZ holds the grand 23 MP rear camera that comes with following features:-

  • 5-axis image stabilization
  • New laser auto-focus sensor

The RGBC-IR lets you have the most precise white balance, irrespective of the lighting condition. The 5-axis stabilization is decently software based. It works really well for video, and stabilizes the video recording without any perceptible distortion. The camera app is truly simplistic. Furthermore, traversing between Manual, Video Recording, Superior Auto, or moving to the front camera can be done by just swiping on the display. You moreover attain the normal modes like Sweep Panorama, AR Effect, and Time-shift Video. This can be way too exciting to play. The only twist with the default camera app is that the HDR mode is immersed in the camera settings. You can access it only by means of the Manual mode.


  • Better-quality ergonomics
  • Bold screen
  • Water resistant


  • Unsatisfactory camera
  • Costly
  • Conservative improvements

Verdict: Essentially, the Xperia XZ is a gorgeous looking phone that's finished of exceptional quality materials. The phone owns a grand display, handles nearly the whole kit and caboodle with comfort. You can capture fabulous representations and has battery life that’s pretty tremendous.  However, my real-world experience with the Xperia XZ demonstrates that while the phone is competent, it's not yet the greatest in the industry. So, to conclude, just go ahead and grab the super-good deal!! But remember that you’d regret lest you capture a number of pictures and videos. Buy: 39000 Rupees.

LG V20 – 5.7-Inch QHD IPS Dual Screen

The LG V20 is certainly the finest smartphone you can purchase with a removable battery. On top of that, its audio recording prowess is an icing on the cake.

Outstanding Look and feel: In addition to a 5.7-inch main screen, the phone has a strip above to be used as the subordinate screen and one more below for symmetry. Even though LG tries to decrease space near it, the V20 yet looks fairly solid and smooth. The subordinate screen doesn’t go all the way through the topmost of the phone so that it leaves some space for the front-facing camera. The visually segmented front side has metallic strips beyond and beneath the glass midsection.

Things get more interesting on the back. The entire rear side is detachable. There’s no facility for segmental fixtures here, but you can take the battery out. There’s a huge, projecting camera shunt on the top, where you’ll find dual lenses, together with a dual-LED flash as well as the laser autofocus window. The round fingerprint sensor just underneath the shunt is a power button. LG has relocated its volume buttons back to the adjacent side with this phone.

This is a quite a huge and heavy smartphone, and you may find it to be hard to handle. LG entitles that the V20 is very sturdy and heavy-duty, appreciations to a distinct aluminum alloy together with the military-grade certification.

LG V20 Reviews in India

Incredible Display of this LG Smartphone

An instantly distinguished feature on the front side of the LG V20 is its 2.1-inch “secondary” display screen that’s 160-by-1,040 and is always-on. You can easily catch it at the top right corner of your primary screen. LG has further made massive progress on the brightness and contrast of the screen. You’ll discover no visibility matters at all.  It makes the display screen substantially more convenient and handy, and I found myself using it over and over again to rapidly launch apps while the primary display was off.

Fabulous Audio Quality: The audio features of the LG V20, for the most part, are pretty exceptional. It doesn’t have just one or two, but four digital-to-analog converters (DACs). Just plug the earphones into the audio jack, and you can achieve the Hi-Fi Quad DAC setting. The contours, as well as lyrics of the bass-heavy metal, come over with negligible distortion. While you play the games, you can pick up on pretty delicate hums including whistling breeze, distant alarms, and the screeches of bystanders.

Audiophiles additionally support the 75-stage fine volume together with L/R balance controls. Correspondingly, you get the provision for lossless music formats that includes ALAC, DSD, AIFF, and FLAC. On top of that, there's integral HD audio recording that can capture 24-bit/192kHz FLAC. In addition, the mic feature can record about 132 decibels without any snipping.

Processor and Battery – Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor and 4GB RAM

The LG V20 is driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor that’s clocked at 2.15GHz with 4GB RAM. You can easily multitask with this phone and by way of Nova Launcher or by restricting the animations you can make this even better and faster. You can enjoy high-end gaming as well. LG V20 is the only flagship smartphone that possesses a detachable battery. The phone further supports quick charging that lets you attain a 30-percent charge in not more than 20 minutes. Likewise, you can get a full charge in just an hour. The only downside is that doesn’t support wireless charging.

Splendid Camera: LG V20 devours dual rear-facing camera sensors. First one is a typical 16-megapixel camera that supports optical image stabilization. The other one is an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens that allows you to capture 135-degree pictures of your backdrops. In the daytime, the 16MP sensor captures crisp, rich, vibrant, unblemished shots by way of a quick laser-assisted autofocus.

The 8-megapixel sensor lets you attain flawless utlra-wide angle pictures, at the outlay of perceptible barrel distortion.  The camera app allows you to tune exposure, white balance, shutter speed, focus and aperture. Video recording is remarkable letting you achieve charming 1080p footage at 60fps as well as 4K footage at 30fps by means of the back camera. Along with the optical image stabilization (OIS) and electronic image stabilization (EIS), the phone supports post-processing and gyroscope.


  • Replaceable battery
  • Finest manual camera controls
  • Brilliantly incorporated microphones


  • Too huge
  • LG's software needs some renovation
  • No water resistance
  • Awkward bad carrier apps

Verdict: Taking everything into account, the LG V20 is a fabulous phablet, no matter what carrier you pick. It’s definitely one of the best flagship phones for the price that’s within your means.  The smartphone proposes a number of fantastic features including military-standard drop resistance, a detachable battery and a pretty convenient secondary display screen for notifications. On top of that, the matchless audio quality for wired snooping is marvelous. I yet feel that the battery life could be better. Thus far, it’s a powerful choice for me, if not an ideal deal. Buy: 34000 Rupees.

Google Pixel – A Premium Google Smartphone

The Google Pixel is a brilliant flagship smartphone. If you can digest its bill, that’s pretty high, it is a snuffle of appealing Google air in a world that is controlled by Android. The 5-inch phone has its imperfections for sure, but breathtaking cameras, long-lasting battery life, splendid OS updates and Google Assistant makes this phone a terrific Android device. No! It’s definitely not perfect but has the potential to arrest you from the instant you get it out of the box. Its compact size and an outstanding in-hand feel it offers would make you wonder why you didn’t grab it over straightaway.

Google Pixel XL with Best Battery Life

The Google Pixel introduces enhanced notification control — “smart notifications” for Android. Moreover, the phone is water resistant and takes account of the breathtaking selfie and rear cameras that will get you leave the Adobe Photoshop software. And not to forget, the fingerprint sensor that’s amazing in its own ways. It likewise supports Google’s Daydream VR headset and works on Android 7. Trust me! You just can’t get a better Android smartphone out there at the moment than the Google Pixel. Yes! Surely, it’s far more costly, but aren’t you getting a lot for your buck? So, isn’t it worth investing? Certainly, it is! Read more about Google Pixel at 5 Best Smartphones with Best Battery Life This Month.

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