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Recent Launch Sony Sports Earphones with Mic Online in India

Tap your feet to the power of the bass with Sony MDR XB50BS headphones

Sony designed the MDR XB50BS headphones, particularly for sports lovers. The headphones are enhanced with powerful bass drivers that are wirelessly supported on Bluetooth.  If you work out a lot and you are just looking for some reliable headsets with basic features for a gym session, then this is the product for you. The MDR XB5OBS headphones are worth a try and they come at an affordable price.

The ear plugs of this device are designed in such a way that they rest within the ear with a lock at the ear tip fins. This feature makes them ideal for gym use, since they won’t fall off during one of those rigorous movements, or when pulling a nerve-wracking stunt. The MDR XB50BS earplugs come in three sizes of stabilizer fins: the large, medium and small sizes. This ensures that you choose the fins that fit you the best. The fins are also quite comfy and they instigate very little strain on your ears while exercising. The fins let you dance, run, jump and kick without fearing that the plugs will fall or bruise your ears. Read also Sony Earphone with Powerful Bass under 2500 Rupees.

Key Features of this Sony Sport Earphones Set

Sony MDR XB50BS headphones have a powerful bass output with great composure, clarity, and detailed volume. This enhances your love towards music and keeps you relaxed all the time. Further, this Sony In-Ear headphones has a built-in microphone along with the volume button at the right side of the earplug. This microphone helps in ensuring absolute control over the audio environment. The designers also included a micro USB port attached at the rear end. Next to this Micro USB port is a power button.

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A convenient design: The power button acts as a play/pause button when you are actively using the headphones. For optimum convenience, the buttons are placed on the underside of the ear plug, thus making it easier for the user to access the controls. Sony MDR XB50BS are compatible with a wide range of devices including tablets and smartphones. Regardless of the phone model, you are using, these earphones allow you to take calls without any interruption. Whereas this device comes mostly in black, Sony allows you to choose from two other colors, red and blue.

Connectivity: The Sony MDR XB50BS headphones can connect to different music sources via Bluetooth. Surprisingly, the Bluetooth range on these earphones spans for over twenty-five feet. This means that you don’t have to carry your phone all around your house just to listen to music. Absolutely not, with these earplugs you can work on anything while listening to music on them, provided your device stays within the 25ft range.

Longer listening with a long lasting battery

In as much as this Bluetooth connectivity is – of an ample range, it remains as stable as it can ever be. Additionally, Sony made sure that the earplugs can run for hours without their battery dying on you. If you want to stay energized and relaxed at all times, then this is what you need. The battery can run actively for about 8.5 hours when listening to non-stop music. On an everyday usage basis, it may last for six hours approximately and the charging speed may take one hour on average.

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Sony MDR XB50BS In-Ear Headphone Review and Specifications

Compliant with safety regulations: Sony MDR XB50BS earphones are rated to be splash/water resistant. The product has passed IPX4 certification, which tells you that the earphones are effectively proofed against accidental damage, be it from little rain drizzles or from sweat. If you are the fun-loving kind, these earphones won’t limit you from tapping your feet to the bass beat in the rain. Even so, we are adamant to recommend that you can use this product in a swimming pool. We are not sure that they would hold up the pressure in a deep dive while swimming

Durability factor of this Sony Headphone

One particular issue that almost everybody has with earphones is the issue of resilience. I have found myself buying up to ten pairs of headphones in a year. But with the Sony MDR XB50BS, I can assure you, you won’t be buying some other ones in the near future. With their heavy body and the elongated rectangular design, the Sony MDR XB50BS headphones are some of the most robust earplugs you will find in the market today.

The tough body is complemented with some rounded edges, thus giving them a unique styling. Furthermore, the neckband eliminates the risk of losing one earplug. The molded ear locks reduce the risk of falling off while working out, meaning there is little chance that you will step on them.

Noted Concerns: On the darker side, the headphones have less perceptible Mids, while the bass can be termed as too much. On another point, the product isn’t exactly compact. The awkward design makes the product somehow bulky although with time you will get used to their heftiness.

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Pricing and Verdict

These headphones are priced at 5200 Rupees on average. Sony being a trusted company with a good reputation of its products, there is hardly a negative thing we would point out about these headphones. Apart from the overly exaggerated price, the rest is plausible.

Just like for most Sony products I would recommend the MDR XB50BS for their consumer grade audio signature. No doubt this product will surely serve its purpose. It’s one of the very noticeable Sony products that have propelled the company into becoming a hit in the market all over the world.

Buy Close to 5000 Rupees
Model MDR-XB50BSBZE (Extra Bass)
Item Weight 200 grams
Dimensions 18.2 x 12.2 x 5.4 centimeters
Design in-ear
Components Headphones, USB Cable, User manual
Microphone Yes
Connectivity Wireless
Battery 8.5 Hours
Connector Bluetooth Wireless