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Really Affordable Multi Feature Brother Sewing Machine

Really Affordable Multi Feature Brother Sewing Machine

Brother LS2400 Sewing Machine with 20 Stitch Function

Brother is one of the biggest names in the worldwide market of sewing machines. It is renowned for manufacturing some of the world’s best machines utilized especially for industrial sewing purpose. It is known for producing products made especially for everyday sewing. Hence, these machines are very handy and efficient.

The Brother LS2400 Sewing Machine is one the brand’s top selling products. Used by millions across the globe, let’s figure out everything this sewing machine has to offer its users. Read also Top Four Sewing Machines in 3500 to 6500 Rupees.

Cheaply priced: Priced at Rs.4500, this machine is quite cheap than most sewing machines available in the market. When it comes to its specifications, there are some plenty good ones on this little sewing masterpiece from Brother.

The overall dimensions of this sewing machine are 11.8 x 6 x 15.5 inches and it weighs about 6.6 kilograms. It is lightweight compared to most of its counterparts in the market. This low shank machine works on 110 volts of power supply and for viewing, there’s a lighting option available on it.

A Budget Sewing Machine with a great speed and Features

The quick set bobbin present on this sewing machine is vertical and its maximum sewing speed is 900 stitches per minute. It features a total of 22 inbuilt stitching functions, including straight and zigzag patterns for ease of users. The width of the stitch provided is 5mm and length being 4-mm. Read also Two Basic Sewing Machine with Modern Features.

The accessories provided with this machine include a power cord, needle pack, foot control, darning plate, bobbins and a manual with instructions for operating it. The warranty on this machine provided by Brother is for a total of 25 years. This is one of the highlights for this machine, as it shows just how confident the company is with their product.

Brother LS2400 is An Excellent Home Sewing

The color in which this sewing machine is made available to users is all white with a colorful graphic strip on both sides. The design of the machine is very handy, too, and makes it quite easy to carry around in places. Read also Sewing is Fun with This Budget Singer Electric Sewing Machine.

The languages in which the instructions can be accessed are English and Spanish, hence, making it easy for users. It works perfectly on all kinds of fabrics, such as cotton, wool and even fine denim for that matter. What’s the best thing about this sewing machine is that it can easily be used by anyone very little or no experience at all in machine sewing.

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Brother LS2400 Sewing Machine Review and Specifications


  • Cheap buy
  • Runs good on soft fabrics
  • 25 years warranty

Cons: Not recommended for heavy fabrics

Verdict: This sewing machine is far cheaper than most of the machines available in market toady and delivers a much better result in comparison. One drawback of this sewing machine is that it’s good for use at home level and not for professional use. The level buttons featured on the machine turn readily and adjust the level of sewing one is looking to achieve with it. Read also Sewing Machine for Home User under 9500 Rupees.

This machine is definitely made for the lighter sewing jobs and if you are looking to go for anything else, then you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Price Rs. 4500
Brand Brother
Light Bulbs 1 LED
Warranty 25 Years
Stitching Functions 22 Inbuilt
Weight 6.6 kg
Stitch Function 20

Users Review and Opinion


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