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Quiet Ceiling Fan: 5 Best Energy Efficient Fan under 2000

Quiet Ceiling Fan Best Energy Efficient Fan under 2000

For this summer season, the Gadgets Shiksha team is back with recommendations on the best quiet ceiling fan, which are energy efficient. In this piece, meet some 5 best ceiling fans, which are on sale in the price range of 1000 to 2000 Rupees. Here you read a crisp review of the best energy efficient ceiling fans by top brands Orient, Havells, Bajaj, Crompton, and Orpat.

The motor on the suggested ceiling fan features double ball bearing. These fans are also the best option for high air delivery. Their brands provide two years of warranty as well.

However, before buying any of the ceiling fans suggested here, you must see a demo of the Orient Aeroquiet. The quiet ceiling fan is so advance that it is not less than an innovation. It is the most premium option in the market today. Its current market price is only 4600 Rupees. Whatever extra you are paying, would come back to your pocket because of its energy efficient operation.

The Orient fan is utterly silent. It features an 18-Pole motor with double ball bearing. A detailed review of the super silent ceiling orient Aeroquiet is at Orient Aeroquiet: Premium Super Silent Ceiling Fan for Indian Homes.

BEE Rating: Two of the 5 selected energy efficient fans in this piece have BEE 5-Star rating. One is from Orient, and another is from Crompton. Their energy rating, however, is not for the current year. Energy rating before January 1, 2018, is now two-point less. 3-Star energy rating in the year 2017 is now 1-star rating. More details on BEE 2018 Energy rating are available at here.

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Room Area Quiet Ceiling Fan Size

Order of the Suggested fans: In this piece, I arranged the selected ceiling fans based on their energy efficiency and noiseless operation. Then I considered RPM number and air delivery, followed by other key features. Some of the features are parallel to these fans. Those are a 2-Year warranty, and motor with double ball bearing. Also check Ceiling Fans Buying Guide.

► Orient Energy Star Quiet Ceiling Fan – The best Fan Under 2000

For energy efficient ceiling fans, Orient is the best brand in the Indian market. For the same Air-delivery, while other brands use a 70-Watt to the 75-Watt motor, Orient ceiling fan somehow achieves the best by using a 48-Watt motor. Thus, it would save few unit electricity every day. That is a considerable saving. The three wide blades in aerodynamic design also help achieve the best of air delivery while keeping humming noise to a minimum. Further, this quiet ceiling fan under 2000 Rupees features a motor with copper winding and double ball bearing. Orient offers two years of warranty on it.

Orient Energy Star Quiet Ceiling Fan best Fan Under 2000

The build and design of this Orient quiet ceiling are innovative and elegant. It is available in five different color options. Thus, choose the variant which best suits to the décor of the room where you wish to install it.

If you are looking for a silent fan, again the best brand in the market is Orient. On this website, we have covered almost all the latest ceiling fan launched by the brand orient. Check the following article for the best energy efficient fan of this Indian brand: Switch to Energy Efficient Fans to Shrink Your Energy Bills.

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Orient rightly promotes this fan, which is undoubtedly the best ceiling fan for cooling a room, as an energy saver ceiling fan. BEE, bureau of energy efficiency ranting certified it with 5-Star for its electricity saver ability.

Price 1993 Rupees
RPM ( Run Per Minute ) 320
Motor 48-Watt, Double Ball Bearing
Blades 3, 48-Inch Long, Aerodynamic Design
Rating BEE 5-Star, In the Year 2018 → BEE 3-Star
Orient Customer Support 1800-103-7574


► Bajaj Speedster Economy Ceiling Fan

For affordable, durable home electronics, Bajaj is the best brand in the Indian market. Thus, it is also one of the best ceiling fan brands for quiet, efficient ceiling fan below 2000 Rupees.

There are many Bajaj Ceiling fan variants on sale. Most of them have priced below 1500 Rupees. However, the best among them is the Speedster Economy Ceiling fan model. It features a 66-Watt motor. Its air delivery and build quality are quite impressive.

3 Blades Bajaj Speedster Economy Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan variant is one of the quietest ceiling fans for bedroom. It is energy efficient hence it consumes less electricity. I would happily recommend it as the second best quiet ceiling fan after the Orient fan.

The build and design of this Bajaj ceiling fan — are regular, but its air delivery is impressive. It has 1200-mm sweep, and its 66-Watt motor delivers 380 runs per minute. That is second best after the Havells ceiling fan, which I am going to discuss next in this article.

In spite of being a top favorite of budget customers, the brand Bajaj has made it available in the market only in one color.

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I am sure you must be having many home electronics with Bajaj level on them. Thus, you are well aware of the quality, which Bajaj provides to its products. Still, Bajaj protects your purchase of this quiet ceiling fan with 2-Years of warranty.

Price 1700 Rupees
Motor 66-Watt
Air Delivery 230
Sweep 1200-mm
RPM 380
Warranty 2-Years
Bajaj Customer Support 1800-102-5963


► Havells Pacer – a Quiet Efficient Ceiling fan with the best RPM

In our brand survey for ceiling fans, we had rated Havells the second best brand. Check this article Best Ceiling Fan Brand in India This Year. It features a detailed review of the five best ceiling fan brands in the Indian market.

Havells is a respected home electronics brand for durable home electronics. Its products are slightly costlier than the products of other regular home electronics brands. However, Havells electronics last longer. A Havells Pedestal Fan in my native home has been in use for last seven years. It is as it is — despite regular use — no malfunction in last seven years. In fact, still, it has the same speed, no speed reduction at all. Havells provides excellent lasting quality to its products. Therefore, I would highly recommend this Havells fan.

Havells Pacer Quiet Efficient Ceiling fan with the best RPM

The Havells quiet ceiling fan recommended here comes with a 72-Watt motor, not the best regarding energy efficiency, but delivers high-grade performance. It is a top rated ceiling fan under 2000 Rupees. If electricity problem persists in your area, then this fan is a perfect option. It runs at a good speed even at low voltage.

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As discussed above Havells provides excellent quality to its home electronics products, the same is true to this, the best ceiling fan for bedroom as well. This high-speed fan has an aluminum body with its motor consists of a double ball bearing system. The rod to hang it on the room ceiling is about 10 Inch long but is durable.

Further, the Havells Pacer is a noisy fan if installed in a room smaller than 8×8 feet. However, it becomes a quiet ceiling fan if you install in a room, has dimensions 8×8 to 10×10 feet.

Price 1950 Rupees
Air Delivery 230
RPM 400
Sweep 1200
Down Rod length 10.23 inch or 26 CM
Motor 72-Watt, Double Ball Bearing
Warranty 2-Years


► Crompton HS Plus Power Saver Ceiling Fan – Feel Natural Wind

Crompton is a known ceiling fan brand in the Indian market. For an electric fan, there used to be two famous brands. People from every corner of India were well aware of the brands. One was Bajaj, and another was Crompton. However, in recent years, Crompton lost its glory to brands like Orient, and Havells. Hence, it is now the fourth best ceiling fan brand in India. Crompton needs to improve the design of its ceiling fan wings. While ceiling fans of other brands typically have air delivery 220 to 240, Crompton fans fail to cross even 220

Crompton HS Plus Power Saver Ceiling Fan

The Crompton power saver ceiling fan, as it is apparent from its name is an energy efficient fan. It features a 53-Watt motor, which can deliver 370 runs per minute. Further, the motor has a double ball bearing setup. Its operation is relatively noiseless. In fact, Crompton claims to have the ceiling tried & tested silent performance. Such claim only Orient makes which is indeed the best brand for a quiet ceiling fan. If noise disturbs your sleep, one of the best options in the market is this Crompton power saver ceiling fan, which is also a silent fan.

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The build and design of this Crompton fan — are ordinary. However, its body is made of high-grade aluminum that observes less heat. Therefore, it is a fantastic ceiling to run for long hours. Read also: Three Blades Crompton Greaves Ceiling Fan below 2500 Rupees.

Price 1800 Rupees
Sweep 1200
Air Delivery 218
Motor 53 Watts, Tried & Tested Silent Operation
Speed 370
Warranty 2 Years
Energy Rating BEE 5-Star, 3-Star in 2018


► Orpat Air Flora – Low-Cost Quiet Ceiling Fan for Bedroom

The brand Orpat became famous because of its affordable table and wall clock with alarm. Now, this Indian brand has completely transformed itself into a home electronics brand. Orpat brand products are of decent quality, hence long lasting. At very affordable price points, Orpat produces good quality home electronics with high-grade performance.

The Orpat fan I suggest here is not in huge demand. It is an excellent ceiling fan although. You need to pay only 1100 Rupees to get it home. It features a 75-Watt motor, which is a 12-Pole motor.

1200 mm Orpat Air Flora Low Cost Quiet Ceiling Fan

Further, the motor is based on ZZ sleeve type double ball bearing. It leads to noiseless, wobble-free operation and rotates the three aerodynamic wings of the fan at the speed of 380 Run per minute. The wings are made out of Aluminum. Besides, Orpat protects your purchase of this low-cost quiet ceiling fan with 2-Years of warranty.

Now the question is why this fan with such a great features at a low price is not in demand. It appears as Orpat has not marketed it well in the market. There is no second opinion that at the price of 1100 Rupees, the Air Flora variant is an excellent ceiling fan. Thus, considering every aspect, especially its price, the Orpat quiet ceiling fan is an excellent option in the market.

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Price 1100 Rupees
Motor 75-Watt, 12 Pole, Double ball bearing (ZZ sleeve type), Wobble free, Noiseless
RPM 380
Warranty 2-Years
Orpat Customer Care Number +91-02822-230491 / 02822-391391
Wings 3, Aluminum

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