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Pureit Mineral Classic RO – Budget RO Water Purifier for Small Families

HUL Pureit Mineral Classic RO Water Purifier for Small Families

Fresh, pure, and clean drinking water is an indispensable commodity to achieve upright health. However, in the world full of pollution, not anything is left to be unpolluted, uncontaminated or safe. And so is the most significant component of the world — WATER. This is exactly the motive why several homes are moving over to the budget water purifiers and installing especially an RO water purifier.

The water purifier business is thriving due to better access to info about the numerous threats of not cleansing the water you drink. Henceforth, it turns out to be vital that you use a reliable and reputed water purifier to cleanse the water you drink. With an RO water purifier in place, consuming your day-to-day water turns out to be healthy and pleasant. While picking a water purifier, there are wide-ranging points that you need to study. In the course of time, it counts to your well-being. It definitely does not mean that an expensive purifier would provide improved safety.

The finest and the most inexpensive way to ensure your family’s safety is by installing an RO water purifier. Down the road, we can see the progress of reverse osmosis water purifiers. RO now is a wonderful step in the direction of society's water purification development. It can get you rid of harmful chemicals, mud, and other elements. There is an enormous assortment of RO water purifiers obtainable in the market. These purification devices are capable of providing harmless and microbes free water.

Are you unsure of what water purifier you must consider buying for small families? If your answer is yes, then you must go through the following stated products. Both of these products belong to — – PUREIT — a well-known water purifier brand. Pureit is a source of some of the premium, reasonably priced as well as operational Water Purifier for small families in the world. Read on to understand their process of purification. Each of them follows a distinct water purification method. Read also RO Water Purifier with MF Technology under 8000 Rupees.

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6 Liters HUL Pureit Mineral Classic RO MF 6-Stage Water Purifier

Is the water that flows through your tap impure? Do you desire to confirm the well-being of your family? Well, if yes, then Pureit has the greatest solution to all your water hitches by way of this Classic RO MF 6-Stage Water Purifier. This auto cleansing Budget Water Purifier would save you and your loved ones from a number of infections. Let us have a view of what all it offers:

6-Stage Purification Technologies: This Classic RO + MF water purifier from Pureit utilizes 6 stage purification processes to totally eliminate any unsafe material from the drinking water. It makes use of pre-sedimentation and pre-carbon processing to clean your drinking water. This will remove anything and everything except for hydrogen and oxygen. You can absolutely have faith in the water you are drinking. The best thing is that no cleaning agents are used in the process. This is because pre-sedimentation and pre-carbon are all-natural cleaning procedures. They won’t harm the environment in any way. Read also Aquaguard RO Water Purifier with Mineral Guard Protection.

Purification and Storage Capacity

This Pureit Mineral Classic RO water purifier owns a purification capacity of 9 to 12 liters of water per hour. You can stay confident that every single drop of water that you draw out of the purifier is carefully and methodically cleansed.

This Mineral Classic RO + MF purifier from Pureit possess a storage capacity of 6 Liters so that you won’t have to hold yourself to get clean water. With this purifier, you can attain cleansed mineral water in no time.

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High-Quality and Industrial-Grade Plastic Finish: This well-designed and stylish looking Budget Water Purifier is made up of high-quality plastic. This makes it an extremely robust and heavy-duty water purifier. The smooth and shiny design of the purifier enhances the sophisticated appearance of the purifier. The compact and shiny design makes certain that the purifier would fit flawlessly in your kitchenette. In fact, this product is designed especially for that.

90 Percent TDS Reduction: This trustworthy and reliable Pureit Mineral Classic RO water purifier attains 90 percent of TDS reduction. What’s TDS? TDS is a number of dissolved things in your tap water that transforms it into hard water. This water can be unhealthy and not suitable for drinking. By dropping TDS, the purifier changes hard water into the soft water that is appropriate for drinking.

Additional Vital Features of this budget RO

This RO + MF from Pureit take account of an RO membrane in addition to a microfiltration membrane. These additional membranes assist in refining and purifying the water two times. Thus and so, you’ll get completely cleansed water.


  • 90 Percent TDS Reduction
  • All-natural cleaning procedures
  • Doesn’t harm the environment
  • Heavy-duty water purifier
  • RO membrane and microfiltration membrane

Verdict: This RO+ MF water purifier with 6 Litres storage capacities is available at a price within your means. This 6-stage water purifier is one of the greatest RO Water Purifier for small families at such a price point. When you’ll look at it, this will appear to be standard, pleasant, and typical with just a tap attached on its body. No light indications or beep-beep noises! On top of that, the customer support is co-operative (but in some cases terrible). The support team will resolve your issues within 1 to 2 days.

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Height 422.6 mm
Width 380 mm
Depth 165.6 mm
Weight 5.8 Kgs
Purified water flow rate 9-12 Litres per hour
Water storage Capacity 6 Litres
Power Rating 36 Watts
Input Voltage 50 Hz; 165-240 V AC
Length of Power Adaptor 1.5 meters
Turbidity 1 NTU
Buy 9000 Rupees

HUL Pureit Mineral Classic RO Water Purifier for Small Families

HUL Pureit Mineral Classic RO Water Purifier with UV Purification system

This is the second purifier from HUL Pureit in our list of water purifiers. In addition to its awesome looks and features, this RO + UV purifier functions against bacteria, viruses, pathogens as well as additional destructive elements. Take a look at what makes this product distinctive.

Elegant Design: This Mineral Classic RO UV purifier from Pureit has a neat and smooth design that counterparts your contemporary lifestyle. As a matter of fact, it enhances the exquisiteness to your life. This compact purifier weighs up about 5.8 Kgs and you can effortlessly place this on your kitchen wall. More than that, it is finished of a material that is engineering-grade plastic that inhibits water leakage and unpleasant stink. Read also Livpure Water Purifier with RO UV and Mineral retain Technology.

6-stage purification process on this Pureit Purifier

The HUL Pureit Mineral Classic RO UV purifier comprises of 6 stages of purification process. This includes:-

  • PP Melt Blown Pre-Sediment Filter
  • Pre-RO Carbon Filter
  • Post-Carbon Sediment Filter
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • UV Chamber
  • Post-RO Carbon Filter

Let us discuss each stage in detail:-

  • PP Melt Blown Pre-Sediment Filter: In this stage, the water is allowed to pass all the way through the PP Melt Blown pre-sediment filter. This eliminates fine, grainy particulate contaminations and mud.
  • Pre-RO Carbon Filter: After this, the water moves through the pre-RO carbon filter. In such a way, the purifier eliminates chlorine as well as other organic impurities. This process removes substances including injurious insecticides. On the other hand, it engrosses the unpleasant taste and stink-causing organic materials from the water.
  • Post-Carbon Sediment Filter: This filter furthermore confiscates the residual dirt. In the process, the water moves over the RO membrane at great pressure by means of an integral pump.
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane: This Reverse Osmosis Membrane takes away the hardness, dissolved salts, insecticides and metal particles including mercury, arsenic, and lead. It likewise takes out the microscopic impurities comprising cysts, bacteria, virus, and protozoa.
  • UV Chamber: The UV chamber stage behaves like an extra phase of purification. This phase further eliminates the sedentary bacteria, parasites, and virus to provide harmless water to drink.
  • Post-RO Carbon Filter: To end with, the post RO carbon filter work like a polisher and improves the taste of cleansed H2O. Water is passed at great pressure over a thin film composite spiral wound membrane. This discards almost 90% of chemicals, salts, as well as organic contaminations.
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TDS removal and Voltage Protection

The process of TDS removal decreases the TDS level in the water for about 1800 PPM. Thus and so, it converts the hard water into soft water.

Voltage Fluctuation Guard: The progressive voltage fluctuation guard of the Pureit Mineral Classic RO+UV guards it from unexpected voltage fluctuation. This confirms that the purifier is working at all times and is completely safe even in great voltages of 300 volts. This feature would also support you in low voltages of about 150 VAC.

Smooth Installation: The company itself offers installation on this Ro water purifier. You can apply for an installation as soon as it is delivered to you. All you have to do is just place a call to the company's customer support right away! They might ask you for the product's model name.

Additional features and Pros Cons of Pureit RO

Additionally, it has 6 Litres of water storage capacity that makes it an ideal RO Water Purifier for small families. This guarantees that the cleansed water is all set to drink at all times. It likewise features a break resistance tap, which is verified for nearly 50,000 times to confirm permanence. Over and above, the Germ Kill performance meets stern global standards for providing microbiologically safe and pure drinking water.


  • 6-stage RO+UV purification
  • TDS removal up to 1800 PPM
  • Advanced Voltage Fluctuation Guard


  • No TDS controller
  • Minor storage capacity
  • No indicator for water filling
  • Incapable to dispense water without electrical energy
  • Terrible customer support

Verdict: All in all, I find this Pureit Mineral Classic RO purifier to be certainly amazing. The six Litres storage capacity is good enough for a moderate family.

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This RO water purifier filters the water really well and you’ll discover no unsafe elements in the cleansed water. I would recommend this Budget Water Purifier as it uses the most progressive and the most modern filtration technologies to destroy impurities in water. One of the finest techniques to evade water-borne ailments! I would suggest this Pureit RO to all the users having the Municipal water supply.

Width 380 mm
Height 422.6 mm
Depth 165.6 mm
Weight 5.8 kg
TDS Reduction upto 90%, Removal upto 1800 PPM
Color White
Material Engineering grade plastic
RO yes
Storage Capacity 6 Litres
Purification Stages 6
Buy 11000 Rupees

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