Are projectors better than TVs? For watching movies and videos in multiplex screen quality at home, a projector is an affordable option than a TV. The cost of 75-Inch big screen LED TV of a regular brand is close to 1.5 Lakh in India market. If you go for a model of a top LED TV brand then cost would be anything around 2.5 to 4 Lakh. The cost of a projector, which can show movies more or less in the same quality, but on a big screen, would be close to 60000 Rupees whereas.

Moreover, you can adjust screen size for a projector for the best viewing experience. You cannot adjust the screen size of your LED TV. A projector screen size can be in the range of 20-Inch to 500-Inch.

Usually, the built-in sound system of LED TVs sucks. So, in audio comparison, both gadgets are more or less the same.

Still, projectors are not in demand. The reason is that conventional projectors cannot show TV programs. Projector alone is not sufficient to watch a movie. You need a projector screen, and a 5.1-Channel Dolby surround sound speaker system to watch a movie in multiplex quality at home. On the other hand, on TV, one has to use the remote to switch between TV mode to the media player mode to online video streaming mode. To use a projector, you need to make some arrangement whereas you can watch TV just by pressing two buttons, one at the power board for electricity supply and another on the TV remote.

Thus, the best idea is to have a big screen LED TV for everyday use. And, also buy a projector to watch cinema in multiplex quality at home. If your family is big, you will recover your investment for the projector by saving cinema ticket cost in six months to one-year time.

Which projector is best in 50000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover best projectors in India market in the price range of 50000 to 60000 Rupees.

► Epson Home Projector {EH-TW650}

Epson and BenQ are two top projector brands in India market. Therefore, to make cinema watching experience exacting at home, buy a new projector of one of these two brands.

In 50000 to 60000 Rupees price range the best projector comes from the house of Epson. The Epson TW650 is a home use projector with advanced features.

Epson EH-TW650 Home Projector

Simplicity in use and durability is what makes Epson products to the top among all the available best options for a customer in their budget. The Epson Home projector is no different.

Not just claim Epson TW650 projector illuminates the screen with authentic full HD frames. Picture colors appear so natural and real on the big screen, which can be as big as 300-inch, viewers not just watch rather live in the moment of the movie scene. I had a chance to watch Bahubali and the 300 movies through this Epson projector. Honestly, I yet to recover from the great experience I had while watching the movies.

Price 59000 Rupees
Features Technology:  RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system | 100-Inch diagonal (7'3″ x 4'1″) image at a throw distance of 7 feet 5 inches | Easy Setup | 3X brighter Color | Long Lamp Life | Remote Controller
Screen Standard Size: 60-Inch | Screen Size range: 30-Inch to 300-Inch | White light input Max: 3100 Lumens | Full HD Resolution | Contrast Ratio: 15000:1 | Aspect Mode
Connectivity 2×USB | Wireless LAN | Analog Input: {15-Pin D-Sub | Composite: 1} |2×HDMI | MHL Support | Audio Input: 2 RCA (White | Red) | Network Support
Build Control: {Instant Off | Direct Power Off} | Dimensions (WHD): 302 x 87 x 249 mm | Weight: 2.7-Kg
Sound 2W
Warranty 24 Months