Does projector screen make a difference? Yes, projector screen makes a significant difference in the viewing experience. The projector system works on light reflection. A projector device throws light on a screen, and the screen reflates the light towards viewers. Viewer’s brain processes the data collected through eyes and ears. This is how you see what you see on the projector screen and hear what you hear from the connected sound system.

Therefore, for the best viewing experience, you need to buy the right projector screen. The essential factors in a projector screen selection are screen material, gain, and viewing angle. Projector screen material determines how much light will it reflect towards viewers. Best projector screen will absorb less light and redirect more whereas poor quality screen absorbs more and redirect less light.

► What is projector screen gain?

Light absorption and reflection by projector screens measures in the GAIN term. Projector screens’ gain value indicates its quality in terms of viewing experience. Higher gain value means absorb less light and reflect more and lower gain value means absorb more light and reflect less.

Gain value comes in ratio. The ratio is a comparison between the screen with a whiteboard. Usually, the cinema theater screens have low gain ranging between 1.0 to 1.3. A cinema screen has 1.2 Gain means it reflects 20% more light towards viewers than a whiteboard. Similarly, a projector screen has 0.8 Gain means it reflects 20% less light, that is only 80% light compared to a whiteboard. Thus, you need to buy a projector screen with high gain.

BenQ and Epson are recommended brands for a top-class home entertainment projector. For office use projectors, however, Indian brands are still best. Projectors of Indian brands have lots of features whereas the global projector brands offer outstanding picture quality. For Home entertainment, you need a projector with best picture quality. An office use projector, whereas, should have lots of features for convenience and smart connectivity options.

► iT_Hub Smart Office Projector {K2}

The K2 projector model comes with lots of excellent features, and its performance is top class. It is currently one of the best office use projectors under 50000 Rupees. Android OS and built-in Netflix and YouTube apps make it a perfect projector for home entertainment also. It, however, disappoints with HD picture quality. Nowadays most of the premium projectors like this one show content in full HD quality.

iT Hub K2 Office Use Projector

IT-Hub brand keeps high price tag for its projector because they are made using components of highly reputed brands. Therefore, chances of IT-Hub projector failure during an important office meeting is lesser. The K2 model uses DLP technology of Texas Instrument, which is a leading manufacturer of semiconductors and integrated circuits.

Price 44000 Rupees
Features Texas Instrument DLP technology | Active 3D Shutter | Miracast Certified | DLNA | Inbuilt 8GB memory | Android Operating system | Automatic keystone
Projection Screen size: 20-Inch to 300-Inch | Method: {Front Desktop | Ceiling Mount | Rear mode} | Display Technology: {DLP | LED}
Entertainment Netflix | YouTube
Office use Office file viewer {PPT | Word | PDF | Excel} | Airplay | Project Office files thru plug and play anywhere
Sound Stereo Speaker
Connectivity Compatible with: {Android | Apple | Tablet | Laptop | DTH | DVD | PlayStation | Portable HDD | Home Theater | Amazon Fire Stick} | Screen Mirroring | Wi-Fi | 2×USB | HDMI | mini VGA | 3.5-mm Audio Jack
Build Weight: 889 Grams | Dimensions {WHD}: 22.6 x 10.8 x 3 cm | Built-in Battery with 100 minutes backup | Standard tripod-mounting bracket underneath
Warranty LED Lamp Life: 30000 Hours | 24 Months {Parts Replacement + Free Service/Unit Replacement}
Sales Box Projector | Power Adapter | Remote Control | HDMI Cable | User Manual