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Multifunction Color Printer below 6000 Rs

best multifunction color printer below 6000 Rs

Here we cover best all in one color and laser printer for small business, office and home use. Ideally, Small businesses require a fast printer which can print cheaply. Office use printer whereas should be less noisy, a home use printer should have several connectivity options for easy print.  In this piece, you read about top multifunction and single function printers, which are available below 6000 Rupees price. Read also All In One Printers Under 5000 Rupees.

► Canon Pixma E3170 Inkjet – Borderless Photo Printer

Anybody who owns a Canon photo printer, scanner or photocopier knows that canon office gadgets are one-offs.  No matter what you throw at them, these gadgets will always ace the operation without a glitch. All the same, these days, offices have kind of switched to multifunction centers (MFC’s). In case you are wondering what a Multifunction center is, it is basically an all-in-one printer.

Luckily, for Canon devotees, the company released a very reliable multifunction photo printer a while ago. It’s called the Canon Pixma E3170 Photo Printer. If you are looking for a good photo printer for your office or studio operations, then here is a printer that you can bank on. Let’s have a look at its features.

Canon Pixma E3170 InkJet Printer in 6000 Rupees

Compact and Modern Design: The Canon Pixma E3170 borderless photo printer has a unique design. Its attractive glossy veneer combined with a well-arranged dash gives this printer a modern look. Moreover, this small photo printer has a 1.5-inch segment LCD display. The display can show special Icons such as the wireless (Wi-Fi) icon.

Notably, this display comes in handy whenever you want to change a setting or set an operation. For instance, the display can show you the number of copies you want to produce. It can also show you the printer’s wireless connection status.

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→ Cost-effective Photo Printer

Arguably, the E3170 is the cheapest photo printer that can print on a budget. Apart from being sold at a very reasonable price, this Canon photo printer will save you money on your printing and copying jobs.  The average printing cost per page when using this device comes to about 3 rupees for colored prints and 1 rupee for Black (plain) printing. Moreover, this printer is compatible with many paper sizes and paper types.

For example, it can print photos and documents on Business High-Grade Paper, GP-508 Glossy Photo Paper, the PP-201 or PP-208 Photo Paper and the PS 108. Furthermore, this printer can also print on special Cloth surfaces like the PS-308R paper.

→ Multi-functionality with wireless connectivity

This might seem absurd, but the Canon E3170 challenges some bigger photo printers like the HP 410 Multifunction printer. This is because this Canon printer can do all the three basic office jobs seamlessly. It can print, scan and also create copies of documents. What’s even more, this gadget supports borderless photo printing. Are you looking for best home photo printer in 6000 Rupees budget? Here it is.

Its Photo printing speed is just about the same as that of the HP410. On average, it will print a 4 x 6-inch borderless photo in about 60 to 70 seconds. Canon also integrated One-Touch Direct Wireless printing technology into this device. Other features in this printer include Automatic ON and OFF switching and USB 2.0 High-Speed connectivity.

Price 5900 Rupees | Ideal for Photo Studio
Function Print | Copy | Scan
Print BW Print Speed 7 PPM | Color Print Speed 4 PPM | Photo Print Speed – Printing 4×6 Inch Sheet in 65 Sec
Features One-Touch Direct Wireless Connection | Support Borderless Photo Printing
Paper Input Tray Capacity: 60 Sheet |
Connectivity Wi-Fi | USB 2.0
Power Auto Power On/OFF
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