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Best Printer under 6000 Rupees

Best Printer from 5000 to 6000 Rupees Range in India

Which is the best printer under 6000 Rupees? Here we cover the best-selling color and laser printers for small business, office and home use. Ideally, Small businesses require a fast printer which can print cheaply. Office use printer whereas should be less noisy, a home use printer should have several connectivity options for easy print.  In this piece, you read about top multifunction and single function printers, which are available below 6000 Rupees price.

► HP 2135 All-in-One Printer

Many popular brands offer several devices with almost the same specifications that create confusion in the customers' mind. The HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 printer suffers from the same problem, which is not much different from the DeskJet 2131 printer. Still, the price difference between both these devices is more than 1000 rupees.

Made for Everyone: The layout of the control panel and other parts of the printer has been designed keeping user-friendliness in mind. Using this printer is so easy that you will not even need to go through the given user manuals. However, a display panel would have made this device a better product.

HP DeskJet 2135 All-in-One Color Printer

Performance: This printer can achieve a maximum print resolution of 4800X1200 dpi, which is great for printing images on photo paper. Not only this, the color printing speed of 5.5 IPM gives extra leverage to this device. Using Thermal Inkjet technology, this printer produces even the minute details with perfect accuracy.

One can do both high-quality scanning and copying using this printer. The inbuilt scanner uses CIS technology and results in a scanning resolution of 1200 dpi.

Paper Handling and Connectivity Options: Considering home only use, the input tray capacity to hold 60 A4 sheets at once seems to be okay. The list of supported paper formats includes all sizes less than 215mm in width and 279 mm in height.

Connectivity: Using the USB port, you can connect this printer to any Laptop or PC that runs on Windows or Mac operating system. Features such as ePrint and Mobile Print technology would have attracted more customers to this device.

Verdict: So, it turns out that the HD Deskjet printer 2135 is not much different from the DeskJet 2131. Now the choice is yours, whether to spend extra 1000 bucks for design addition or not.

Price 4100 Rupees {Launched Price 5700 Rupees}
Features Ideal for Home | Inkjet Color Printer | 12-Months Unit-Exchange Warranty | Power-Consumption: 10W | Connectivity: USB
Print Max-Speed: 7.5 PPM | Max-Resolution: 4800×1200 dpi | Monthly Duty-Cycle: 200 | Manual Duplexing | Max-Size: 215×279 mm
Copy Resolution: 600×300 dpi | Max-Size: 216×297 mm
Scan Resolution: 1200 dpi | Max Size: 216×297 mm
Paper Paper-Size: {A4, B5, A6, DL-Envelope} | Type: {Plain-paper, Photo-paper, Brochure-paper} | Paper-Weight: {75 gsm}
Cartridge HP-680 Black @ 700 Rupees (480 Pages) | HP-680 Tri-Color @ 750 Rupees (150 Pages) | Cost per page: {1.5-Rupees (Laser) | 4.5-Rupees (Color) – As per ISO standards}
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► Pantum P2200 Single-Function Laser Printer

Pantum is a Chinese printer brand and a well-recognized name for laser printers. Its P2200 single-function printer is currently one of the fastest moving laser printers in India market. This single-function laser printer with 15000 monthly duty cycle is an ideal choice for photocopy center and office use. I wouldn’t recommend it for home use since it is a heavy-duty laser printer without wireless printing support.

Pantum Single-Function Laser Printer P2200

Usually, printers have a high-quality plastic body. This Pantum laser printer, however, has a metal body. Thus, the build and design of this printer are outstanding. No doubt about it.

Pantum P2200 is a fast printer, and it prints — up to legal size sheets, in excellent quality. However, its per page print cost is very high. According to the brand the per page print cost is approx. 1-Rupee.

There are many laser printers in 6000 to 8000 Rupees price range, which can print A4 documents in excellent quality at 20 to 40 paisa per page. Currently, the best single-function laser printer in 7000 Rupees range is Brother L2321D. Alternatively, you could consider the ink-tank printer of Canon and Epson from the same price range.

Price 6000 Rupees
Ideal for Office | Photocopy Center
Features Laser Printer | 600 MHz Fast Processor | 128MB RAM | 12-Months Warranty | Small & Compact | One-Step Installation | Metal Frame Body | Connectivity: USB 2.0
Print Max-Speed: 20 PPM | Max-Resolution: 1200×1200 dpi | Monthly Duty Cycle: 15000 | Manual Duplexing | Max-Size: 216×356 mm | Max Paper weight: 163 gsm
Toner PC-210KEV/PC-211KEV @ 1600 Rupees (1600 Pages) | Cost per page: {1 Rupees (Laser) – As per ISO standards}
Sales Box Printer | Starter Cartridge | USB Cable | Power Cord | Driver CD | Documents


► Canon E3170 Inkjet Photo Printer

Anybody who owns a Canon photo printer, scanner or photocopier knows that canon office gadgets are one-offs.  No matter what you throw at them, these gadgets will always ace the operation without a glitch. All the same, these days, offices have kind of switched to multifunction centers (MFC’s). In case you are wondering what a Multifunction center is, it is basically an all-in-one printer.

Luckily, for Canon devotees, the company released a very reliable multifunction photo printer a while ago. It’s called the Canon Pixma E3170 Photo Printer. If you are looking for a good photo printer for your office or studio operations, then here is a printer that you can bank on. Let’s have a look at its features.

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Canon Pixma E3170 InkJet Printer in 6000 Rupees

Compact and Modern Design: The Canon Pixma E3170 borderless photo printer has a unique design. Its attractive glossy veneer combined with a well-arranged dash gives this printer a modern look. Moreover, this small photo printer has a 1.5-inch segment LCD display. The display can show special Icons such as the wireless (Wi-Fi) icon.

Notably, this display comes in handy whenever you want to change a setting or set an operation. For instance, the display can show you the number of copies you want to produce. It can also show you the printer’s wireless connection status.

Cost-effective Photo Printer: Arguably, the E3170 is the cheapest photo printer that can print on a budget. Apart from being sold at a very reasonable price, this Canon photo printer will save you money on your printing and copying jobs.  The average printing cost per page when using this device comes to about 3 rupees for colored prints and 1 rupee for Black (plain) printing. Moreover, this printer is compatible with many paper sizes and paper types.

For example, it can print photos and documents on Business High-Grade Paper, GP-508 Glossy Photo Paper, the PP-201 or PP-208 Photo Paper and the PS 108. Furthermore, this printer can also print on special Cloth surfaces like the PS-308R paper.

Multi-functionality with wireless connectivity: This might seem absurd, but the Canon E3170 challenges some bigger photo printers like the HP 410 Multifunction printer. This is because this Canon printer can do all the three basic office jobs seamlessly. It can print, scan and also create copies of documents. What’s even more, this gadget supports borderless photo printing. Are you looking for best home photo printer in 6000 Rupees budget? Here it is.

Its Photo printing speed is just about the same as that of the HP410. On average, it will print a 4 x 6-inch borderless photo in about 60 to 70 seconds. Canon also integrated One-Touch Direct Wireless printing technology into this device. Other features in this printer include Automatic ON and OFF switching and USB 2.0 High-Speed connectivity.

Price 5900 Rupees | Ideal for Photo Studio
Function Print | Copy | Scan
Print BW Print Speed 7 PPM | Color Print Speed 4 PPM | Photo Print Speed – Printing 4×6 Inch Sheet in 65 Sec
Features One-Touch Direct Wireless Connection | Support Borderless Photo Printing
Paper Input Tray Capacity: 60 Sheet |
Connectivity Wi-Fi | USB 2.0
Power Auto Power On/OFF


► HP 3777 All-in-One Printer

The HP DeskJet 3777 is somewhat a compact printer. De facto, it is really striking that HP has accomplished to pack in manifold lineaments like scanning, copying, printing, and wireless connectivity in such a compact maneuver. The brand entitles that this is the domain's smallest All-in-One' printing device. However, regardless of that, the 3777 recollects its ultimate printer look. A seven-segment LCD display located at the top right angle is another glee. In addition, connectivity ports are positioned at the posterior side.

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HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3777 Multifunction Printer

No WHIRRRRRRRRRRING noise anymore! What is your steady impression of a printer? Do you consider it to be a large package that consumes eternities to print sheets of paper and creates a brash WHIRRRRING sound that would alert your next-door residents about it? If yes, then it’s time to change your perception!  The HP Desk Jet Ink Advantage 3777 is marvelously noiseless. Thus, you can copy or print out without troubling any person. The printer is really a blessing; you can pin your faith on!

A dependable solution to your printing needs! You can be absolutely certain that this HP multifunction printer is very dependable and consistent. You can check out the opinions, evaluations, ratings, and commentaries from former customers to grasp what they want to say. Furthermore, I can assure you that you are receiving the best solution for the price you are paying. Quite inspiring, and the size does not at all hinder the performance, as well.

Sharp and vibrant picture quality: You can reckon on its print quality! The images will be vivacious and lively. The colored copies are just about the original pictures. Colors are fairly precise, and you achieve high-quality printouts. It can be your trusted and favored machine for reproducing pictures and high-quality brochures. However, it is more than just a decent photo printer; it is likewise an all in one device that copies, scans, prints, and photocopies.

Price 5500 Rupees
Features Ideal for: {Home | Manager’s Desk} | Processor: 360-MHz | Memory: 64MB | Wireless Direct Printing | 12 Months Unit Exchange Warranty
Print Speed:  8PPM | Max-Resolution:  1200×4800 dpi | Monthly Duty-Cycle: 1000 | Manual-Duplexing
Copy Resolution:  300 dpi
Scan Resolution:  600 dpi | Max Size: 216×355 mm
Paper Size: {A4 | B5 | A6 | Supported Paper-Size: 76.2×127 to 215.9×356 mm | HP 10×15 CM | Paper-Weight: Photo-Paper up to 300 gsm
Connectivity USB 2.0 | Wi-Fi
Cartridge HP-680 Combo @ 1250 Rupees | Yield: 480 (Black), 300 (Tri-Color) | Cost per page: {1.40-Rupees (Laser) | 2.15-Rupees (Color) – As per ISO standards}

Why do I applaud it? If you are looking for a decent all in one machine that is notable for printing papers and pictures, infrequent scanning and copying, then the HP Desk Jet Ink Advantage 3777 is a prominent deliberation. It would be great to have this in your workplace as its current price 5500 INR would be within your means.

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Hi Peter, Good work! I really like Canon….for Photo Printing Printer Canon is recommended brand.