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Best Printer under 3000 Rupees

Best Printer under 3000 Rupees in India Market

Which is the best printer under 3000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about the top-selling printers from 1000 to 3000 Rupees price range. The recommended printers are currently a top favorite of buyers.

► HP 2132 Multifunction Home Printer

In the series of DESKJET All-In-One-Printers, Hewlett-Packard has introduced this exclusive DeskJet 2132 All-In-One-Printer. It comes with a gentle and compact design with which also gives relief in fitting it at any place and easy to operate. The hassles in getting the prints from a cluttered place are reduced to minimal through such compact design and in results, we can get the prints with an easy mind.

Value for money is the top priority for the buyers and expectations of maximum output from the machines are the key points where customers always stop before making a decision. In such a case, a brand value like HP is always a reliable partner. The same characteristics are owned this all in one printer where its high yield ink gives more prints than other regular print and hence savings in itself. It can be perceived as a top printer in low budget with the reliable brand name, especially in its category.

HP DeskJet 2132 Inkjet Colour Multifunction Printer

HP 2132 is modern and top All-In-One-Printer which is multipurpose and steadfast printer also with quick outputs of any task like Printing, Scanning, and Copying. The multi-tasking feature gives it a one-stop solution for all the daily requirements, even to a small business to home. The small budget can be satiated through this innovative printer. While minting the tag of the brand, it also gives printing a new experience with its excellent quality printing.

The cost is less in buying as well as printing and gives a value for money. Users can print twice the regular prints. The printer also conserves energy as it backed by the Energy Star certification. The certification gives an authentic approach and promise for the buyers with genuine savings and makes it a must buy in its segment.

Conclusion: The HP DeskJet 2132 is an excellent printer in 3000 Rupees price range. We can say loud that it is a class one top printer with small price stacked over it. It can be perceived as an ideal printer for home use. It possesses all the necessary and high-end qualities needed in a multifunction printer. We can conclude the printer as best deal with its overall features and pricing.

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Price 3000 Rupees
Features Ideal for Home-Use | Inkjet Color Printer | Connectivity: USB 2.0 | 12-Months Replacement Warranty
Print Speed:  20PPM | Resolution:  Max 4800×1200 dpi | Monthly Duty-Cycle: 1000 | Max Size: 8.5×11.7-Inch | Duplex: Manual
Copy Resolution: 600×300 dpi | Features: Up to 9 Copy | Max-Size: 8.5×11.7 Inch
Scan Resolution: 1200-dpi | Max-Paper Size: 8.5×11.7 Inch
Paper Size: {A4, B5, A6, DL Envelope, 10×15-cm Photo Paper} | Type: {Plain-Paper, Photo-Paper, Brochure-Paper}
Power Consumption: {Active:  10W} | ENERGY-STAR Certified | HP Auto-Off Technology
Cartridge HP-803 @ 850 Rupees | Yield: 150 to 200 Pages | Cost-per-page: {4.8-Rupees (Laser), 6.6-Rupees (Color) – As per ISO standards}


► Canon PIXMA MG2570S All-In-One Inkjet Printer

The Canon multifunction printer machine is one of the most affordable printers currently on sale on the market. Inkjet printing technology and small size make it an ideal printer for home use. With the help of the user-friendly control panel, even a layman can make copies or scan documents. However, the number of options available are limited because of which it cannot be used in offices.

Canon MG2570s printer can print at a maximum resolution of 4800X800 dpi, which is more than enough you will ever need. Although the printing speed is shallow at 4-PPM (color) but the quality is highly appreciable. You can print an image on a photo paper using this printer, and the result will be no less than what you get at a studio.

Canon MG2570S Multi-function Printer

High Scanning Resolution: The flatbed scanner of this printer is capable of scanning documents at a really high-resolution of 1200×600 dpi. Using this printer, even the micro details of a document can be easily captured. Average scanning speed is about two documents per second on this printer.

Not So Affordable: Maintenance cost of this printer will disappoint many customers. If you print a lot, then do plan to save extra money to buy at least one set of cartridges every week.

Verdict: One thing is pretty clear from the above discussion is that the Canon PIXMA MG2570s printer is not for budget customers. Only those users should consider this budget multifunction printer who can afford to purchase cartridges frequently for quality printing, copying, and scanning solution.

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Price 3000 Rupees
Features Auto Power-ON | Ideal Printer for Home | 1280 Nozzles | Connectivity: USB 2.0 | Power-Consumption: Max 10W | 12-Months Warranty
Print Max-Speed: 8-PPM | Max-Resolution: 4800×1200 dpi | Monthly Duty-Cycle: 1000 | Manual Duplexing | Max-Size: Up to 8-Inch Width
Copy Max-Size: 216×297 mm
Scan Resolution: 600×1200 dpi | Max-Size: 216×297 mm
Paper Max Size: {Width → 101.6 – 215.9mm | Length → 152.4 – 676mm} | Type: {Plain Paper, Photo Paper, Glossy Photo Paper} | Paper-Size: {A4, A5, B5, Letter, Legal, 4×6″, 5×7″, Envelopes (DL, COM10)} | Paper-Weight: {Plain Paper→ 64 to 105 gsm | Photo Paper→ Up to 275 gsm}
Cartridge CL-745 Black @ 1000-Rupees (180 Pages) | CL-746 Tri-Color @ 1455-Rupees (180 Pages)


► HP DeskJet 2131 All-in-One Color Printer

Undoubtedly, HP is the best brand to choose when buying a printer for home use. Its products are reliable, cost-effective, and offer a lot of comfort features. The HP DeskJet 2131 All-in-One Printer can be an excellent solution for under budget customers. This multifunction printer offers high yield on a single set of ink cartridges, which will save you money in the long run.

Best-In-Class Print Quality: Only a few printers available under 3000 rupees offer a maximum print resolution of 4800X1200 dpi (color) and this Inkjet printer from HP is one of them. The images that I printed using this multifunction printer came out to be razor-sharp. Another great thing about this printer is its high printing speed of 7.5-PPM in black and 5.1-PPM in color.

HP DeskJet 2131 All-in-One Inkjet Color Printer

Much Simple to Use: To make a copy, all you will need to do is place the document on the flatbed and hit the copy button. Even scanning documents become much more comfortable using the utility software that HP provides.

Verdict: HP Deskjet 2131 AIO printer clearly stands out a winner on the front of affordability and maintenance. No other printer in this price segment offers the same print quality as this HP printing gadget.

Price 2990 Rupees
Features Ideal for Home | Inkjet Color Printer | Power Consumption: 10W | Connectivity: USB 2.0 | 12-Months Unit-Exchange Warranty
Print Max-Speed: 7.5-PPM | Max-Resolution: 4800×1200 dpi | Monthly Duty-Cycle: 1000 | Manual Duplexing | Max-Size: 215×279 mm
Copy Resolution: 600×300 dpi | Max-Size: 215×279 mm
Scan Resolution: Up to 1200 dpi | Max Size: 215×279 mm
Paper Paper-Size: {A4, B5, A6, Dl-Envelope} | Paper-Weight: {75 gsm}
Cartridge HP-803 Black @ 700-Rupees (190 Pages) | HP-803 Tri-Color @ 975-Rupees (170 Pages) | Print-cost-per-page: {4-Rupees (BW) | 6-Rupees (Color)}
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► Canon Multifunction Wireless Color Printer {MG3070S}

Auto Power ON/OFF makes this Canon multifunction wireless printer very convenient in everyday use. A print command from the connected system can power ON the printer to process the print request. Similarly, it will power OFF automatically in the event of no activity, or the connected system is shut down.

Being a wireless printer means this Canon color printer could seamlessly pair with Wi-Fi enabled devices like a smartphone for accepting print command wirelessly. This lets you print and scan brochures as well as pictures with any iOS or Android device.

Canon PIXMA MG3070S Multifunction Wireless Color Printer

For HQ color printout and HD photo, Canon is the best printer brand in India market. Canon MG3070s will thoroughly impress you with its ability to drop ink on documents and photo sheet. Better print quality means more usages of color. That translates into faster draining of the cartridges. So, the per-page print cost of this canon color wireless printer may shock you.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a Home use printer with decent print quality and reckless printing competence, Canon Pixma MG3070s is an option. It is one of the best printers under 3000 Rupees.

Price 3000 Rupees
Features Auto Power ON/OFF | Inkjet Color-Printer | Power-Consumption: 10W | 12-Months Warranty
Print Max-Speed: 8-PPM | Max-Resolution: 4800×600 dpi | Monthly Duty-Cycle: 1000 | Manual-Duplexing
Copy Color and BW Copying| Max-Size: 216×297-mm
Scan Resolution: 600×1200 dpi | Max-Size: 216×297-mm
Paper Max Size: {Width →101.6 – 215.9 mm, Length → 127 – 676 mm) | Type: {Plain-Paper, Photo-Paper}| Paper-Size: {A4, A5, B5, Letter, Legal, 4×6″, 5×7″, Envelopes (DL, COM10), Square (5×5″)} | Paper-Weight: {Plain Paper: 64-105 gsm | Photo-Paper: up to 275 gsm }
Connectivity USB 2.0 | Wi-Fi | Network
Cartridge CL-745 Black @ 1000-Rupees (180 Pages) | CL-746 Tri-Color @ 1400-Rupees (180 Pages)
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