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Best Printer under 25000 Rupees

Best Selling Printers under 25000 Rupees in India Market

In the previous few years, the charges of color heavy duty printers have suggestively reduced. At the moment, not just workplaces can possess printers but normal homes as well. When selecting a new printer, we meet the most significant question — what to pick and which print technology would be the finest.

Are you on a lookout to buy an all in one printer? No matter if it's for your office or household use, there are a lot of different issues that you must think through. By and large, print quality is imperative for all office users who desire to print crisp and comprehensive pictures. For the most part, you have to perform your own exploration and research. For that reason, it's paramount to prepare yourself on the dot by educating yourself of what issues and concerns you must keep in mind with multi-function heavy duty printers.

Well, the good news is that there is a simple way to get out of this. This article focuses on best heavy-duty printers aimed specifically at business, office or corporate use. You can easily pick according to your own thoughts and concerns.

This article tries to offer a solution to more than a few questions by covering all the distinctive features of a number of heavy-duty printers out there. Here are a number of considerations to think about when purchasing your next printer. So, check this out before buying one.

Which is the best printer under 25000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling printers of top brands HP, Epson, Canon, and Brother from 23000 to 25000 Rupees price range. The suggested printers are some of the most advanced printers in India market.

☼ HP Smart Tank 790 Printer with Business

The HP ink tank printer can print, copy, and scan. Not for studio photo printing, but for general photo printing it is a perfect printer on the market. It comes with some advanced printer features for making its usage more hassle-free for the end-user. Those features are Automatic paper sensors, Auto Document Feeder, and Auto Duplex printing. For me, HP 790 smart tank is the first printer with Bluetooth.

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HP Smart Tank 790 printer is perfect for business and office use. Why? Because it comes with all the modern connectivity options and printing on this ink tank printer is cheap. Our testing confirms that the printing cost for an A4 black-white will be in the range of 15 paise to 25 paise. Similarly, the printing cost for an A4 color page will be in the range of 40 paise to 70 paise. Although HP claims that A4 Black & White and A4 color page printing cost on its latest ink tank printer 790 model will be 9 paise and 32 paise respectively.

Price ₹24990 | Amazon
Features Automatic Paper Sensor | ADF | Auto-Duplex | Wi-Fi | Wi-Fi Direct | Bluetooth | Fax | Scan | Copy | Print | Color Copying & Scanning | Warranty: 1-Year


► Epson L810 Photo Printer for Studio

Which is the best photo printer in India market under 25000 Rupees? The answer is the Epson L810 printer. It is a genuine color photo printer for photo studios.  This Epson printer, by using a total of 6 colors, prints high-quality photos. It can also print on CD & DVD. Its max print resolution is 5760×1440 dpi.

The Epson photo printer prints a 4×6-Inch photo in less than 30 seconds. Since it usages ink instead of toner or cartridge, its per-page print cost is very less, even cheaper than the cost of printing in color on laser printers. The print cost of a 4×6-Inch on Epson L810 photo printer is less than ₹3. Yes, you read it correctly. Therefore, it is the best photo printer for business if the budget is ₹25000.

Price ₹24990 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features In-Tank Photo Printer | 6-Color Printer | Max-Resolution: 5760×1440 | Print-Cost {4×6-Inch}: Less than ₹3


► Canon G7070 Multifunction Color Ink-Tank Printer

The Canon printer currently competes against Epson L6190 and Brother T910DW. These three printers have similar functions: Print, Copy, Scan, ADF, and FAX. They are truly all in one printer for business and office use.

Canon G7070 Multifunction Color Ink-Tank Printer

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Which one should you buy from them? In my opinion, Canon G7070 is a better printer compared to the remaining two branded printers. How? The Canon printer comes with an Eco-mode for low-cost printing. And, needless to say, Canon printers print actual HQ photos. Thus, it is a solution for both the very common requirements: cheap A4 prints and HQ photo prints. This Canon printer can print and scan up to legal size papers by built-in ADF, withal.

Price ₹24990 | Amazon | Flipkart
Ideal for Office | Photocopy Center | Photo-Studio
Features 2-Line LCD | OS: {Windows (10, 8.1, 7), Mac} | Monthly Duty-Cycle: Up to 5000 Prints | Spill-Resistant Ink-Bottle Design | Borderless Photo Printing | Warranty: 1-Year
Head Replaceable Print-Head | Print-Head Alignment: Auto/Manual | Nozzles: 1792
Print Max-Speed: {BW→ 13-IPM | C→ 6-IPM | Borderless Photo→ 37s} | Max-Resolution: 4800×1200 | Auto-Duplexing | Print-Width: {Max (Standard→ 203.2-mm, Borderless→ 216-mm) | Min: 55-mm} | Print-Length: {Min→ 55-mm, Max→676-mm}
Copy Back/Color | Resolution: {Economic, Standard, High} | Paper-Type: {Plain | Photo Paper: {Pro Platinum, Pro Luster, Plus Semi-Gloss, Glossy, Matte, Glossy II} | Max-Size: Up to Legal
Scan Resolution: 1200×2400 | Max-Size: Legal
Paper 2-Way Paper-Feeding {Front & Back} | Type: {Plain | High-Resolution  | Photo-Paper (Standard, Pro-Platinum, Pro-Luster, Matte, Magnetic, Plus Semi-Gloss, Glossy, Plus Glossy II) | Photo-Stickers (Plain, Removable} |  Envelope} | Paper-Size: {A4 | A5 | B5 | LTR | LGL | 10.16×15.24cm | 12.7×17.78cm | 17.78×25.4cm | 20.32×25.4cm | Envelopes (DL, COM10) | Square (12.7×12.7cm, 10.16×10.16cm, 89×89 mm) | Card (91×55 mm)} | Paper-Weight: {Plain→ 64-105 | HQ → Up to 690 gsm} | Auto-Duplex: {Type: Plain | Size: (A4, A5, B5, Letter)}
Connectivity USB 2.0 | Wi-Fi | Network | Mobile Printing | App: {AirPrint, Mopria, Google-Cloud, Canon Print-Service, Pixma Cloud-Link, Message in Print, Easy Photo-Print Editor, Canon Print Inkjet} | Fax- Connection
Power Consumption: {Active:  15W | Standby:  0.8W}
Ink Black → GL-70 @ 629 Rupees (up to 8300 Pages) | Tri-Color @ GL-70 @ 539 Rupees (Up to 7700 A4 Plain Pages / 2200 10.16×15.24 CM Photo Paper) | Cost-per-page (approx.): {8-Paisa (BW) | 30-Paisa (Color) | 1-Rupees (Photo)}


► Epson M3180 Ink-Tank Mono Multifunction Printer

The M3180 printer model is the latest Epson printer in India market. It is a multifunction mono printer with fax function. Therefore, it is an excellent printer for office use. Please note, this printer cannot print in color.

Epson M3180 Multifunction Ink-Tank Mono Printer

Epson M3180 printer received the prestigious red dot design award 2019 for its innovative design, which ensures fast printing, better quality printing, less noisy printing, and affordable per page printing. Hence it is an excellent printer for business use as well.

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As per the brand claims, the M3180 printer model can print 20 A4 pages in 60 seconds. That is indeed the fastest print speed by any ink-tank printer. Another reason to trust Epson M3180 for fast printing is its support to PCL.

PostScript and PCL (Printer Control Language) are two common printing languages. Printers with a PostScript driver give better quality printouts whereas printers with a PCL driver give fast printouts as this driver usages system hardware to process initiated print commands.

Thus, Epson M3180 is an excellent printer for photocopy center and office use. It is a fast ink tank printer and it has all those features that an ideal printer must-have. Epson brand offers 3-years complete service warranty, withal.

Price ₹24990 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Ideal for: {Office | Photocopy-Center} | 2.4-Inch LCD Touchscreen | PCL-Support | 3-Years Warranty
Print Max-Speed: 20-PPM | Max-Resolution: 1200×2400 dpi | Auto-Duplexing | Max-Size: 8.5×47.24 Inch
Copy Speed: 17-PPM | Resolution: {600×600 dpi | 1200×1200 dpi} | Features: {Zoom: 25% to 400% | Auto-Fit} | Max-Size-ADF: Legal
Scan Resolution: 1200×2400 dpi | Max-Size-Flatbed: 8.5×11.7 Inch | Max-Size-ADF: Legal
Fax BW & Color Faxing | Memory: 180-Pages | Resolution: 200×200 dpi | Speed: 3 sec/page | Send-Max-Size-Flatbed: {A4, Letter} | Send-Max-Size-ADF: Legal | Receive-Max-Size: Legal | Speed-Dial: up to 100 numbers | Features: {PC-Fax, Automatic-Redialing, Address-Book, Fax-Preview}
Paper ADF: {Max-Size: Legal | Max-Paper-Count: 10} | Paper-Size: {Legal, Letter, 8.5×13-Inch, A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, 16K(195×270 mm), Post-Card (100×148 mm), Envelops (#10, DL, C6)} | Paper-Weight: {64 to 95 gsm}
Connectivity USB 2.0 | Wi-Fi | Wi-Fi-Direct | Network | Ethernet | Apps: {Epson, Apple, Google}
Power Consumption: {Active: 12W | Standby: 5.6W}
Ink (005) 120-ml Black @ 690 Rupees (6000 Pages) | Cost-per-page: {12-Paisa (BW) As per ISO standards}


► Epson L6190 Multifunction Color Ink-Tank Printer

The Epson printer is the newest multifunction ink tank printer under 25000 Rupees. It comes with lots of excellent features and functions. This heavy-duty, fast printer can print, copy, scan, and fax. It also prints photos in decent quality at a cheap rate. In fact, the cost of printing a 4×6-Inch sheet will be less than 2-Rupees.

Epson L6190 Wireless Multifunction Color Ink Tank Printer

This Epson ink tank printer accepts print command from smartphones connected through Wi-Fi, computer systems connected through a network or USB, and directly from its responsive touch control panel. Therefore, it is a perfect printer for office use. For business use, consider Epson L6170, which comes with the same features and functions except for fax and touch control panel.

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The current price difference between Epson L6190 and L6170 is close to 2000 Rupees. Therefore, L6170 is a better printer for business use whereas L6190 is an ideal printer for office use. You can learn more about the print quality and other details of Epson L6190 multifunction color printer here.

Price ₹24000 | Amazon
Ideal for Office | Photo-Copy Center | Photo-Studio
Features Inkjet Color Printer | 2.4-Inch Color LCD | ADF (Only for A4) | Wireless-Printing | Email-Printing | Print | 2-Years Warranty for Printer-Head | Warranty: 12-Months
Print Max-Speed: 15-PPM | Max-Resolution: 4800×1200 dpi | Auto-Duplexing (Up to A4) | Photo-Print Speed: 69-Sec for 4×6-Inch Sheet
Copy Resolution: 600×1200 dpi | Features: {Auto Fit & Zoom}
Scan Resolution: 1200×2400 dpi | Max-Size: 8.5×11.7-Inch
Paper Max Size: 8.5×47.24-Inch | Type: {Plain | Glossy | Photo | Legal | Envelopes} | Paper-Size: {A4 | B5 | A5 | A6 | B6 | Legal | 8.5×13″ | Letter | 195×270-mm | 100×148 mm | 5×7″ | 4×6″ | Envelopes: (#10 | DL | C6)} | Paper-Weight: Up to 300 gsm
Connectivity USB 2.0 | Wi-Fi | Network
Power Consumption: {Active: 12W | Standby: 5.3W}
Ink-Bottles Yield: {Black:- 7500 | Tri-Color:- 5000} | Print-cost-per-page: {12-Paisa (Laser) | 20-Paisa (Color) – As per ISO standards}


► HP M403d Laser Printer for Business and Office

For many years HP is known as one of the best printer brands in the global market. Its printers are some of the top selling in the world market. HP makes excellent printers for home and office use. However, the M403d printer breaks that assertion.

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HP M403d is a high-speed single-function printer. With monthly duty cycle up to 80,000 Pages, it is a perfect laser printer for business. It can only print in black & white. It supports auto duplexing, printing both sides of a paper, as well. Per page print cost on this printer will be below 50 Paisa.

HP M403d LaserJet Pro Printer with Auto-duplex Printing

This HP laser printer for business does have a few downsides as well. When it comes to connecting the printer wirelessly, unfortunately, it does not provide its users with that option. It does not even deliver ePrint capability feature which is available with many HP printers on the market these days. Also, it lacks behind in being network ready.

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If one can overlook those connectivity related issues, then HP LaserJet Pro M403d Printer is undoubtedly one of the best printers available in the price category it falls in. Available in stunning off-white color, it will very promptly fit in the interiors of your business space and can even go enhancing its overall look not to mention.

Price ₹25000 | Amazon
Ideal for Photocopy Center
Features Laser Printer | Processor: 1200-MHz | 128MB DRAM | LCD Notification: 2-Line | Warranty: 12-Months | Connectivity: USB 2.0
Print Max-Speed: 40 PPM | Max-Resolution: 1200×1200 dpi | Monthly Duty-Cycle: 80,000 Prints | Auto-Duplexing | Max-Paper-Size: Up to 8.5×14-Inch | Paper-Weight: {60 to 175 g/m²}
Power Consumption: {Active:  591W | Standby:  6.1W}
Toner HP 28A Black @ 3900 Rupees (3000 Pages)
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Boss, MFC T910dw vs L6190 mein se konsa better hai ?


Dear Amar, which is the best ink tank printer which has is in one including, wifi direct, auto duplex print and scan, with adf and high resolution, has a good app, can print fast etc.

Amar Kumar
Reply to  Rajat

Hi Rajat, I am sorry for the late replay…I will suggest you Epson M3180 multifunction ink-tank mono printer. This Epson printer is the fastest ink-tank printer on the market currently. It cannot print in color, however.

Reply to  Amar Kumar

And if color printer is required which would you suggest including all above features posted by Rajat ?