Can a printer be connected to mobile? Yes, you can connect your smartphone to a printer. However, to do that your smartphone must support external hardware connectivity, and the printer must support a connection with a mobile phone. The best medium to connect a mobile phone to a printer is Wi-Fi. Nowadays, All the budget and pricy printers have USB and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

To give print command from your smartphone to a printer, some printer requires it through the official app, released by its brand. Some printers whereas support direct mobile phone printing: connect your smartphone with it and give a print comment.

As per your requirement check all the features, functions, and capabilities of a printer, before ordering it online. On this website, you will find complete specs of all the printer models that we have reviewed and recommended so far.

Which is the best printer under 20000 Rupees? In this price, we cover the best printers from 17000 to 20000 Rupees price range in India market. Here you read about heavy-duty printers of top brands HP, Brother, Epson, Canon, Ricoh, and others. Whether you need a single function printer or a multifunction printer if your budget for a new printer is in the price range, you get to know here top options currently on sale in the market.

☼ Canon GM4070 Printer {Print, Copy, Scan, ADF, AD}

With nine paise per page printing costs, the Canon mono printer is the best multifunction printer for office and business use. This cheap even laser printer cannot print.

The Canon Pixma GM4070 model is a multifunction printer with the following features: Print, Copy, Scan. With ADF, it can copy and scan documents of up to legal size. This printer can print both sides of a sheet with the Auto Duplex function. On the connectivity side, it has Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB-A 2.0, and mobile app printing. The build quality of this Canon printer is excellent, too.

Being a mono printer means it can't print in color. However, with an optional color cartridge, it can print color documents as well. Since per page printing in color will exceed 10 Rupees, I wouldn't recommend this canon printer for color printing.

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Canon GM4070 or a laser printer in 20000 Rupees? Printing cheap, low power consumption, and easy refill are the three main advantages of this Canon printer over a laser printer. It, however, has a slow printing performance. A laser printer of 20000 Rupees will print around thirty pages per minute. In contrast, this Canon ink tank printer can only print ten pages. Still, HD printing at the cheapest rate is possible with this Canon printer only.

Auto Duplex + ADF | Top Multifunction Printer in ₹20000 {हिंदी में} | #Canon GM4070

Price ₹20000 → Amazon
Features Print, Copy, Scan | Auto-Duplex, ADF | Print Speed: Up to 15 PPM | Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB-A 2.0 | Warranty: 1-Year


☼ Canon G570 Photo Printer

Are you looking for an affordable photo printer? Those who know the printer market –understand well that the brand Canon makes the best-quality photo printers. Currently, the cheapest photo printer from the Canon brand is the model G570. It is a single-function photo printer without scanning and copying features. However, it can print high-quality photos. Therefore, printing professionals, photographers, studios, and those who want a photo printer for business should consider it.

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What are the key features of the Canon G570 photo printer? Besides printing HD photos, this printer can print posters, banners, cards, and envelopes, and it can print on fabric as well. Better use of colors separates a photo printer from a regular printer. This canon printer comes with 6 color system and using them it prints photos in vivid color. Therefore, consider the Canon Pixma G570 photo printer only when printing photos is the primary use of your new printer.

6-Color Printer | Color Photo Printer under 20000 Rupees | #Canon G570

Price ₹18000 | Amazon
Features 6-Color System | Single-Function Printer | Max Resolution: 4800×1200 dpi | Max Print Speed: 3.9-IPM | Print Banner: Up to 120 CM | Paper-Weight: 64-gsm to 690-gsm


► Brother T820DW Multifunction Printer

The Brother printer is currently one of the top-selling printers in India market. What makes it so popular? Excellent build quality, high-quality printouts at a cheap rate, fast printing despite being an ink-tank printer, easy to refill, and advanced wireless connectivity are some of its features that make it genuinely an attractive option. Besides, the built-in ADF function allows it to copy and scan legal size papers. And, because of the Auto duplex printing feature, this Brother printer can print both sides of an A4 paper automatically without any manual intervention.

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Who should buy the Brother T820DW color printer? This Brother wireless printer is an excellent choice for small businesses, offices, and shops. Considering its ability to print high-quality photos, it may be a very well genuine printer for photo studios as well.

Wi-Fi + ADF + Auto Duplex | Multifunction Color Printer | #Brother T820DW | Printer under 20K

Price 18000 | Amazon
Features Print | Copy | Scan | Photo Printing | ADF (Legal → Cop & Scan) | Auto Duplex | Wi-Fi Direct |  Borderless Printing | Monthly Duty-Cycle: 5000 A4 Prints


► HP 7720 A3 Multifunction Color Printer

The HP color printer is presently the most affordable A3 printer in India market. Officially its price for the Indian market is 17500 Rupees. Despite being so cheap, HP loaded the printer model with tons of features and functions. Then having the capacity of printing 30,000 A4 prints make it an ideal choice for business and big offices.

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Let me share with you a glimpse of the key features and functions of the HP 7720 A3 printer. It can read pendrive and print directly from there without requiring a computer. Are you looking for an A3 photo printer? Here it is. Fax, ADF, Wireless connectivity, and Auto-Duplex print capability are some of the traits that make this HP multifunction color printer very special among all the options available from the 15000 to 25000 Rupees range.

A3 Multifunction Color Printer under 20000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #HP 7720 OfficeJet Pro

Price ₹17500 | Amazon
Features Print | Copy | Scan | Photo Printing | A3 Printing | USB Read & Print | Fax | ADF | True Wireless Communication | Auto-Duplex Printing | Borderless Printing | Monthly Duty-Cycle: 30000 A4 Prints


► Canon G6070 Multifunction Color Ink-Tank Printer

Recently Canon introduced these five printers in India market: G5070, G6070, G7070, GM2070, and GM4070. G5070, G6070, and G7070 printer models are an ink-tank color printer. Whereas GM2070 and GM4070 printer models are a mono printer with the facility to print in color as well. These two printer models have a black ink-tank and a color cartridge slot.

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G6070 and G7070 printer models are a multifunction printer. They can print, copy, and scan. The G7070 printer model has the fax function as well. G5070 printer model, on the other hand, is a single function color printer. It can only print in color and black. It does not have copy and scan functions. These latest Canon ink-tank printers support network printing, wireless printing, and mobile printing as well.

Wireless Ink-Tank Printer under 20000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Canon G7070 | G6070 | G5070

Price ₹19,990 | Amazon
Ideal for Home | Office | Photocopy Center | Photo-Studio
Features 2-Line LCD | OS: {Windows (10, 8.1, 7), Mac} | Monthly Duty-Cycle: Up to 5000 Prints | Spill-Resistant Ink-Bottle Design | Borderless Photo-Printing | Warranty: 1-Year
Head Replaceable Print-Head | Print-Head Alignment: Auto/Manual | Nozzles: 1792
Print Max-Speed: {BW→ 13-IPM | C→ 6-IPM | Borderless Photo→ 37s} | Max-Resolution: 4800×1200 | Auto-Duplexing | Print-Width: {Max (Standard→ 203.2-mm, Borderless→ 216-mm) | Min: 55-mm} | Print-Length: {Min→ 55-mm, Max→676-mm}
Copy Back/Color | Resolution: {Economic, Standard, High} | Paper-Type: {Plain | Photo Paper: {Pro Platinum, Pro Luster, Plus Semi-Gloss, Glossy, Matte, Glossy II} | Max-Size: 216×297-mm
Scan Resolution: 1200×2400 | Max-Size: 216×297-mm
Paper 2-Way Paper-Feeding {Front & Back} | Type: {Plain | High-Resolution  | Photo-Paper (Standard, Pro-Platinum, Pro-Luster, Matte, Magnetic, Plus Semi-Gloss, Glossy, Plus Glossy II) | Photo-Stickers (Plain, Removable} |  Envelope} | Paper-Size: {A4 | A5 | B5 | LTR | LGL | 10.16×15.24cm | 12.7×17.78cm | 17.78×25.4cm | 20.32×25.4cm | Envelopes (DL, COM10) | Square (12.7×12.7cm, 10.16×10.16cm, 89×89 mm) | Card (91×55 mm)} | Paper-Weight: {Plain→ 64-105 | HQ → Up to 690 gsm} | Auto-Duplex: {Type: Plain | Size: (A4, A5, B5, Letter)}
Connectivity USB 2.0 | Wi-Fi | Network | Mobile Printing | App: {AirPrint, Mopria, Google-Cloud, Canon Print-Service, Pixma Cloud-Link, Message in Print, Easy Photo-Print Editor, Canon Print Inkjet}
Power Consumption: {Active:  15W | Standby:  0.8W}
Ink Black → GI-70 @ 629 Rupees (up to 8300 Pages) | Tri-Color @ GI-70 @ 539 Rupees (Up to 7700 A4 Plain Pages / 2200 10.16×15.24 CM Photo Paper) | Cost-per-page (approx.): {8-Paisa (BW) | 30-Paisa (Color) | 1-Rupees (Photo)}


► Brother B7535DW Multifunction Laser Printer

The brother laser printer is among the top fastest printers in India market. As claimed by the brand its B7535DW laser printer model can print 34 A4-size documents in 60-seconds. With that print speed, it becomes the fastest multifunction laser printer under 20000 Rupees.

Brother B7535DW laser printer is a multifunction printer. So, it can print, copy, and scan. Wired and wireless both ways it can connect for accepting print commands. Its monthly duty cycle is 15000 prints. With an automatic 2-side printing or auto-duplex printing feature, it can print both sides of a paper automatically, without any manual intervention, withal.

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Compared to all other Brother laser printers under 20000 Rupees, the B7535DW model is more energy-efficient, faster, has a bigger memory, and a larger notification display. Thus, it is the best Brother laser printer under 20000 Rupees.

Everything is great about this Brother laser multifunction printer except one thing. It cannot scan and copy legal-size paper. Not even through its ADF.

Print-Speed: 34-PPM | #Brother B7535DW | Multifunction Laser Printer under 20K {हिंदी में}

Price ₹18500 | Amazon
Features Ideal for → Business & Office Use | 16-Characters×2-Line Notification-Display | 12-Months Warranty | Power-Consumption: {Active: 475W | Standby: 6.2W}
Print Max-Speed: 36-PPM | Max-Resolution: {600 dpi, 2400×600 dpi, 1200 dpi} | Monthly Duty-Cycle: 15000 A4-Prints | Auto-Duplexing
Scan Resolution: 1200-dpi | Features: {Color-Scanning / BW-Scanning} | Max-Size: 215.9×355.6 mm
Copy Resolution: 600-dpi | Max-Size: A4
Paper Max Size: {A4, A5, A6, A5-Long-Edge, Letter, Executive, Legal, Folio} | Type: {Plain, Thin, Recycled, Thick} | Paper-Weight: {60 gsm – 230 gsm} | ADF {Width → (105-mm – 215.9-mm) | Length → {147.3-mm – 355.6-mm)}
Connectivity USB 2.0 | Wi-Fi | Wi-Fi Direct | Network
Toner Toner → TN-B021 @ ₹850 (2600-Pages) | Drum → DR-B021 @ ₹1890 (12000 Pages) | Compatible → Toner + Drum @ ₹1490 | Toner-Powder → 200 Grams @ ₹390


► Canon TS8270 Multi-function Photo Printer

This multifunction color printer from Canon delivers everything in a single device that can print, copy, and scan documents and pictures. It supports auto-duplex printing that holds back paper requirement. This color photo printer from Canon has a reasonably compact body.  You can effortlessly place it in a restricted area of your place of work.

Canon TS8270 Multifunction Wireless Photo Printer

This heavy-duty printer is exceptionally fast to print documents and photos. Of course, a fast speed won’t add up considerably, if the quality of your document writhes. Well, you can stay assured as this multi-function printer makes hardly any compromises. I am really overwhelmed by the quality of text and graphics prints. At the same time, documents printed were outstanding, and the graphics were quite comprehensive, with charming qualities.

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All the same, you might suppose copies produced with higher-speed settings to be of inferior quality. You’ll be surprised to know that I discovered the impression to be negligible at such settings as well. Text appeared to be just as sharp and charming. Still, the graphics required to have some detail in dim areas.

Featuring an optical scanner, this printer from Canon allows you to scan your documents and images with resolutions of 2400×4800 dpi. It can also make multi copies of your photos and documents by its copy function.

The Canon TS8270 Multifunction color photo printer, on the whole, has a lot to offer. With every single function, it promises to deliver extraordinary quality prints across the board. It is one of the best multifunction color printers under 20000 Rupees. It is a recommended photo printer as well.

Price ₹18000 | Amazon
Ideal for Home | Office | Photo-Studio
Features 4.3-Inch Touch Screen | Print on Disc | Wireless Printing | Built-in Pattern Paper | 2-Way Paper Feeding | Nozzles: 6656 | Printer Head Alignment: Auto/Manual | 12-Months Warranty
Print Max-Speed: 15 PPM (4×6-Inch Photo in 21-Sec) | Max-Resolution: 4800×1200 dpi | Monthly Duty-Cycle: 100 | Auto-Duplexing | Max-Size: Width 8.5-Inch
Copy Copy on → Plain-Paper, Photo-Paper, Disc} | Max-Size: {A4, Letter}
Scan Resolution: 2400×4800 dpi | Max-Size: 216 x 297 mm
Paper (mm) Type: {Plain-Paper | High-Resolution | Photo Paper (Regular, Matte, Glossy, Magnetic) | Photo-Stickers (Regular, Removable)} Size: {Plain (A4, A5, B5, LTR, LGL) | Photo: {4×6″, 5×7″, 7×10″, 8×10″} | Envelopes (DL, COM10) | Square (5×5″, 4×4″) | Card-Size (91×55 mm)} | Custom-Size: {Width: 55-mm to 215.9-mm | Length: 89-mm to 676-mm} Weight: {Plain Paper: 64 – 105 gsm | HQ: Up to 690 gsm}
Connectivity USB 2.0 | Wi-Fi | Network | Memory Card Slot
Cartridge CLI-781 Black {A4 750-Pages | 4×6-Photo 213-Sheets}
PGI-780 Pigment-Black {A4 200-Pages | 4×6-Photo 1444-Sheets}
CLI-781 (CMY) {A4 250-Pages | 4×6-Photo 87-Sheets)
CLI-781 (Photo Blue) {A4 1600-Pages | 4×6-Photo 240-Sheets}
6×700 = 4200 Rupees Approx.


► Canon TR8570 Multifunction Photo Printer

Canon is the most preferred brand for photo printer globally. This Japanese brand recently introduced its Pixma TR8570 multifunction photo printer in India market. You can order it online. This AIO printer has a compact body and a user-friendly design. It requires a small space to settle and print in the quality that will amaze you.

Canon TR8570 is a truly multifunction printer. Besides, those four primary functions (PRINT, COPY, SCAN, FAX) it has lots of other features and functions. It comes with a full-size touch control panel and SD card slot. It supports ADF, auto-duplexing, and wireless printing through Wi-Fi. Besides, it has many other background features to enhance its performance and output quality.

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The 4×3-inch touch control panel makes it more comfortable to control the operation of this Canon printer. Through its touch control panel browse through the inserted SD card and give a print command only to the selected files. You can also control this printer from your smartphone using Canon’s printer app.

Are you looking for a high-quality photo printer from 15000 to 20000 Rupees Range? Consider Canon TR8570. It prints very bright, detailed and accurately colored photos. With this printer, you can print on 4×6-Inch, 5×7-Inch, and on 8×10-inch photo paper. The print quality of this Canon printer is such that your customer will be delighted with the hard-copy images.

Studio Photo Printer under 20000 Rupees (हिंदी में) | #Canon TR8570 | #Epson L805

Price ₹19000 | Amazon
Ideal for Office | Photo-Studio
Features Inkjet Color Printer | 4×3-Inch Touch-Screen Control Panel | 2-Way Paper Feeding (One-Side Plain Paper & One-Side Photo Paper} | ID Card Copying | Advanced Mobile Printing | Borderless Printing | Copy on Photo Paper | PC Fax | 12-Months Warranty
Print Max-Speed: 10-PPM (Print 4×6-Inch Photo in 37-Sec) | Max-Resolution: 4800×1200 dpi | Auto Duplexing | Max-Size: {Regular: 8-Inch | Borderless: 8.5-Inch}
Copy Make copies of Photo | Max Size: 216 x 297 mm
Scan Resolution: 1200×2400 dpi | Max Size: 216 x 297 mm
Paper Size: {A4 | A5 | B5 | LTR | LGL | 4 x 6″ | 5 x 7″ | 8 x 10″ | Envelopes (DL | COM10) | Square (5 x 5″) | Card Size (91×55 mm)} | Type: {Plain Paper | High-Resolution Paper | Photo Paper | Matte Photo Paper | Envelope | Photo Stickers} | Paper Weight: {Plain Paper: 64 -105 gsm | Special Paper: under 300-gsm}
Connectivity USB 2.0 | Wi-Fi | Network | MicroSD Card Slot
Power Consumption: {Active:  15W| Standby: 1.3W}
Cartridge CLI-781 Black {A4 750-Pages | 4×6-Photo 213-Sheets}
PGI-780 Pigment Black {A4 200-Pages | 4×6-Photo 1444-Sheets}
CLI-781 (CMY) {A4 250-Pages | 4×6-Photo 87-Sheets)
CLI-781 (Photo Blue) {A4 1600-Pages | 4×6-Photo 240-Sheets}
6×700 = 4200 Rupees Approx.


► Brother L2701DW Multifunction Laser Printer

If Canon is the king in the photo printer segment, Brother brand is the king in the laser printer segment. Are you looking for a laser printer? You should set your brand preference like this: Brother, HP, Ricoh, Epson, Canon.

Currently, one of the best multifunction laser printers under 20000 Rupees comes from Brother brand. Brother L2701DW printer has been rated best by its users. Those who have been using it say it is a value for money option. According to the Brother brand, the L2701DW printer is for photocopy center and office use.

What makes Brother L2701DW a recommended printer in 20000 Rupees? The first and foremost reason is low-cost print, fast print, and heavy-duty performance. This brother laser printer can print 30 pages per minute. That is an incredible print speed!

Also, the connectivity options of this multifunction laser printer make it fit as per today’s requirement. It has Wi-Fi, USB, and network support. Since it supports auto-duplexing, it is a perfect printer to print projects wherein both sides of the paper have to be printed.

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Brother is a Japanese brand. Its products are as good as we Indian generally expect from a Japanese brand. Nonetheless, this brand must improve its customer support. How to provide excellent customer support that this Japanese brand can learn from the US brand Canon and HP.

Print-Speed: 30 PPM | #Brother L2701DW | Multifunction Laser Printer under 20000 Rupees (हिंदी में)

Price ₹19000 | Amazon
Function Auto-Duplexing Printing | Wireless-Printer | Warranty: 12-Months
Print Speed: 32-PPM | Resolution: 2400×600 dpi | Auto 2-Side Printing: {A4 Size Only}
Copy Max Width: 210-mm | Up to 99 Copies | Zoom: 25% to 400% | Resolution: 600×600 dpi
Scan Color & BW Scanning | Resolution: 600×2400 dpi
Fax Max-Width: 208-mm | Broadcasting: 258 Locations | Speed-Dial: 200 Locations | Memory-Transmission: 400 Pages
Paper ADF: 35 Sheets | Paper-Type: {Plain-Paper, Letterhead, Colored-Paper, Thin-Paper, Thick-Paper, Thicker-Paper, Recycled-Paper, Bond, Label, Envelope}
Build Display: 17-Characters x 2-Lines | Memory: 32MB
Connectivity USB | Wi-Fi | Network
Toner TN-2365 @ 3700 Rupees | Drum: DR-2365@ 3400 Rupees
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