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Top Multifunction Printers under 13000 Rupees

Best Printer under 13000 Rupees in India Market

In this heavy-duty printer review, meet best multifunction printers, which are currently the most favorite of buyers in 12000 to 13000 Rupees price range. Here you read about best printers of top brands in the India market.

► Epson EcoTank L3150 Multifunction Wireless Ink-Tank Printer

Are you looking for an advanced printer to save cost on per page and per photo print? Currently, one of the best printers under 15000 Rupees is Epson L3150 multifunction ink-tank printer. 3 best ink-tank printer brands in India market are Epson, HP, and Canon. Among them, Epson makes fastest ink-tank printers. This Epson printer is no exception as it can print 33 laser pages or 15 color pages per minute.

Epson EcoTank L3150 Multifunction Ink Tank Printer

Howsoever a printer is well-made with the latest invention, it cannot reduce per page print cost if using cartridge. On the other hand, Ink tank printer can print a color page in less than 50 Paisa which is on a cartridge-based printer is not less than 3 Rupees. Epson claims that the EcoTank L3150 printer can print per page in black at 7 paise and color page at 18 Paisa. That is the result in the ideal case. Real life use is different. However, one thing is for sure that the cost of per page and per photo is going to be close to 50% lesser than what you have to spend if using a cartridge-based printer. That is a significant saving. Isn’t it?

→ Can this ink-tank printer print photo cards?

While ink-tank printers are the right solution to save print cost, they are not the best choice for printing photo cards. Epson brand, currently the most favorite brand for an ink-tank printer, is well aware of this issue. That is why there has been a significant improvement in color printing quality of the newly launched models by this brand. Epson EcoTank L3150 is one such model. This printer prints in color in excellent quality, matching almost the quality ensured by cartridge-based printers. You can use this printer for photo card printing, but remember it is not a dedicated photo printer. Epson L805 is a dedicated photo printer with an ink-tank system.

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The Epson EcoTank L3150 printer in 13000 Rupees is also super easy to configure and use. This printer has a touch panel and mobile print support. You can also give it a print command by sending an email to the printer’s email ID. Epson iPrint allows to print from a handheld smart device and send scanned file to it.

→ Should you buy this Epson Ink Tank printer?

Thus, Epson L3150 ink-tank printer is the right printer in 13000 Rupees because it saves print cost, it prints fast, its print quality on photo card is outstanding, its scanning quality is mind-blowing, and it is super easy to set up. I recommend this multifunction printer for office use, photo studio, photocopy center, and home use as well.

Price 12990 Rupees
Features Print | Copy | Scan | Mobile Printing | Email Printing | Epson iPrint
Print 5760×1440 dpi | Manual Duplexing | 33 PPM Laser | 15 Color PPM Color | Supported Paper Sizes: {Indian-Legal (215 x 345 mm) | 8.5 x 13″ | Letter | A4 | 16K (195 x 270 mm) | B5 | A5 | B6 | A6 | Hagaki (100 x 148 mm) | 5 x 7″ | 4 x 6″ | Envelopes: #10 | DL | C6}
Scan 1200 × 2400 dpi | Max Area: 8.5×11.7 Inch
Copy Supported Paper: A4, Letter | Speed: 7.7 cpm laser | 3.8 cpm color
Power Consumption: {Active: 12W | Standby: 4.3W | Sleep: 0.7W}
Connectivity USB 2.0 | Wi-Fi
Ink Bottles Yield: {Black: would last up to 4500 Pages | Color Bottles: Would last up to 7500 Pages) | Supported Epson Ink Bottle: Code 001 | Ink Bottle Cost: 4×450 = 1800 Rupees Approx.


► Brother DCP T700W Multifunction Printer for Large Scale Printing

Brother International has of late become the most mentioned brand in the electronics line, towing huge orders and requisitions all over the world. In India, the ‘Brothers’ have built far more than a trade name for their company. The company has built a strong affiliation in the market. You can hardly pass a printing shop that doesn’t use a Brother Printer or any famous tailor shop in India without a couple of Brother sewing machines. To understand why the Brother brand has excelled so well in almost every industrial facet, you might want to understand the potentials that come with their products.

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The Brother DCP T700W multifunction printer is their recent entry in the printers and scanners section. This versatile contraption features a refillable ink tank that has by far projected its sales since most people actually prefer working on a budget, which is not attainable with the customary non-recyclable ink cartilages.

I know many people would love to ask this question and its answer is simple; you need the DCP T700W because it ‘does it all’. Apart from the refillable tank system, the Brother DCP T700W has an inbuilt multi-page scanner and a photo copier to complement it. Moreover, all operations handled by this device are done with incredible speeds and at the same time upholding quality. The Printer, for example, has a print speed of about 25-27 Monochrome/10 ppm when switched to its fast mode. Scanning outputs on the hand go up to 1200 by 2400 dpi for a normal optical scan.

→ Printing Features

Just like every other good printer, the Brother DCP T700W has to do its main job well before it can hunt for points in other supplementing tasks. If you are the kind of person who demands extra clarity in printed documents then the Brother printer is definitely the best way to go. With the DCP T700W, you will get a print resolution of up to a stunning 1200 by 2400 dpi. With this kind of resolution, it’s possible to see every detail of a photo printed by the printer, even if it’s in black and white. In addition, the printer supports color printing and all is done within a record time frame.Brother DCP T700W Review and Specifications

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Scanning and copying: These two bonuses have also not been compromised in the Brother DCP T700W. The scanner is fitted with the latest Auto-Document Feeder (ADF) technology which allows it to scan multipage documents in seconds. The copier, on the other hand, employs a very important principle, the N-in- 1 Function which economizes on paper by compressing multiple pages into one single page.

→ User Friendly Printer

Now this is where I give the Brothers a thumbs-up. The DCP T700W complies with the ‘Brother Earth’ commitment to reduce pollution, energy usage and apparently make the world a better place. To begin with, the Brother DCP T700W is ENERGY STAR certified and even has an auto sleep mode. When it comes to paper and ink usage, it is very economical. The N-in- 1 Function allows you to squeeze in pages into one page and save on paper. The printer has an Ink saving mode which just prints outlines for draft documents.

Usability and user friendliness: The Brother DCP T700W is easy to use and is designed in a way that prevents ink spillages during fitting of ink tanks. Additionally, it also supports different paper sizes with a standard, ADF-equipped paper tray. The printer also supports wireless connectivity through apps such as iPrint. Read also Heavy Duty Industrial All In One Innovative Printers.

Printer Price: The print of this multi-function printer is in between Rs 13000 and 16000 in India. At this price, it is a competitive all-in-one printer. It comes with the features, which are must for an office use printer.

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→ Should you buy this Brother printer?

Honestly, I didn’t find any skewed thing on the Brother DCP T700W apart from the minor design issues. Of course, you agree with me that the Brothers would have borrowed a little bit in terms of design from their ‘cousins’ and ‘nephews’. Here I refer to HP, Canon, and the rest but when it comes to practicality and frugality, the Brother DCP T700W is definitely the way to go.

Functions Print, Copy, Scan, ADF
Yield Black: 6000 Pages
Print Duty Cycle: 3000 Pages Monthly; Speed : 10 to 27 PPM; 1st Print out in 10 second; Max resolution : 1200 × 6000 dpi
 Memory 64MB (internal)
Scanning Speed Color : 1200 Sec; Optical Resolution: 1200 × 2400 dpi
Copy Speed: 3 to 4.8 cpm; Resize: 25-400% in 1% increments; Max resolution: 1200×1200 dpi
Paper Input Tray : 100 Pages; Output Tray : 50 Pages; ADF: 20 Pages
Body Width: 435mm; Height: 180mm
Media Types A4, A5, A6, Photo 4×6 inch, Index Card, Photo 127×178 mm, Monarch, C5 & DL Envelope
Connectivity USB 2.0, Wireless
Price 13000 Rupees


► Canon Pixma G3000 Multifunction Printer with Ink Tank

To reduce per page print cost up to 10 Paisa, invest in an Ink-Tank printer. Ink Tank technology in Printer is the next-generation technology.

Have you thought about purchasing a domestic printer that can at the same time be used for light commercial purposes or office operations? If you haven’t found one yet, I would strongly recommend the Canon Pixma G3000 for you. True it might not be that suitable for bulk operations, but its resourcefulness is something you’ve got to admire. Apparently, its sheer simplicity means that it won’t be setting you back a big deal from your pocket.

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Well honestly, apart from the wireless LAN connectivity, I found almost nothing else exceptional in terms of efficacy, from its antecedents in the G series, especially the Pixma G2000. But I must say the G3000 unlike its precursors is more stable, more reliable and more resilient than the previous canon printer models. One thing that pleased me so much about this contrivance is the detachable and refillable ink tank, which can go through several printing milestones without running out. So if you want hardy, this is certainly the printer for you.

Being a small office printer, the G3000 is designed in such a way that it fits seamlessly even in a tightly packed office. It has both USB and Wi-Fi connectivity options. Probably they omitted this essential option, to save on the bulky wiring that comes with Ethernet connections, which would indeed become unbefitting for a small crammed up office. However, I noted that the wireless connectivity option, however, lucrative and obliging it might sound, it’s quite hectic while setting it up. Nonetheless, this has been covered up for by the highly effective USB connectivity.

→Scanning and Copying feature

The flatbed scanner is fine, especially judging from the fact that it uses a modern CIS system (Contact Image Sensor). The system can deliver up to 1200 dpi for optical resolution and an amazing 19200-dpi for the selectable resolution. Scanning is fast enough no complaints here. But the real issue comes with the copier. Being a standard office printer, you wouldn’t expect that much either. Firstly, you can’t fit anything bigger than an A4 paper in that thing and again be prepared to spend some extra time while doing bulky work with this printer. I noted that the copier is really slow as compared to other printer models of the same size. However, the output quality is good.

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Power Consumption: Apart from occasional heating after running for several hours, the Pixma G3000 is reasonably efficient than most printers in its class.  This is one area that Canon has upped its game and as more people realize the importance of power-efficient electronics – Canon is bound to get projected sales of their printers as opposed to their chief competitors: Epson, Lanier, and HP. The G3000 also has auto-standby capabilities and thus hibernates automatically when idle.

Canon Pixma G3000 Review and Specifications

→low cost printing 

Canon has also taken economy to the limits when building this printer. The G3000 is very efficient in terms of ink usage and actually has an ink-consumption rate comparable to large-scale printers. With all the four tanks full, this printer can print over 6000 A4 documents, depending on the content density of the document being printed or photo copied.

Final Verdict: Want to try out new technology? Do you desire for a fancy printer to do light printing jobs? If this is your case, then the Pixma G3000 is definitely the right choice for you. However, if you have huge piles of printing work to be done, get something bigger. Personally, I think Canon did a huge mistake by omitting the Ethernet port. I mean, people love technology, yes, but old school is perpetual, simply because everybody is used to it (including the 58-year-old secretary who doesn’t know anything to do with wireless.)

Functions Print, Copy, Scan
Print Speed : 5 to 9 PPM; 4×6 inch Borderless Photo : 60 Sec, Max Print Resolution: 4800 × 1200 dpi
Scanning Flatbed; Optical Resolution: 600 × 2400 dpi
Copy Max Document: A4/Letter
Paper Tray: Input – 100 Pages; Output – 50 Pages; Legal : 10 Pages
Body 445 x 330 x 163 mm  ( W x D x H)
Media Types A4, A5, B5, Letter, Legal, 4×6 inch, 5×7 inch, DL & COM10 Envelope, Custom Size
Connectivity Hi-Speed USB 2.0; Network : 2.4 GHz LAN Band, TCP/IP
Price 12000 Rupees
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► Ricoh SP-210SU Multifunction Laser Printer

The recently launched Ricoh SP 210SU is the best multifunction printer for small offices. It is on sale for just 12300 rupees.

Office printers should be able to print hundreds of pages every day without any problem. Well, the Ricoh SP210SU fits this criterion. In fact, it has a duty cycle of 20,000 prints per month.

Fast Printer: The Ricoh laser printer can print up to 22 pages per minute. No other printer in this price segment achieves the same speed. Moreover, the High printing resolution of 1200 X 600 DPI helps it in generating super sharp images and crisp graphics. This printer uses monochromatic ink and prints in black, which is manageable because most office work does not require color printing.

Ricoh SP-210SU Multifunction Laser Printer

All-In-One Functionality: A flatbed scanner allows the Ricoh printer to scan documents and make copies. It can make a digital copy of documents in 600 dpi resolution. Copy speed is the same as print speed, i.e., 22 PPM.

→ Print at a cheaper rate

Yield is one of the most important factors while shopping for an office printer. Laser printers always have a higher yield than the inkjet printers do. The Ricoh SP210SU printer proves the same.

Ricoh sells two types of toner cartridge for this laser printer, i.e., a High Yield Toner (prints 26000 A4 pages) and another Low Toner Yield Cartridge (prints 15000 A4 pages). Both these cartridges are cheaply available.

Build: Customers would not have to make any special arrangements for this printer. Ricoh has done a great work of fitting all its components tightly inside a compact body. This printer does not require more space than a regular home printer occupies. However, compact printers have their own drawbacks. Its small input tray can only hold 150 sheets at a time.

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Connectivity: The Ricoh laser printer would disappoint many potential buyers because of the limited connectivity option. It supports only USB interface. Without onboard Wireless LAN or an RJ45 port, one cannot connect this printer directly to a network.

→ Should you buy this Ricoh laser printer?

The Ricoh SP-210SU is undoubtedly an excellent printer for office use. It would significantly reduce monthly expense on printing, copying, and scanning. In spite of only one connectivity option, therefore, this multifunction laser printer is one of the best printers under 13000 Rupees. It prints at a cheaper rate, but it prints fast.

Price 12500 Rupees
Ideal for Office | Photo-Copy Center
Print Speed: 22 PPM | Max Resolution: 1200 × 600 dpi | Monthly Duty Cycle: 20000 | Duplexing: Manual | Max Size: 8.5×14 Inch
Copy Resolution: 600 × 600 dpi | Features: Zoom 25% – 400%, ID Card Copy
Scan Resolution: 600 × 600 dpi| Features: Scan to USB | Max Size: A4
Paper Size: A4, Legal | Handling: {Input: 150 sheets}
Connectivity USB 2.0
Warranty 12 Months
Toner Refill Refill Powder: Local @ 395 Rupees, Ricoh Refill Pouch @ 750 Rupees | 2000 Yield: (Black) | Cost per page (Laser): {20 Paisa (local refill) | 38 Paisa (Ricoh refill)} As per ISO standards

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