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Print Legal Papers with 4000 Rupees Canon Pixma AIO Printer

Canon PIXMA E417 Review Specifications and Price in India

Canon PIXMA E417 Multi-function Printer with Auto ON and Brilliant Print Quality

Newly launched Canon E417 may not be the best choice to lower your printing cost. However, when comes to print quality; it has to be the best printer in 5000 rupees budget at present. Specifications wise the PIXMA printer is more or less competing with HP all-in-one DeskJet 2135. While I compared features and performance of both, the PIXMA E417 had a clear edge because of better quality in its output. In addition, the Canon printer is advanced in terms of technology in use, supports latest operating system like Windows 10, and also it can print on a wide range of papers that includes legal document as well. By the way, HP 2135 printer does not print legal documents.

However, for low-cost printing, HP is undoubtedly the most preferred brand in the budget segment.

Let us now evaluate this Canon printer, a new entry in the Indian printer market. Priced economically at 4000 rupees, it bears some desirable features. This is a suitable printer for small offices and home use. To avoid early malfunction, ensure this is printing less than 50 pages a day on the average.

The E417 model is a multifunction, all-in-one printer. It can print, copy, and scan. Furthermore, it can print in color and black & white as well. Considering it for a photo studio is not a bad idea, but not the best choice either. This is not a dedicated photo printer, though. For business purpose, and to use in a studio – look for an advanced dedicated photo printer.

Printing Specifications

The Canon E417 supports maximum printing resolution 4800(H) ×600(V) dpi. This is a bit lower than what HP 2135 offers (4800×1200 in color and laser). Printing speed by this Pixma printer in color mode is three to four pages a minute but in black mode, that jumps to 7 to 9 pages. Additionally, it can print up to the printable width of 203.2mm (8inch).

Paper Management

This Canon Pixma can print on most usable papers in offices, in legal systems, and in our homes like Legal (8×14″), A4, A5, letter, 4×6″ card, B5, and 5×7″ sheet. It can also print on envelopes, the supported sizes are DL, COM10. Printing in a custom size (in mm, width: 101.6 – 215.9; length: 152.4 – 676) is also supported by it.

If I am not wrong, this has to be the cheapest printer, which can print legal documents in color and black & white as well. None of the HP printers listed below 5000 rupees can print legal documents. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable printer to print legal documents, the cheapest solution you could get at present is Canon Pixma E417.

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In paper handling, the capacity of its rear tray is moderate and takes in 60 A4 sheets & letter, and 10 legal documents in one go. 20 sheets in 4×6″ size and 10 sheets in 5×7” size can be stored for printing. In fact, the paper tray on HP 2135 has the same capacity.

As far as print head alignment is concerned, users have to set that manually. And, duplex printing on it is in manual mode. By the way, auto-duplex feature in Canon printers starting with Pixma 560 model, currently priced close to 6500 rupees.

Scanning & Copy Specs

The Canon printer comes with a flatbed scanner; the technology in use is contact image scanning method. There is the selectable resolution range of 25-19200 dpi whereas the optical resolution is 600×1200 dpi. The maximum scan size this printer can support is A4 and letter (216×297 mm). Users can save scanned files in popular formats as well. Essentially that is work of software, which printer manufacturer provides. Here, canon’s official printer software, which is stored on a CD, is given in every sales box.

Its scanning & copy speed is slightly lower than what HP 2135 has. As declared officially, Canon Pixma 417 takes about 19 seconds in scanning a color page whereas the HP printer needs less than 15 seconds for the same. The Canon printer requires about 30 seconds for copying one color page then the HP printer does the same only in 20 seconds. Even if you put both printers next to each other and do few pages of printing, scanning, and copying, sluggish performance by the Canon printer is quite evident. This comparison could help you to decide which one is best-suited for you.

Connectivity & OS support

Since this is one latest printer model, it has to be compatible with the latest version of popular operating systems. In India, Windows OS dominates. Therefore, system requirement for this Canon printer starts from Windows 7 to Windows 10. And, if your PC runs on Mac OS then check whether the version is 10.8.5 (or higher) or not.

There is not much to talk about its connectivity part. It is limited to a high-speed USB 2.0. This is a big letdown. USB 2.0 is in farewell period; in fact, manufacturers in their new launches adding only USB 3.0 port. Lacking Wi-Fi is another letdown. In today’s time while more focus is on wireless connectivity then limiting a brand new printer to just an outdated USB port might hurt its sales. And, without Wi-Fi, mobile printing is also not feasible.

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However, I really like the auto ON feature. No long user needs to bend and find the power ON button and wait for the printer to be ready for accepting printer commands. If power being supplied, then users need not worry about switching the printer ON. Rather open the document you want to print and hit the printer command. This will do two things – one gets the printer in active mode and another start executing the listed print commands. This feature saves time and is a convenience; indeed a big relief in taking the first printout every day.

Supported Cartridge and Cost

For printing, it requires FINE cartridge. And, the suitable consumable cartridge models are color CL-57S and Black & white PG-47. They are priced at 600 and 500 rupees, respectively.

The cartridges, by the way, can also be used in other Pixma printers from Canon namely E460, E470, and E477. For a complete list of Canon cartridge and their compatible printer models can be found here. These cartridges, however, introduced in the year 2014, have been trusted for good quality ink, diligent performance, and high yield capacity.

The CL-57S cartridge on the average yields 110 to 130 full page color printouts and the best yield capacity it may ensure is around 220 to 250 pages. Officially the yield value is 300 pages.

Pro Features

  • Only printer in 4000 rupees to print legal documents
  • Printing quality in color and black & white is very good
  • Not so noisy
  • Compact build
  • Energy efficient
  • Auto start using a print command, no need to manually switch ON it for printing


  • Costly affair: per page printing cost in both mode color and black & white is much higher than any HP printers.
  • Lacking features like auto duplex
  • Very slow when compared with HP 2135
  • No Wi-Fi support, so no mobile printing

Practically quieter than HP 2135, the Pixma E417 is a well-recommended printer for home use and for the officers where legal papers need to be printed. Since yield per cartridge is less – per page printing cost is really high by all Canon printers, and this, too, is no different. Also, speed wide, it is slower than any HP budget printer. A big shortcoming is lacking Wi-Fi connectivity thereby not supporting printing from a mobile screen. However, for brilliant quality in print, scan, and copy trust the Canon Pixma E417.

Price 4000 Rupees
Multifunction Print, Copy, Scan; Manual Duplex; Auto ON/OFF
Print Max resolution: 4800×600 dpi; 8ipm(B&W), 4ipm( Color)
Printing Paper A4, A5, B5, Letter, Legal, 4×6″, 5×7″, Envelops, and Custom Size
Scanning 600×1200 dpi; 5 page per minute in Color ; A4 & Letter
Copy 600×1200 dpi; 2 page per minute in Color ; A4 & Letter
Paper Handling 60 A4 sheet; 10 Legal sheets
Supported OS Windows 10, 8, 7; Mac OS X
Connectivity USB 2.0
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