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Prestige Electric Chopper – A Low-Cost Multipurpose Chopper

Prestige 450-Watt Best Vegetable Chopper in India Under 2000 Rupees

Electric choppers, which are on sale under 2000 Rupees have a motor capacity ranging from 150-Watt to 300-Watt. That much power works well to prepare instant fruit salads, cut onion, and make tomato puree. However, to cut vegetables like beetroot, potatoes, and carrots you need a chopper with an advanced motor that is more powerful and inbuilt a well-designed twin-blade system. In this piece, I cover the features of a Prestige electric chopper.

The Prestige vegetable chopper is in good demand. With an efficient 450-Watt motor onboard and the sharp stainless steel SS blades, the prestige chopper can do a lot more than the regular electric choppers. It is perfect for all kinds of chopping works in your kitchen.

This heavy-duty electric chopper besides chopping onions and vegetables can do meat mincing, cut fruits in big pieces and make small pieces of dry nuts in fine quality as well. Seeing the number of buyers’ rating online it has, it is, in fact, the best electric chopper in India under 2000 Rupees. You need to pay only 1600 Rupees to order the Prestige electric chopper online.

► Why I use my Philips electric chopper rarely?

I rarely use my Philips chopper. I am much more at ease in using a long sharp knife to cut vegetables, fruits, and onions. Having been cooking for more than ten years, I can use a sharp knife to cut vegetables without hurting myself.

The same is not the case with most of my friends, however. Not only they cannot cook, but they also cannot be a helping hand in sorting out things in the kitchen either. When my friends come to my place for a spicy meal, I ask them to sit, relax, and watch exciting videos on the Internet. You are not skilled enough to help me in the kitchen. People like my friends who cannot cut even onions in the right size and shape for salad and gravy must consider buying this Prestige electric chopper.

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The latest smart appliances have the features to help even novice to cook tasty, healthy food in no time per se. Use an electric shopper to cut vegetables, onion, chili, ginger, and garlic in the right shape, size. Then follow a YouTube recipe video on how to cook the vegetable. That is it.

► Why do I not Recommend Prestige Products?

Prestige is one of the top five Kitchen appliances brands in India. I have never been a fan of this kitchen appliance brand, however. The reason is the longevity of Prestige products. My friends who have used Prestige electric appliances advised me not to suggest any prestige product on my website.

Besides, buyers of Prestige products have more complaint than praise for their prestige appliance in online forums. Many buyers of the Prestige chopper points out that within a few months of use their chopper stopped working.

Here, I present here an in-depth analysis of the Prestige electric chopper. Is it the best electric vegetable chopper in India? Is it indeed the best solution under 2000 Rupees for mincing, chopping, and cutting requirement in kitchen, let us find out?

→ Pro Features:-

  • An ideal replacement of Kitchen Knife
  • Powerful motor
  • Multipurpose – ideal for changing the form of meat, dry fruits, vegetables, fruits, of course, onion and chili
  • Transparent Jar
  • Twin-Blade system
  • Can chop even one small onion
  • final quality vegetables to use in omelets and Vada


  • No Safety feature and Overload protection
  • Made in China Product
  • Questionable build quality

→ Prestige Electric Chopper Alternatives in the market

There is enough testimony by the users of this Prestige vegetable chopper pointing to the severe flaws in the build quality. Therefore, you should also look at the alternatives of this Prestige vegetable chopper, before placing an order for it.

Prestige 450-Watt Electric Vegetable Chopper in India

On the Gadgets Shiksha, we regularly cover the best vegetable electric chopper, on sale at different price points. Suggested electric choppers in several articles on this website here I summarize in only two hundreds words.

I start with my favorite chopper that I use in my kitchen, Philips Onion-Chef chopper. The Philips electric chopper has a 500-Watt motor, and its price is 3250 Rupees.

Another good choice is the Glen 250-Watt chopper. The price of this Indian brand chopper is 1350 Rupees. Borosil 300-Watt chopper is also in good demand. It is an advanced electric chopper with a two-year warranty. You need to pay only 1500 Rupees to order it online. It is indeed a perfect alternative of the Prestige electric chopper.

Hytec is a new venture in the electronics market. I have used its heavyweight dry iron. I am aware of the quality the brand provides to its affordable electronics products. You need to pay only 1050 Rupees for Hytec 250-Watt chopper. Inalsa is also a reliable Indian brand for a durable electronic chopper. Inalsa vegetable choppers are on sale under 1500 Rupees.

If your budget for a new chopper is under 1000 Rupees, I endorse the low-cost electric chopper by Amazon’s company Solimo. A multipurpose chopper with a 200-Watt motor is on sale around 800 Rupees. In fact, it is the cheapest electric chopper, which is also a branded product.

In the end, I suggest the most rated electronic chopper in online stores as one of the best alternatives of the Prestige electric chopper. You need to pay only 1100 Rupees for the top-rated Orpat chopper. It is not a multipurpose electric chopper, however.

→ Build and Design of the Multipurpose Chopper

The Prestige vegetable chopper has a plastic build, but it is sturdy enough to last longer. It would not break so easily. Further, the 450-Watt efficient motor generates enough power to rotate the SS-blade setup for perfect chopping, mincing, and cut even tough veggies like carrots, beetroot, and ginger into small pieces in just a few seconds.

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The four stainless steel sharp blades and the powerful motor is what separates this Prestige electric vegetable chopper from its substitutes. You would not get any other chopper below 2000 Rupees this much powerful and effective against daily consumables.

Prestige Electric Chopper 450-Watt Best in India

Most of the electric choppers in the Indian market have a single speed. The prestige chopper, however, has two-speed operations. That provides some room to choose the right speed. Moreover, the electric chopper comes with Push Button Operation, anti-skid feet, but lacks motor safety feature.

The Prestige electric chopper operates on one basic theory. Longer you run it smaller the pieces of vegetables you get. Run it only for few seconds to get big pieces and rerun it to get smaller or finer pieces. The right way to use this Prestige chopper, therefore, is first run it for few seconds, stop, and check the quality. If you need even finer pieces, rerun it for few more seconds.

 → Conclusion and Prestige PEC 1.0 Electric Chopper Specifications

The Prestige chopper with an efficient 450-Watt and twin blade system is indeed an excellent electronic chopper. Above I suggested its seven best alternatives. They are not as versatile as this Prestige chopper is, although. It is a multipurpose electronic chopper. In fact, it can process any quantity, and in the quality, you want.

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While the design of the Prestige vegetable chopper is user-friendly, its build quality is mediocre. It could be a perfect replacement for a Kitchen knife.

Bearing in mind, it can do everything, doable by a Kitchen knife I rate it as the best electric vegetable chopper under 2000 Rupees despite having a huge concern with its build quality.

What you think about my assessment of the Prestige electric chopper, share in your language in the comment box below.

Price 1650 Rupees
Motor Capacity 450-Watts
Jar Transparent
Blades SS Blade, Four Blades, Stainless Steel
Speed Two speeds, Push Button
Anti-Skid base YES
Baby Food Khichadi type YES
Chop and Evenly cut All types of vegetables including Carrots, Beetroot, Potatoes, Capsicum + Meat mincing + Cut fruits and Nuts
Warranty 12-months
Prestige Customer Care 1800-123-334411