There are several things to consider when choosing a water pressure booster pump. To start with, the pump should have a high flow rate. Pressure booster pumps are usually managed by a control panel that controls its automatic ON & OFF operation. Additionally, it should be compatible with your existing plumbing system and have the appropriate pressure range. Consider the pump's horsepower. You should never choose a pressure pump with a motor capacity below 0.5HP. Moreover, it is also imperative to choose a pump that is energy-efficient and cost-effective over time.

☼ 0.5HP CRI Water Pressure Booster Pump

Water supply pressure is critical to the performance of the high-flow shower in your bathroom! CRI is a well-known water pump brand that also sells water pressure pumps. The water booster pump sold by this Indian brand has a capacity of 0.5 HP and costs 5300 rupees. We recommend it. The CRI water pressure booster pump is a powerful machine designed to boost water pressure at all water exit points in a large flat.

With a power rating of 375W and a maximum water delivery of 3140 LPH, this pressure pump delivers water at high speeds. It will provide high-flow water with up to 10 bar pressure.

This CRI booster pump comes with an energy-efficient copper motor and a 1-inch pipe size. The automatic on/off feature ensures that the pump turns on and off automatically when high-pressure water is needed.

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Priced at 5300 INR, the CRI water pressure booster pump is affordable for individuals and businesses alike. This pump is made in India, ensuring buyers receive a quality product built to last. Overall, the CRI water pressure booster pump is an excellent choice for those looking to boost water pressure in their home or office.

Price ₹5300 → Amazon
Features 0.5HP | Water Pressure Up to 10 bar | Copper Motor | Automatic ON/OFF | Pipe-Size: 1-Inch | Dry Run Protection | Reset Button | Warranty: 6 Months