Philips HD9125 Food Steamer Review: What is the secret of Salman Khan’s six-pack, and Hrithik Roshan’s good physique? What kind of diet they maintain to get a healthy and attractive fit body.

After knowing the Philips Food Steamer details and delivery, one starts believing that there is no such thing called aging. Eat nutritious food free from oil and spice for healthy skin. Hema Malini, Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai, Rekha Ji are some living examples. A good daily diet can keep one fit and beautiful forever.

Hard lifestyle of Celebrities: A healthy thereby wealthy lifestyle is possible by having a conscious about daily diets. How to look good despite daily‘s hectic activity? Who could be better than Indian cinema stars to motivate us?

I come back to the starting point. What exactly Salman Khan eats to maintain six-pack even at age 50? I recently read that Salman takes boiled food regularly. He eats regular food under a prescribed diet, but that is cooked with no spice and oil in steam. Veg or non-veg anything, but has to be a boiled dish.

For Salman Khan, taking steamed food on time according to a diet plan is easy. He has sufficient staff to take care his food requirements. General people need a useful kitchen appliance, however.

Philips HD 9125 Specifications

Our Food is a potential killer: Research has established that food is the source of 70 to 80% illness. The foods collected from the natural source, organic food supposed to be good and safe for consumption. Actually, preserving method, cooking process, and eating time is three quick things decide whether the food is safe or poisonous.

  1. Preserving with harmful pesticides
  2. Not cleaning the food before cooking
  3. Horrible cooking process
  4. Using excess oil and spice
  5. Not consuming the cooked food on time

The five points are making clear that the food we eat thinking safe could be poisonous. A good solution to the horrible cooking process is cooking the food, as our ancestors were doing centuries ago.

► Why Boiled Food is so good for Health?

Grilling or frying burns a right amount of minerals, original taste, flavor, and color. Moreover, no cooking process other than effectively boiling breaks down the complex compound of the food into their purer form. Thus, even a person with a weak digestion system getting the maximum benefit of a complex food equation.

We are discussing here an ideal gadget, which can cook food using steam and preserve at least 85% nutrients and minerals. Therefore, it obvious you should be aware some significant benefits of boiled foods.

  1. Boiling food items are the only way for the optimum retention of nutritional value, taste, flavor, texture, and color.
  2. An effective way of reducing weight
  3. Prevent Acidity
  4. Reduces the chance of having Kidney stone, and prevents growth in existing stone problem.
  5. Easy to digest; relief from constipation.
  6. Healthy skin; you do not need any cream for a natural glow.
  7. Healthy teeth- Lion or Tiger and even elephant do not brush still they have healthy teeth. The reason is obvious that they eat natural food without oil and spice.
  8. Hair growth; eat boiled carrots daily for a good result.
  9. Weaning or first solid food for babies
  10. Reduces stomach infection

Five foods that are better to eat after boiling than eating raw:-

  1. Tomatoes
  2. Carrots
  3. Spinach
  4. Mushrooms
  5. Asparagus

To skip or minimize the use of oil and spice, two cooking appliances are ideal: Air Fryer and Food steamer. We have already published articles on Air fryer, thus, here I am presenting a review of Philips food steamer, which besides cooking food without oil & spice, does the fast cooking, too.

Best Philips Food Steamer under 5000 Rupees (हिंदी में)

► Philips Food Steamer HD9125 in India

Philips HD9125 is a capable device for cooking fast, delicious, nutritious by following the simple steps.

Cooking with a Philips food steamer is no rocket science. Follow a food recipe, mix all ingredients in the right amount, and shift this mixture into the tiers, in bowls. Once the layering is completed, switch on the steamer and wait for a delicious meal to get cooked.

So far, I have only discussed nutrition and goodness factor of this appliance. Can it replace other kitchen appliances? The answer is yes. You can have a steamer as a genuine alternative for a rice cooker and egg boiler. Is there anything else I am missing here? Anything, which is related to cooking, steaming, and soup making can be easily done with this innovative device. In fact, I would also consider it a good alternative for Air Fryer, unless one wants to eat fried food.

Philips HD9125 Recipe Book

Built and Design: The unit is made using tough plastic that is see-through. Essentially, it has four layers, wherein three tiers are for placing the food items. The bottom layer is for filling water. The water boiling into hot steam and the steam passes through all layers and eventually cooking the food.

Philips makes stylish products. The unit design itself encouraging users for cooking a great meal. The whole unit looks very interesting and appealing in the kitchen.

The control knob has the time duration marking and the required cooking time for different foods: fish, vegetables, rice, and other food items.

The water tank has the capacity of one liter sufficient for cooking a large sum of food for three to four members. There are three stackable baskets and steaming bowl made using excellent quality plastic; these are suitable for egg boiling, rice cooking, and cooking several ingredients at once.

Philips HD9125 Control Knob

→ How to Setup this Philips Steamer?

The Philips food steamer is intuitive. You can quickly set it up. Start cooking process by filling some water into the base or water tank section. The aroma infuser, which is a section through which steam evaporates to the upward direction, is built in the lid, which is for the water section. In this small section, you can add some flavor enhancer.

Before using the unit for actual cooking, test whether it is working accurately or not. Complete the setup, and run it empty for a couple of minutes. If water evaporates and hot steam reaching up to the top-most section, the product is working fine then.

Additional Features:-

  • Parts of the unit are dishwasher safe.
  • Regularly wipe the motor section; never wash it with water.
  • The egg basket can keep six eggs at once.
  • Some recipes are printed on the box flap. Carefully unbox the product and do care the steps and measurement mention for cooking food.
  • Follow the measurement in the recipe.


  • A perfect product to release unnecessary fats
  • Much more effective, easier and cheaper than Air Fryer
  • A perfect alternative of egg boiler and rice cooker
  • Two years of free service guarantee
  • See-through body
  • Sufficient safety features
  • Cord storage


  • Plastic build
  • The menu book is not included in the sales box

→ Final thought about Philips HD9125 Steamer

Air fryer is also a costly choice for fat-free cooking; however, food steamer is the best way of cooking the same. Furthermore, a food steamer would cost only 3500 rupees, but an air fryer costs not less than 6000 rupees.

I have become a fan of this product. Steam-based cooking is not rocket science, but using steam based cooking for a delicious meal is indeed tricky. Philips HD9125 steamer is making it all easy for you.

Philips HD9125 Food Steamer Review

As it has been a trend on this website that we pick some alternative in addition to the main suggestion at different price point. However, we could not find one as a true alternative for Philips HD9125 food steamer. If you are keen in cooking delicious food with a steamer, this Philips product could be the best choice at present.

Before I close this review article, understand one thing, the food taste will never be as good as the food cooked at a Gas Chulha. Air Fryer and food steamer are some good solutions for oil and spice free cooking, but it cannot render the same taste, which gets into the food after being cooked in oil with lots of spice.

Capacity 2.6 + 2.9 + 4.1  liter
Capacity water tank One Liter
Power 900 Watt
Number of tiers Three
Overheat & dry boil protection YES
Build Material Plastic
Voltage 220-240V
Cord length 80  cm
Egg rack YES
Rice/soup/food bowl YES
Non-slip feet YES
Power-on light YES
Water level indicator YES
Cord Storage YES
Buy 3500 Rupees