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Premium Stylish Smartphones in 22000 to 32000 Rupees

Samsung Galaxy A8 Front Panel

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual

This is a massive device sports 6 inch FHD sharp display and it could be a quite handy choice for those love to take selfie because of its optimized front camera. I am impressed with the design ergonomics – a thin bezel on the display. And in spite of its huge size, one hand operation of it is quite feasible.  Some users might need to hold the device with both hands in order to access icons from top to bottom however that again has been simplified by a unique feature that shrinks the window in one corner upon sliding upward on the screen.

Biggest advancement on this device is the camera. Both front and rear shooter are 13MP camera with dedicated LED flash for better photography irrespective of situation and amount of light.

The phone runs on MediaTek Octa-core processor clocked at 1.7 GHz alongside 2GB RAM and the latest Mali GPU. At memory front, the end user gets the major share in the total RAM size with preinstalled 16GB memory for storing multimedia contents. Since it is a Camera dominated smartphone, Sony enhances MicroSD card support up to 200GB.

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual SIM White Varient Review

Sony’s C5 Ultra, the 6-inch phablet is super slim, stylish and a robust device. This also packs a high capacity 2930 mAh battery for minimum 4 to 5 hours of active screen despite hard usages.

If you are a crazy photographer but cannot afford a premium DSLR generally costs 40 to 60 thousand rupees, the C5 Ultra dual with EXMOR CMOS image sensor and super LED flash is one alternative to look for. More about this Sony wonder at Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual SIM below 30000 Rupees.

Samsung Galaxy A8

The phone sports all metal unibody built so 3050 mAh lithium – ion battery is non-removable. The first card slot is dedicated to SIM cards whereas the second slot is a hybrid slot meaning it can be used either as a Micro SD or SIM card slot.

Samsung A8 weighs in at 151 grams and is just 5.9 millimeter thick. Thus, A8 is Samsung’s slimmest phone till date. The build quality is excellent, buttons are tractable, and the phone feels premium in the hand.

This Samsung elegant device is powered by an Exynos chip – boosts performance with Octa core architecture that is coupled with Mali GPU and 2GB RAM.

At the display front, it presents an FHD 5.7-inch super AMOLED display that bears incredible pixel density 387 PPI. Android Lollipop powers the device while Samsung’s famous TouchWiz user interface loads on top. Overall, the interface is similar to what have seen on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. One of the key features of this phone is built-in fingerprint sensor in home button.

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Metal Built Samsung Galaxy A8 Below 32500 Rupees

The 16MP primary camera of this phone can shoot full HD videos at 30 fps but in order to get wide angle shots users need to reduce the frame to 12MP. Shutter speed is pretty fast and most common presets are also available in the camera application. I find worth mentioning though 5MP front camera features wide angle lens, which is essential in group selfie or selfie with wide background.

Read more about speaker quality, battery backup, and other features of the Samsung galaxy A8 at Premium Metal Built Samsung Galaxy A8 below 32500 Rupees.

LeTV Le Max2

The Indian smartphone market is a favorite destination of Chinese smartphone brands nowadays. Huawei, Xiaomi, Gionee, and Coolpad success in India has been inspiring many brands to try luck in this lucrative market. One of them is LeTV.

Let us discuss some interesting features of LeTV’s LeEco Max2. The brand new smartphone with 6GB RAM has been a successful venture thus far. The smartphone houses massive 5.7-inch screen in its all-metal body.

Built and Design

This is a metal made smartphone has a slim profile and sleek design. In spite of huge hardware, massive battery, and above all the metal body still, the manufacturer managed to keep its thickness within 8mm and weighs just 185 grams. Taking about user’s convenience feature, it has a notification toggle button lets users change the active profile without accessing the user interface setting.

Let us know get into the details of buttons position. The volume rocker is on the left side just below the notification toggle. USB power port and main loudspeaker are on the bottom of the phone. Its power button and SIM slot rest at the right side whereas the headphone jack is on the top of this big screen metal phone. Look at the rear, there is the primary camera with powerful dual tone LED flash.

LeEco Le Max 2 Review and Specifications

I am crazy about big screen phone and so I attracted to this premium gadget as well. Yes, I love the design and premium outlook of this Chinese biggie. Since the body is pure metal, it is a bit slippery. As a solution, the brand ships a silicon back cover that when fixed accurately renders perfect grip.

6.3-inch 2K IPS LCD Screen

Wow! 2K resolution in the 5.7 inch IPS LCD display – makes it a very premium device. The display is very bright and has a great viewing angle as well as it can produce crisp clear contents.

Operating system

Besides a regular Google application package by default with Android OS, there are a few the brand’s own gems for enhancing user’s day-to-day experience with the phone. The user interface is unique. I appreciate although stock Android, but ready to ignore that since LeEco has really made this device strong in multitasking by having best-in-class hardware onboard. As a result, the user interface is fluid and has no issue related to lag or crash.

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The list of hardware in the camera making me believe – it is as good as a dedicated DSLR. 21MP rear shooter has the support of Sony Exmore-RS sensor, optical image stabilization, and dual tone LED flash as well as 6X digital zoom. Do you demand anything more advanced in 23000 rupees price?

The LeTV Le Max captures the subject at lightning speed. 8MP selfie camera, too, has 2.2F aperture. Not much is left to say when the front camera of a smartphone has such strong optimization for great results.

Memory and Performance

No SD card support, but has a relief from huge 64 GB onboard storage wherein approx 52GB remains free for the end users. Approx 4.75-GB RAM remains free from 6GB on board, though.

In order to ensure robust performance by this phone, LeEco has trusted the flagship smartphone processor Snapdragon 820. But rather than the processor, I have a great trust in 64-bit architecture, which with 6GB RAM does ensure real magic. Calling Le Max2 a super pocket computer will be a fair statement.

If you need a great device that never backs down during hard multitasking and gaming, the Le Eco Max2 is the smartphone to go with.

This is GS’s second review of Le Max2. When it was first launched in Indian, GS was one of the first technology websites to cover this master phone in great details. Find our first review of LeEco Max2 at Four Flagship Killer Smartphones below 30000 Rupees.

Final Verdict

All in all, LeEco Le Max 2 is a great phone at 23000 rupees. Its processor had failed to impress buyers due to wrong pricing. This time, in my opinion, LeTV has addressed mistakes with the first edition: better pricing and improved built quality of Max2 is proof of that.

Despite putting 6GB RAM, which is indeed a remarkable achievement, LeEco Max2 fails in creating a noticeable buzz in town. Yes, it is a popular device but not a great success, though. In fact, other smartphone manufacturers will take years to reach the mark, which LeEco has just crossed with the launch of Max2.

At the optimization front, LeEco has to rework with the user interface. There has been a relevant criticism of the brand for over customizing Android operating system. Heavy customization results in not so fluid performance despite heavy hardware onboard.

The same time, in spite of having 2K resolution, onscreen feel is not that great. This is an important aspect as Samsung had just managed to be the leader in 20000 rupees budget phone for a very long time by using an effective really bright TouchWiz user interface.

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If you are a fan of strong hardware, LeEco Max2 is the best choice at present below 25000 rupees. For a cool smart device even 13000 rupees budget is more than enough nowadays.

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