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Premium Speakers in 16000 to 24000 Rupees

Premium Powerful Speakers between 16000 to 24000 Rupees

Vizio SB3821 C6 Sound Bar System with Subwoofer

The Vizio is a popular UHD TV and soundbar brand for budget customers in countries like the United States and the UK. In fact, you can trust its product for better-built quality, premium design and more features that too for an affordable price.

Just a few months before, the brand launched its SB3821 C6 Sound Bar System with Subwoofer in the developed market at a price of $139.99, which roughly translates to 9,500 rupees. However, do not get too excited because Vizio does not operate in India officially. Therefore, the only channel we can use to purchase this powerful speaker is via some third party sellers like those on EBay. One seller is currently offering it at a whopping 23760 rupees.

Impressive Ergonomics

Without a doubt, the sound bar looks appealing. It measures in 38 inches horizontally and it will fit easily with a 40-inch television. Even the build quality of this product is beyond expectation.

The manufacturer supplies all the necessary mounting accessories that also include a wire-hiding strip. Its subwoofer unit is another masterpiece of the design. It is a compact product and you will be able to hide it under a table or a bed easily. It will certainly impress those people who appreciate a gadget with a clean profile. The sound bar and the subwoofer come painted in a combination of black and silver colors, which enhances the beauty and gives the whole setup a premium feel.Vizio SB3821 C6 Sound Bar System with Subwoofer Review Specifications Price Online in India

2.1 Audio Channel

Considering the price at which it is available in the United States, 2.1 audio Channel seems impressive. However, for the Indian MRP, which is 23760 rupees, it is not an all feature sound system. In a price of 24000 rupees, you can easily purchase a 5.1 channel audio system of a premium brand.

I have to appreciate the audio that gets produces from this sound setup. The sound bar unit is equipped with two 2.75-inch driver units that can produce sound in a frequency response range of 50 Hz to 19 kHz. This seems enough to generate clear vocals and sharp trebles.

The subwoofer has a big 5-inch driver and works at a frequency of 50 KHz. I know what you are thinking, but do not underestimate its performance just because of small size. Trust me it will make the ground beneath you shake with ultra low frequencies. This soundbar system is a perfect solution for all types of usage including music listening, serial viewing, and movie watching.

Wireless Subwoofer Connection

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing this sound system is it will not create a wire mess at the setup place. The subwoofer unit is capable of pairing with the sound bar wirelessly. All you have to do is supply power and make sure it gets a clear line of sight under the distance of 60 feet.

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On the front of connectivity, the sound bar is also full of surprises. It offers not one, but five options to connect an audio source. The USB port will let users play the music files stored on their thumb drives. You can also connect a microSD card adapter to it. There is an RCA In panel for old generation TVs that only support analogue connections. The 3.5mm audio jack allows the users to connect any kind of device to this sound bar system. Moreover, you are getting two Digital Input options i.e., one RCA coaxial port and one Optical port. The most surprising is it can also connect with smartphones and PCs over Bluetooth.


  • Compact setup
  • Solid and durable build
  • Premium looking finish
  • Comes with a remote
  • Offers a bunch of connectivity options
  • Immersive audio


  • Highly priced
  • Offers only 2.1 audio channel


Unless the manufacturer officially launches this sound bar in India, its price is always going to remain high. My opinion would be to look for alternatives. There are many more affordable options available in the Indian market.

Price 24000 Rupees
Dimensions 38  x 3  x 3 inches (Sound Bar) and 8.3 x 9.1 x 8.3 inches (Subwoofer)
Frequency Response Range 50 Hz to 19 kHz (Sound Bar) and 50 Hz (Subwoofer)
Weight 5.8 lbs (Sound Bar) and 7.21 lbs (Subwoofer)
Audio Channel 2.1
Connectivity Bluetooth, USB, Digital RCA, Optical In, RCA In and 3.5mm Jack

Beats Pill 2.0 Speaker

About a month ago, we published a review of the Pill Bluetooth Speaker, which costs only 999 rupees. In our test, it had turned out to be a great package, despite a low MRP.

The product carries looks and control support of original Beats Pill 2.0 Speaker, which costs whopping 17000 rupees. Usually, when a product gets popular, smaller companies try to make money by mimicking the look and features in a low priced product. Certainly, these cheap replicas cannot replace the original device in terms of build and performance.

Beats Pill 2.0 Speaker has an MRP tag of 16899 rupees is very high to come under the budget of an Aam Adami. Moreover, many fraud sellers are offering its cheap copy by calling it original, so be careful while making a purchase order.

Premium Design

This portable speaker gives a solid feel while holding in the hand. It is made up of super high quality built materials. Since this is super sleek soundbar, carrying it in a small backpack is quite convenient. In addition, the manufacturer has made it available in many attractive colors. The charging port comes sealed with a rubber cap. All the control buttons are labeled correctly and give a nice feedback upon pressing.

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Interestingly, the manufacturer also ships a carrying case in the box that looks amazing. It will save the device from dirt, collisions, and scratches.Beats Pill 2 0 Speaker Review Specifications Price Online in India

Four Channel Audio

Inside the outer shell have the four driver units that generate superb quality mid and high range frequencies. You will love listening to music on this amazing device. However, its drivers struggle a lot when it comes to low frequencies. Bass gets distorted a lot and you will hardly hear any thumping.

Superb Connectivity Options

The brand Beats has done a lot of work on the connectivity front. Use inbuilt Bluetooth feature to connect this speaker wirelessly. Moreover, it supports all modern profiles, so there will not be any compatibility issues. Do not worry if your smartphone does not support wireless connectivity because this device comes with a 3.5-mm audio jack. It is also equipped with an Audio Out jack, which can be used to connect other types of speakers.

One of the top features of the Beats Pill 2.0 Speaker is the support to easy pairing with other Pill 2.0 devices. The Beats branding at the center features an NFC cheap underneath. Therefore, you can pair two Pill speakers just by tapping the logos.

This is not all. A single tap just extends the audio to the second speakers, but when you tap the logos for the second time, one of the speakers will start playing left channel audio while another one will play the right channel audio.

Great Battery Life

The driver units of this device consume a lot of power, so the brand has equipped it with a big battery. You can charge the battery via USB cable and the good thing is you are also getting a free power brick. On a single charge, the speaker device offers seven hours of power backup, which means, you will be able to listen to music continuously while travelling or on a picnic.


  • Generates high-quality treble and vocals
  • Portable and compact body
  • Can be connected with other Pill devices
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Inbuilt microphone helps in receiving calls wirelessly
  • Gives 7 hours of power backup on a single charge
  • Easy to setup


  • Bad bass production
My Opinion

The only downside of this Beats Pill 2.0 speaker is it fails to produce impressive bass frequencies. In fact, this is one problem that we discover at most portable speakers. If you can compromise with its inability to produce clear Bass frequency, then you can go for it with any second thought.

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Price 17000 Rupees
Dimensions 7.5 X 1.8 X 1.8 inches
Weight 0.68 lbs
Audio Channel 4
Connectivity Bluetooth and 3.5 mm Audio Jack
Carrying Case Yes

Users Review and Opinion


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