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Premium Sony Boombox Speaker for Home Use

Sony MHC V44D Home Audio System Review and Specifications


Today, technology is growing at a fast pace, and everything is going wireless. Ranging from wireless headphones to wireless audio systems, the possibilities are endless. In particular, Sony has introduced its new wireless audio system in the market, known as the Sony MHC- V44D home audio system. Having been launched in the wake of World War II, Sony has been at the forefront of top-notch electronic production. One-thing users thus are guaranteed from the fact that the company has been in the industry for so long, is that the company knows how to produce the best quality gadgets.

This ‘Boombox’ has a target of providing loud and powerful music to its users. Apart from this, the MHC V44D has other convenience features that are discussed in this piece. Sony wants to deliver a complete package of entertainment featuring a full audio output, a wide array of connectivity ports and a hell lot of options to tweak and play with the sound. Read also Sony Boombox with Bluetooth NFC CD and Pendrive Support.

Exceptional features of the Sony Personal Party Music System MHC-V44D

Here is the list of all the ports that Sony MHC V44D home audio system consists of:

  • Analogue audio input (Two- channel)
  • Analog audio output (Two- channel)
  • CD/ DVD player
  • HDMI output
  • Two microphone input (6.5mm)
  • USB port
  • Composite video output

Other than these, there are multiple ways to connect with this system. Remarkably, one can connect to V44D through Bluetooth and NFC. Alongside this, the user can plug-in a microphone and record directly to a USB drive. Additionally, a port is given to attach an FM antenna and tune-in to your favorite radio stations. With this system, Sony’s main aim was to create for its consumers a system they can use for home entertainment. Alternatively, you can hook in your microphone and record directly to your USB drive.

One thing I like about this home audio system is the fact that the designers built two fully dedicated Smartphone apps for Android and iOS. These apps go by the names Files table and SongPal and are meant to bring all the control of the system to your Smartphone. These two apps are the reason why this system has an edge over other systems in the same price range. To add another star to the profile of this audio system, the MHC V44D also comes with a standard IR Remote. Sony’s primary target here is clearly on wireless connectivity. Of course, the wireless move is aimed at keeping the product valid even with the threat of similar upcoming new-generation household systems.

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LED information display

Sony has included some cool audio customization features to Sony MHC V44D home audio system. A monochrome LED information display is at the very top of this audio system. This screen prevents you from second-guessing yourself because you cannot tell whether the music you are playing is on the radio, a flash drive, or the CD player. With an attractive display, you are sure that this system will also embellish your sitting room and liven up your house décor.

Sony MHC V44D Home Audio System for Indian Homes

Accessible Controls: This system also comes with a large circular dial to monitor the levels and volume. The functions button is situated beside the Bluetooth pairing button to switch over to different modes.  There is a quick access to Flanger and Voice Isolator to add up an effect overlay on tracks swiftly. Talking about the right side of the dial, you have controls for the inbuilt mic, FM tuning, USB file scrolling and drive eject/ load button. Present on the left side are the controls for Sound Field, the Fiesta mode, Mega Base Mode, Play/ Pause, USB Load/ Recording, Stop and Power button. Read also Premium LG Mini Audio System below 18000 Rupees.

Bluetooth connectivity

Whether you have an expensive smartphone or not, as long as your phone is Bluetooth enabled, you will be able to play the songs you want. You no longer have to go to the ports with a cable. Turn on your Bluetooth from anywhere in your house and share your playlist with this audio system.

Other than these specs, the sound system has many features and effects such as phasers and WAH pedal effects. Actually, this is like a full DJ kit because you also get some customizable sampling modes and a complete customizable equalizer mode. The MHC V44D is versatile with regard to its features, but the real fun lies in its core audio performance.

Exemplary Performance

What do we expect from a high power home audio system? Of course, we are not expecting a stellar sound quality because the MHC-V44D audio system is not stellar. It exceeds the expectations by a proverbial mile. The sound system delivers 120W power output and also includes 2 x 4 cm cone- type tweeters, 2 by 8 centimeters Cone mid units and a Paper- type 20 cm subwoofer unit. If you want a powerful bass, then Sony MHC-V44D is perfect for you as it delivers a booming bass with more than enough panache to provide you with those defining thumps.

One part that does not speak well for this incredible audio system is the fact that the clarity of the bass is not very good; especially when you go above 30 in the volume level.

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  • Multiple music customization options
  • High loudness for parties
  • Delivers powerful bass


  • Distortion in audio clarity in High volume
  • Mega Bass sounds muddled

Verdict and pricing: The Sony MHC-V44D home audio system is a powerful sound system. This adds value by being a core audio product, in fact, making it a real competitor in the market. If anyone wants to upgrade their home audio system with something that is feature- rich and has loud outputs, then this Rs. 29,990 Sony gadget is highly recommendable. Read also Best 7 Boom Box Under 5000 Rupees in India.

Brand Sony
Model MHC V44D
Product Weight 14 Kg
Dimensions 288 × 293 × 798 mm
Channel Configuration 2 channels
Connector Type Wired
Audio Power 660W Dolby Digital Sound
Connectivity USB, Bluetooth, NFC
User Rating 4.3/5 Stars
Buy 30000 Rupees

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