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Premium Projector for Entertainment and Presentation

Optoma HD91+ LED DLP Projector

Optoma is a big name in the world of projectors. Those who follow this brand would remember the HD91 Projector that it launched some three years ago. However, that projector used to come with a few drawbacks and was not suitable for the users in the modern world. This is why Optoma has recently unveiled an upgraded version of the same device and is calling it as the HD91+ LED DLP Projector.

This device is focused on mid-range consumers, so it is not loaded with the catchy features that the highly priced projectors offer. Still, it is a nice package for someone who just wants to get the job done.

Comes in a Nice Looking Built

The HD91+ does not look much different from the HD91 projector. But there is nothing to worry about because its old buddy offered a really nice design. The air vents have been placed on the either side of the project to dissipate the hot air almost instantaneously. The central position of the lens gives a more symmetrical look to the whole setup.

This projector is quite compact and it will not occupy a lot of space on a table. You can also mount it to a ceiling and the best thing is that it also offers lens shift functionality.

Besides the design, the build quality of this device impresses me a lot. It gives a solid feel upon touching. The position of the connectivity ports is on the back for an easy management of wires.

Optoma HD91 Plus LED DLP Projector Review Specifications Price Online in India

Improved Specs: In comparison with its predecessor, the HD91 comes with a number of upgrades. The first of which is its LED bulb that generates a brightness equivalent of 1500 lumens. It offers a life cycle of 20,000 hours, which feels quite promising. The native resolution of 1920 X 1080 seems good especially when its screen size can be increased up to 300 inches.

It is a DLP technology based projector so you can expect decent color reproduction. The color gamut did not impress me on the first boot, but I was able to fix everything by manipulating the color calibration settings. However, the disappointing thing is that this projector fails to generate deep blacks because of which the whole experience gets degraded. It also suffers from the problem of ghosting.

Projector with 3D Processing

The one thing that will attract many customers to this projector is its capability to generate 3D imagery. You will get an immersive experience while watching movies on it. This device is also good at converting standard 2D footage into 3D.

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Offers Good Connectivity Options: On the back of the projector, you can find a set of two HDMI 1.4 ports that are good at transferring full HD content. The manufacturer was kind enough to equip this device with one VGA port and two service USB ports. All other needed interfaces like Composite In and RS232 port are also provided.

Low Power Consumption: Considering the brightness capability of the LED bulb, this Optoma projector will not increase your electricity bill. According to the manufacturer, it consumes 225 Watts of power at the highest settings. The voltage input range support by this projector device is also quite wide.

Pros Features:

  • 3D support
  • 2D to 3D conversion engine
  • Native full HD resolution
  • Generates less noise
  • Decent connectivity options
  • Lens shift


  • Brightness capability is not that impressive even when the LED bulb has been upgraded

Verdict: Overall, this projector seems a good choice for average users. It is good for movie watching as well as casual gaming. The most interesting are its capability to project 300-inch-wide screen. However, before making the purchase decision you should also check available alternatives.

Price 300000 Rupees
Native Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Maximum Brightness 1500 Lumens
Throw Ratio 1.5 – 2.89
Projection Size 30 – 300 Inches
Connectivity HDMI, VGA-In, and Composite In
Display System 1 Chip DLP
Power Consumption 225 Watts
Dimensions 345 x 443 x 161.5 mm


EH TW8200 Projector With 2400 Lumens

A couple of days ago, I did an article on the best home projectors available in India. While doing research for that article, I came across the EH-TW8200 Projector.

Many experts of the Indian electronics market have appreciated this device, however, because of its high price tag of 198400 rupees, I decided to do a separate review on it. This product offers great performance and seems good for movie watching as well as gaming. But it also comes with a few drawbacks.

In my opinion, experts have given more appreciation than this project deserves. Do not read me wrong, as I am not questioning the views of anyone. The main reason why my opinion differs from others could be because this device had launched in the year 2013 and since then other companies have launched many impressive projectors at much lower price in the market.

3D Capable: I decided to discuss the 3D capability of this projector because this is the only feature that has impressed me most. The device makes the users feel that they are actually sitting in a premium 3D cinema hall.

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It generates smooth graphics in all three dimensions and reduces motion blur. Even if you spend hours watching movies on it, your head will not suffer from any kind of ache. Moreover, this projector also offers 2D to 3D conversion feature, which is really impressive. I am pretty sure that no other alternative in the market will give you the 3D experience like this device.

EH TW8200 Projector Review Specifications Price Online in India

Great Design of the Outer Shell

You will really love the ergonomics of this device. The manufacturer has done hard work while designing its outer shell. It offers a symmetrical form factor with the lens being featured at the center. The air vents are located on the front, which makes the user hear less noise. Moreover, you can easily clean the air vents by removing the outer covering.

The other thing that has impressed me is the flexibility that this projector offers. You can install it on a table as well as to the ceiling. Further, the lens can be shifted both horizontally and vertically. This means you will be able to install this device at any part of the room.

Wide and High-Resolution Projection: The screen size of this projector can be increased up to 300 inches. Full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels gives a decent experience, but I was expecting more at this price point. The projector uses age-old 3LCD technology to produce the footage. However, the good thing is that Epson has done quite an improvement on this front. The generated graphics eliminate all types of gradation and give users a great experience.

The Contrast ratio of 6000:1 is not that impressive, but it is manageable in this segment. Epson teases this projector with its brightness of 2400 lumens. However, I do not get how that is a premium feature. These days even a sub 100000-rupee projector offers the brightness of more than 3000 lumens.

Average Connectivity Options

The projector comes with only the basic connectivity features. Two HDMI ports on the back do allow the users to connect two devices at the same time, but it is not something that Epson should be highly proud of especially when it is not offering even a single full-size USB port. A projector of this price segment is also expected to come with some sort of network connectivity.

Pros Features:

  • Low warm up time
  • Good 2D to 3D conversion
  • D-Sub connector
  • Impressive design of the outer shell
  • Screen size can be increased up to 300 inches
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  • Offers only full HD resolution
  • High power consumption

Verdict: You should only purchase this projector if 3D capability is a top priority. If that is not the case, then just stay away from it. Another disappointment is Epson ships only a single compatible 3D glass in the box. The main reason why this device is priced so high is its 3LCD technology.

Price 198000 Rupees
Native Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Maximum Brightness 2400 Lumens
Throw Ratio 1.34 – 2.87
Projection Size 30 – 300 Inches
Connectivity D-Sub, HDMI, VGA-In, and Composite In
Display System 3LCD
Power Consumption 334 Watts
Dimensions 466 X 140 X 395 mm

Users Review and Opinion


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