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Premium Portable Philips Speaker with Powerful Audio

Premium Portable Philips Speaker with Powerful Audio below 5500 Rupees

Stylish Philips BT6000 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Nowadays, Bluetooth portable speakers have become very popular especially for small gatherings and picnics. Ranging from small classroom lectures to impromptu cocktail parties, the practicality of these is unquestionable. Nonetheless, to avoid any unnecessary surprises when these things break down on you, you need to pick the best Bluetooth speaker for your daily endeavors. With so many players wanting to produce their own version of Bluetooth speakers, it’s really hard to tell which is good from which is superlative. I, however, know of one brand that delivers a quality parallel to the size of its brand name, Philips.

In the past decade, Philips has been striving to produce high performing audio gadgets and one their best product in this line of portable speakers is the Philips BT6000. Its compact build and attractive finishing – puts it above a great deal of other Bluetooth speakers in the market. Here are some of its features;

Build and Design

Similar to other conventional Bluetooth speakers, this product is built into a cylindrical shape that allows for a 360 degree sound firing capability. The device measures 18.8 by 7 by 7.1 centimeters, with very little space to spare. It weighs about 485 grams meaning that you can hardly feel its weight when carrying it on your Laptop bag or pouch. I like the cylindrical splash-proof design that makes this gadget an ideal option for outdoor use. Philips’ decision to put a loop on the top of the speaker is actually a bonus since you can freely hang the speaker on two fingers, by the loop for easy mobility. On the side frame, there is a quick pairing button which you can use for fast Bluetooth pairing with smart devices. Other controls such as volume toggles and power button are located at the top facing, underneath the loop.


This device uses Bluetooth to connect with gadgets for media input. The Bluetooth range for this gadget is about ten meters maximum. The fact that it has NFC support means you can actually connect android devices in an instant. The NFC logo on the frame, by the pairing button, confirms the presence of this configuration. On the bottom side of the cylindrical casing, you will find a small lid that can be snapped open to reveal some other ports. After opening it, you will find an AUX input port and a USB charging port.

Performance and Sound quality

The total sound output of this speaker is 12 Watts. This is adequate for such a small speaker. The good thing with buying such gadgets from renowned companies like Philips is – they actually have a reputation to maintain and won’t bail out from the tiniest of flaws. For instance, whereas many speakers the same size as the BT6000, have issues to do with sound distortion while at their maximum volumes, this product remains intact even when the volume is about to blast the thing off. The sound range is more than 20 meters on average and the 360-degree firing design further widens the span.

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This product uses a standard Lithium Ion battery that can run for a dazing 8 hours. This is actually an upgrade from its predecessor the BT3500 which would only run for 5 hours. The device is charged with a 5V/2A rating USB adapter and only takes a few hours (maybe 3-4) to charge it to full capacity.

Other functionalities

In addition, this product supports Hands-free calls through the loud speakers and has an inbuilt microphone too. This means that you can actually pick a call when you are doing the dishes, without necessarily having to shout to your phone’s mouthpiece.

Philips BT6000 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review and Specifications

Pricing and Verdict

This product is priced at 5300 Rupees on average. I would recommend it to anyone who likes the design. Even so, the fact that it has no bass at low volumes, kind of disappointed me. With the same amount of money, I am sure you can get something better out there.

Output power (RMS) 12 W
Product Dimensions 18.8 x 7 x 7.1 cm
 Weight 485 grams
Bluetooth range  10 meters
NFC Support Yes
Battery type  Lithium-ion
Battery Life 8 hrs max
Waterproof Yes (IPX4)
Sound system Stereo
No of Speakers 2 (1.5-size)
Max Price 5500 Rupees

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