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Premium Philips Speaker Under 30000 Rupees

Philips MMS4040F Wired Speaker Review Specifications and Price Online In India

Philips HTL6140 Laptop Desktop Speaker

When it comes to high-quality music and audio listening experience, there is no product better than the powerful Philips HTL6140 speaker that you can get at the price of 28,500 rupees. It features a premium quality and exceptionally beautiful soundbar. The LED display is itself located on the speaker mesh that provides a futuristic look to the device. This amazing speaker system will give you a theatre-like experience at home.

Sound Quality: The soundbar consists of 2 one inch tweeters and 6 two inch neodymium woofers, which together generate audio output of 100 Watts (RMS). You also get a wireless sub-woofer unit that contains an 8-inch driver and gives 220 Watts (RMS) of output. The Dolby Digital and Crystal Clear Audio technologies help this speaker to produce deep bass and crisp treble.

This speaker system is also equipped with extra features like Auto Volume Leveler, Auto Sync and Virtual Surround Sound.

Connectivity and Controls: The list of connectivity includes Bluetooth (both APT-X and AAC formats), NFC, USB, HDMI In and HDMI Out. This speaker system also features touch controls on top of the soundbar.

Handling: There are mounting points at the back of this soundbar, which allows an easy wall mount installation. Philips also ships all the necessary cables with the box.

Philips HTL6140 Review and Specifications


  • 320 Watts of total RMS output
  • Bluetooth, NFC and HDMI
  • 6 neodymium woofers.
  • One dedicated sub-woofer
  • Dolby Digital
  • Virtual Surround Sound


  • Not suitable for large areas

Verdict: Certainly the price of this speaker system is much high, but you are also getting quality here. It is one of the best audio solutions available in the market that offer theatre like experience in home.

Price 30000 Rupees
Channel 2.1
Total Output 320 Watts (RMS)
Connectivity Bluetooth, HDMI, USB and SD Card
Extra Features Touch Buttons, Remote Control and Dolby Digital


Philips Laptop Speaker HTL 2163

Most of the televisions do not come with a good quality inbuilt speakers, which disappoints a lot of user while watching movies or listening to music. This problem gets even more serious when someone decides to purchase an external set of speakers as most of the speakers available in the market are not made keeping the design of televisions in mind.

Philips understands this problem really well, which is why it launched the HTL 2163 Laptop soundbar last year. This speaker system offers a premium quality music listening experience to the end user and is available in the market for an amount of 11,240 rupees.

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Sound Quality: This speaker comes with a dedicated subwoofer that packs a huge 5.25-inch driver inside. It produces really deep bass and will take your movie watching experience to a much higher level. The Dolby Digital technology helps in producing superb quality audio with two 30 Watt speaker units of the soundbar. The total RMS output of this speaker system is 120 Watts, which is exceptional and more than you would ever need.

Connectivity and Controls: This Philips speaker comes with all the modern connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB port, 3.5mm audio jack and HDMI 1.4 port. You also get a dedicated remote in the box to control the audio quality.

Handling: This speaker supports wall mount installation also does not require a lot of space. You can install it just below the flat TV and enjoy high quality audio.

Philips HTL 2163 Review and Specifications


  • 120 Watt (RMS) output
  • Bluetooth support
  • Remote control
  • 25-inch subwoofer driver
  • Supports wall mount installation


  • Controls are little tricky

Verdict: Every penny that you will pay for this speaker will not go waste. However, if your budget is too low for this device, then there is a plenty of alternatives available in the market.

Price 11200 Rupees
Channel 2.1
Total Output 120 Watts (RMS)
Connectivity Bluetooth, HDMI, USB and SD Card
Extra Features Remote Control and Dolby Digital


Philips Brix Speaker

The Brix multimedia speaker provides a premium and on the go music listening solution at the price of 6,049 rupees. Its build is really small, but the audio that gets produced is much loud. The speaker comes in a rubber casing and also features a hand strap for easy portability.

Sound Quality: The speaker features two 5 Watt (RMS) audio units with a two-inch driver in each, which are capable of producing crispy loud audio. A dedicated wOOx radiator on the back generates much deep bass even if you are outdoors the room. This Philips speaker is a perfect solution for small parties and events.

Connectivity and Controls: It is a wireless speaker and works on Bluetooth. Moreover, it runs on the battery that provides 6 hours of power backup on a single charge. There are two control buttons on the back, which offer different sound settings for different environments. You can also connect unlimited numbers of brixs via the two ports featured on the front panel.

Handling: The whole unit is really small and weighs only 499 grams. You can easily carry this speaker in your bag or use the hand strap if you are walking without one.

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Philips Brix Speaker Review and Specifications


  • Sturdy design
  • Two 5 watt speaker units
  • wOOx radiator
  • Bluetooth support
  • Inbuilt battery
  • Hand strap


  • Controls can be confusing

Verdict: If your budget allows for this Bluetooth speaker, then you should stop looking for any alternative and buy this device immediately. This is premium sound system does not entertain the second opinion.

Price 6050 Rupees
Channel 2
Total Output 10 Watts (RMS)
Connectivity Bluetooth, Audio In and Audio Out
Extra Features wOOx Radiator, Volume Controls and Sound Setting Buttons


Philips MMS4000R Multimedia Speaker

The next speaker on our list is the Philips MMS4000R that comes at slightly overblown price of 3,611 rupees. It does offer superior sound quality and a solid build, but emptying a lot of money for only these features, is not a clever decision in my opinion. The other disappointing thing is that this speaker does not look that cool at all.

Sound Quality: Since this speaker offers 2.1 audio channels, you can expect deep bass levels here. The sub-woofer unit contains a huge 4.75-inch driver and both satellite units house a 2.5-inch driver each, which is again kind of disappointing. This speaker system offers the total audio output of 40 Watts (RMS) that helps it in producing really loud sounds.

Connectivity and Controls: At this price, people do expect Bluetooth connectivity on a speaker system. Leaving that aside, you do get a remote in the box that helps in controlling the tracks. Users can also enjoy listening to the music files stored on their portable devices as this speaker has got a USB port and a SD card slot on it. Surprisingly, Philips has equipped this device with a built-in mic that can record audio to the attached USB storage device.

Handling: This speaker system is really heavy at 6KG and also takes a good amount of space on a table. It also features an LED display adjacent to the USB port on the front.

Philips MMS4000R Review Specifications and Price Online in India


  • Built-in mic
  • FM Radio
  • USB port and SD card slot
  • 25-inch subwoofer driver
  • 40 Watt RMS output


  • 5-inch satellite drivers

Verdict: You can get the same type of music listening experience with any other speaker priced around 2500 rupees. Technically you are paying more than 1000 rupees just for the built-in mic.

Price 3611 Rupees
Channel 2.1
Total Output 40 Watts (RMS)
Connectivity USB and SD Card
Extra Features Remote Control, FM Radio, Built-In Mic and LED Display


Philips MMS4040F Wired Speaker

If you like listening to loud music in full volume at home, then there can be no better option than the Philips MMS4040F ultra sound wired speaker. The materials used in the making of this device are of much high quality. This speaker system is good for music listening, movie watching and partying. It is currently available in the market for a price of 2,285 rupees.

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Sound Quality: The 2.1 audio channel promises deep bass and much sharp treble. The combined output of both satellite speakers and the subwoofer is 40 Watts (RMS), which is really high. Audio quality seems to be great, but you may find some distortion on the higher volumes. This speaker system supports a frequency response range of 50-200 Hz.

Connectivity and Controls: You can easily connect two devices with this speaker system as there are two sets of aux ports on the back of the sub-woofer. The top position of USB port and SD card slots makes it easy for the user to connect portable media storage. The speaker system also comes with a remote.

Handling: You might have to clear up some space in your room as this speaker system is really big. The connectivity cables are much long that can result in a mess if your music setup is too small.

Philips MMS4040F Wired Speaker Review Specifications and Price Online In India


  • USB port and SD card slot
  • Wooden cabinet
  • Remote control
  • Deep bass
  • Solid build
  • FM Radio
  • 7 segment LED display


  • Audio gets distorted on higher volume

Verdict: This is speaker system offers a lot in comparison to the price you pay. All the units are made of the wooden cabinet because of which the audio quality increase to much higher level.

Price 2680 Rupees
Channel 2.1
Total Output 4000 Watts (PMPO)
Connectivity USB and SD Card
Extra Features FM Radio and LED Display

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