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Premium Multimedia Speakers at Affordable Indian MRP

JBL Flip Three Bluetooth Speaker

JBL’s Flip series speakers have always attracted customers. This series is known to offer great audio quality at affordable price. Last year, JBL launched the Flip 3 Bluetooth Speaker, which is the third member of this series. Shortly, this device has become famous around the world.

The manufacturer took a long time to launch this famous speaker in India, but when that happened, hundreds of customers started searching for it online. My team wanted to do an in-depth test on this product, so we decided not to publish the review in a hurry.

However, it has been almost two months since we purchased it and now I am finally drafting this review. The discussion here is based on the experience my team has got after using the Flip 3 Bluetooth Speaker. Moreover, I will also try to clear out what special this device has to offer for a luxury price of 8000 rupees.

Professionally Crafted Body

Truth be told it looks like a smaller version of the JBL Xtreme Speaker that I reviewed a few days ago.

The Flip 3 comes in an outer shell that is resistant to splashes and rainfall. The manufacturer has tried to give it an appealing look. Its outer shell is sleek and feels very premium in the hand.

I am very impressed with the compactness of this JBL Bluetooth speaker. You can easily fit it in a small backpack or even try to force into your jeans packet. It has a solid built, durable enough to run for many years without crack or break.JBL Flip 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Superb Audio Production

The lead role of the show here is played by the two 40 mm driver units that manufacturer has positioned on the either side of the device. Both the transducers vibrate along with the beats and generate a wide range of frequencies.

When it comes to bass production, this device might not give an experience similar to that of JBL Xtreme. But the drivers are good enough to throw any other speaker available in this price segment out of competition.

Unfortunately, the Flip 3 Bluetooth Speaker fails to provide any kind of soundstage, which will disappoint music lovers. However, for budget users, it is still a great option to go for.

Does Not Offer Many Interfaces

The regular readers of this website know well I always criticize JBL for not offering modern connectivity options on speakers. In fact, the Flip 3 speaker is no difference story, as it lacks NFC connectivity. I am sure Android users will not appreciate it for poor connectivity options.

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The JBL Connect feature does try to compensate somehow lacking connectivity options. Its Bluetooth range is quite good and you will not get any kind of disconnection problem.

Impressive Power Backup

Massive 3,000-mAh battery on board is capable of delivery 10 hours of battery backup on a single charge. And, in less than 3.5 hours, the battery gets fully charge.


  • Good Bluetooth range
  • Superb build quality
  • Impressive audio
  • JBL Connect


  • Some frequencies start to distort at high volumes
  • No NFC


If we can ignore cons, which in fact do not have much impact on its performance, it is a great speaker to have on your desk. You will hardly find any other speaker that gives a balanced audio output at all frequencies.

Price 8000 Rupees
Dimensions  64 x 169 x 64 mm
Weight 450 grams
Transducer 2
Frequency Response Range 85 – 20000 Hz
Connectivity Aux In and Bluetooth
Microphone Yes
Buy JBL Flip 3


Logitech Z443 Multimedia Speakers

Logitech does not require an introduction. Almost every computer user in the world knows this Swiss brand well. The brand has a good reputation in PC accessories market, particularly in keyboard and computer mouse segment.

The multimedia speaker Z443 is not a recent launch from Logitech, but it has become available in India just a few months back. The brand is planning to introduce a new series of speakers in the world market very soon. However, that will about a year to come to India. Therefore, Logitech Z443 is a viable option if you are in search of a premium speaker available online at an affordable price.

Spend less than 5000 rupees to get this Logitech speaker home. Trust the investment as it, in return, brings some cool features for great music listening experience. See, I am not saying it is free from all cons. I will highlight all its cons and pros so that you take a correct decision. Just for a hint, some of its drawbacks are capable of changing your purchase decision.

Wooden Body

Choice of wood for speaker body is a great decision. The sub-woofer and the satellite units are made up of a special type of wood fiber. The finish of the outer shell gives a nice appeal to the whole setup.

Moreover, the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process is appreciable. All the units are compact and can be installed easily even in smaller places. Moreover, the legs at the base do not allow the units get scratched on a rough surface.Logitech Z443 Multimedia Speakers

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Superior Audio

Although it is a 2.1 channel audio system but you will get a really great experience while listening to music on it. Each of the two satellite units features a 3-inch driver while the sub-woofer unit comes with a really big 5.25-inch driver. This whole setup gives a powerful audio output of 55 Watt.

The wooden enclosure that I mentioned in the above paragraphs not only enhances beauty but also helps in generating mind-pleasing audio. You will certainly get an immersive stereo experience while watching movies.

Onboard Controls

One of the main reasons why I like this speaker system is that its sub-woofer unit features two dials for controlling volume and bass. It would have been nice if treble control is also present there. However, for a price, which is less than 5000 rupees we cannot demand more features.

Limited Connectivity Options

Unfortunately, this speaker system features only a single 3.5mm plug on the back. Instead of including a RCA-In panel, the manufacturer ships a connector in the box.


  • Powerful audio
  • Appealing form factor
  • Compact and sturdy build
  • Stereo effect


  • In the name of connectivity, users are only getting a single 3.5mm plug


For budget customers, these multimedia speakers are a nice package. Use it with home TV, smartphones, computer, or a cinema projector. In fact, with a dedicated Bass control, it is an excellent choice to listen to pop music. Its wooden built is just awesome. Price, brand name, built quality, audio richness everything is perfect except connectivity option.

Price 5000 Rupees
Dimensions (Satellite Units)  110 x 168 x 96 mm
Weight 0.816 KG
Audio Channel 2.1
Connectivity 3.5 mm Audio Plug
Magnetically Shielded Yes
Warranty 2 Years
Buy Logitech Z443

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