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Premium LG Mini Audio System below 18000 Rupees

LG OM4560 All in One Audio System Review Specifications

LG OM4560 Review – All in One Mini Sound system with Bluetooth

LG has gained a wave of approval from most of its new customers recently. In the audio systems arena, it has combined innovativeness with practicality to give users products that are both cheap and convenient. Whereas, Sony and other competitors like Philips are focusing on building either large sound systems or extremely small portable Bluetooth systems, LG is focusing on producing moderately sized audio systems. They are not as massive as Sub-woofer sets, but at the same time, they are not small enough to be called portable.

Their OM4560 mini system is a good example of this new trend that LG has adopted. It can only be referred to as a mini-system, because as small as it is, it can give listeners a Club grade sound output. One guaranteed fact with this new set of mini products, like the OM4560 that LG is developing, is that they are bound to become a hit in the market. For one, they are cheaper than the full Home Theatre sets and at the same time they can produce far much better sounds than Portable Bluetooth systems.

Lovable Design on the LG System

When buying big sound systems, most people are not very particular about their design. As a matter of fact, most people just want to know how powerful the drivers are. For mini systems, however, the design feature is something that people end up checking because the question of power is not as consequential here. We all know there’s no way a 2500W will be as loud as a 10000W, therefore looks matter more here. Knowing this, LG built this particular system to have an impressive facing. On the front side, the system has a big circular speaker shielded beneath the shiny wire netting.

On either side of the main speaker are a tweeter on the left side and a hollow cavity, where all the Bass happens (on the right). On the top of the big circular speaker, you get a control panel with some buttons and a small LCD display. Beneath the display is a CD tray on which you can load MP3 disks. To make it more attractive, the designers included multicolor lighting on this gadget. So you can choose the color you want your system to emit as it plays different songs. The fact that its cube-shaped means that it can fit in every corner of your wall unit. It also has a shiny smooth finishing on its facing and comes only in Black color.

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Irresistible Sound Quality

Even with its small compact shell, the OM4560is a performer. Its 6.5 inch Woofer unit has a power output of 220 Watts. Additionally, the bass is a blast and can scale upto 2500W in PMPO. The tweeter unit measures 2 inches in diameter and does not experience distortion even in high volumes. Also, the system has included other audio toggles that help produce quality sound. These include a key changer that allows users to change the key to the music that’s playing as they please.

You also get a voice canceller on this gadget. This feature is meant to help you sing along with your favorite track as the song’s vocals are reduced leaving only the beats. The bass is excellent and through its fully dedicated Bluetooth app, you can play with the equalizer as you want.

Plenty of connectivity options

LG made sure that users won’t be limited in terms of connectivity with this gadget. It embraces the all new Bluetooth version (V 4.0.3) popularly referred to as Bluetooth on Steroids. With this Bluetooth chip installed on this device, you ca actually connect it to 3 Bluetooth gadgets concurrently. It works on either Android V 4.0 and above or iOS 6 minimum. The Bluetooth version also allows for music streaming, so that music plays on your phone as well as on the audio system unit.

In addition, you can stream music from this system to another bigger woofer, if it is Bluetooth enabled. This is what LG is calling the X-Boom plus feature. Basically, what happens is that you can use the LG OM4560, as a master to the portable Bluetooth player in your bedroom upstairs. So the other player will be playing music that is already playing on the mini system simultaneously.

On the wired side, this audio system supports RCA, MIC and USB connections. You can play music from your phone through a standard 3.5 mm jack that connects the phone to the system. You can also play music from Pen drives and Flash disks through the USB port. The AUX out and AUX in port ports are allowing to connect the OM4560 to other systems through the connectors.

Playback and Karaoke features

The playback utilities on this gadget are astounding. To begin with, it has an Auto DJ functionality. This feature gives users the privilege of listen to music with seamless transitions. It also plays music from CD through its CD players. This feature is further enhanced with a CD to USB recording utility. So you can successfully record music playing on the CD player, to your flash disk inserted into the USB port.

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To help get the most out of the Bluetooth connectivity, LG has integrated the Music Flow app for this system. This app converts your smartphone into a remote control to the system. The extended Karaoke features on this gadget help in transforming your living room into a partying house. You can use the Key changer to actively alter the pitch of music playing on the system, or decide to shut the vocals off so that you can dance to the beats plainly.  As a gaming and Movies audio system, LG allows you to configure the equalizer on this product to match your needs.

Pricing and Verdict

This product is priced at 17800 Rupees in most online outlets, but if you are lucky enough, you can get it at 16700 Rupees. It has at least a year of warranty on it from the manufacturer. My opinion about this Mini-System is that it’s a must have. I liked it and it would be really callous if I asked you not to purchase it. Go for it!

Price 18000 Rupees
Speakers 2 way Woofer Unit and Tweeter unit
Woofer driver size 6.5 inch
Tweeter driver size 2 inch
Output mode Stereo
Amp Output power 220W
FM Radio Yes
Bluetooth Yes (V4.0.3)
CD player Yes (tray type)
Connections USB Type A, RCA Jack, and AUX in/out ports
Dimensions 17.8 x 11.9 x 12.2 inch (WxHxD)
Key changer Yes
LED Lighting Yes with multiple colors
Compatible with Music Flow app Yes

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