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Premium Laptop for Hard Multitask in 55000 Rupees

HP Pavilion 15 ab522tx Keyboard

HP Pavilion 15-ab522tx Laptop

Laptops have evolved a lot in the last couple of years. There were times when professionals used to trust desktops as a sound platform for productive work. Laptops of that era were not powerful enough to handle graphic intensive or processor intensive tasks. However, today’s laptops are even capable of producing 4K videos. Interestingly, nowadays, besides performance and productivity, looks of a laptop has also become a deciding factor.

Portability is the main reason why laptops as a gadget have become famous in today’s IT world. When a customer goes to a store, they want a laptop that offers maximum performance without being bulky. In this regard, the HP Pavilion 15-ab522tx laptop seems to be a perfect choice. Available at 54299 rupees, this laptop comes packed in a compact outer shell and features high performing 6th generation i5 processor. This laptop model will offer you a perfect workspace for both personal and professional usage.

HP Pavilion 15 ab522tx in India

Sturdy and Compact Construction

The first reason to choose this laptop is it is highly compact and is made up of highly durable materials. Metallic finish of the palm rest and other parts of the body gives a great appeal to the eyes. The most surprising thing is it is just 0.99 inches thick. It is great for college students as the users will be able to fit it inside their backpacks. The laptop weighs in at 2.29 KG, which is not a lot considering the alternatives available.

HP has done a great job on the front of ergonomics of this device. Its curved edges offer a premium feel. The palm rest does not get warm no matter how long you work. The unique design of hinges positions the display in a much user-friendly location. You will not have to stress your neck to read the text comfortably.

Wide and Super-Bright Display: This laptop rockets a 15.6-inch display panel that comes molded into 16:09 ratio. The resolution of 1366 X 768 is a kind of downer considering the price point. However, this screen gets bright and the users will have no problem working on it outdoors.

The people who like to watch movies and edit graphics will certainly get disappointed with this device. The viewing angles are bad and the low contrast ratio offers a horrible experience to the users. HP should learn from other brands like Asus and Acer that are featuring relatively better displays in their mid-range laptop segments.

One great relief is the display comes with a layer of scratch resistant material, so there is no need to install a screen protector.

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Offers Great Typing Experience

The display of this laptop might be a downer, but your disappointment will stop just right there. Every other feature of this laptop is highly appreciable. On it, you are getting a full-size Chiclets keyboard that gives a great experience. HP had enough space to increase the size of individual keys. Even the distance between two keys is quite comforting. The people who spend a lot of time typing documents or chatting to friends will fall in love with the keyboard of this laptop.

Typing in the dark can be highly frustrating. This is why the manufacturer has equipped this keyboard with a high-intensity backlit system. Further, you will not notice any kind of LED leaking on the edges of the keyboard, which is quite common on other laptops.

Generates Immersive Audio: Most of the mid-range laptops are quite infamous for their bad audio quality but not this laptop. It comes equipped with a set of two high power speakers that are also capable of generating stereo effect. The audio that is produced is enough loud that the users would not need to purchase an extra set of speakers for listening to music. Bang & Olufsen a reputable brand in the music industry, manufacture the speakers. The speaker grill has the placement just above the keypad and the audio directly hits the ears of users.

Good for Productivity Related Tasks

At the heart of this laptop is a 6th generation i5-6200U processor that clocks at a base frequency of 2.3 GHz. You also get the option to turn on the turbo boost feature that pushes the clock speed up to 2.8 GHz. Its two cores are capable of running four threads flawlessly.

Preloaded RAM stick with 8GB of DDR3 memory will offer sufficient space to the background applications that the users will not notice any kind of frame drops or lags. However, the users always have the option to add another 8GB stick if their work requires working on multiple RAM hungry apps simultaneously.

HP Pavilion 15 ab522tx Price Online

I have tested this laptop by running graphic editing software like Adobe Photoshop and video editing software like Adobe Premier Pro. In my experience, both its processor and RAM handled the task of rendering without any problem. However, the only thing that irritated me was the fan and Hard Disk noise.

The device features a one TB of SATA HDD space, which is another disappointment to me. It could have been a better product if HP had decided to equip it with a 512 GB of SSD instead of an HDD. Solid State Drives offer much high read & write speed. They also increase the boot-up time of the device.

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Capable Of Running Graphic Intensive Games: Perhaps, it is the most affordable gaming laptop that you can buy right now. The dedicated nVIDIA GeForce 940M graphic card comes with 4GB of DDR3 memory and can run even the most graphic intensive games.

Since the launch, the HP laptop ab522tx has been appreciated gamers community. You can flawlessly run games like GTA 5 and Fallout 4 at moderate settings. At the highest settings, I did find this laptop to be suffering from minor lags, but that was manageable.

Windows 10 Home Operating System Loaded

The HP ab522tx laptop runs a fully licensed version of Microsoft Windows 10 Home. The interface of the OS is a lot better than the earlier versions. Preloaded assistant “Cortana” works like a charm. The end users will also love the new Edge browser that has replaced Internet Explorer.

You might find some bugs as it is a new operating system. However, do not worry as Microsoft is working hard to solve them through frequent OTA updates.

HP Pavilion 15 ab522tx Keyboard

Nice Connectivity Features: It is really a great thing that HP was able to make this laptop highly portable without cutting down the list of connectivity features. It comes with an Ethernet port and a full-size HDMI port. In total, you can find two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port on this laptop. The manufacturer has also featured an 8X DVD Writer on the left side.

Unfortunately, this laptop still supports an old version (b/g/n) of Wireless LAN, which means you will not be able to play network games wirelessly.

Pro Features:

  • 6th Gen i5 processor
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Eye-catching design
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Good for gaming as well as productivity
  • Compact
  • Features optical disk drive
  • Great audio quality


  • Display quality is not that great
  • Average battery backup

Verdict: This HP laptop will prove to be a good deal for the price. I do not know of any other laptop in the market that offers such a great performance and looks so great. If you can manage with the display quality, then there cannot be a better solution than the HP ab522tx. Read also 4 Best Selling HP Laptops for Every Day Use below 40000 Rupees.

Operating System 64-bit Windows 10
Display 15.6 inch, HD, LED, 1366 x 768 Pixels, HD BrightView WLED-backlit Display
Processor Intel Core i5 6th Gen 6200U, 2.3 GHz
RAM DDR3 8GB RAM, 2 Memory Slot, up to 16GB RAM support, Speed @ 1600 MHz, 1 x 8 Gigabyte
GPU NVIDIA GeForce 940M, 4GB
Storage 1TB, SATA, 5400 RPM
Ports 2 X USB 3.0, 1 X USB 2.0, HDMI, Ethernet, Combined Audio Out/Microphone In, Digital Multi Card Slot
Other Connectivity Options Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0
Extra Features Webcam and Inbuilt Microphone
Dimensions 0.99 x 15.14 x 10.28 inches
Weight 2.29 KG
Battery 4-Cell, Li-ion, 65 W AC Adapter W
Sound Dual Speakers,   HD Audio Solution, Bang & Olufsen
Warranty One Year
Peripherals   SuperMulti DVD burner, 8x SuperMulti DVD burner, Island-style Backlit Keyboard, HP ImagePad with Multi-Touch Gesture support
In The Box Laptop, Adapter, Battery and User Guide
Buy 55000 Rupees
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