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Premium Dual Band Wireless Router In India

Asus AC750 RT AC52U Dual-Band Wireless Router

You might not have heard a lot about Asus in the router world, but it does make quality routers. In fact, some of its high-speed routers are even appreciated by pro gamers around the world. The next product on our list is the Asus AC750 Dual-Band Wireless Router, which can be purchased for an amount of 5500 rupees. Read also Looking a Wireless Dual Band Router? Try Netgear Smart Router.

Good Connectivity Options: It might sound foolish that we are discussing connectivity options of the router, but believe me, this is necessary in order to present clarity about it. USB port on the back panel can be used to attach a storage device. Although the speed that you will get while transferring data from a USB device will not be that high, but it will be enough to stream HD contents. One unique fact here is the same USB port can also be used to connect a printer to the local area network. The router also sports four Ethernet ports to connect many devices over the wire.

Dual Band and 802.11ac Standard Support: This Asus router offers IEEE 802.11ac standard support because of which the throughput at 5-GHz frequency gets increased up to 433 Mbps. My advice would be to use the 2.4-GHz band for distant devices and 5-GHz band for the devices that are located near the router. The router can be used in many ways including as a network repeater, access point and also as a media bridge.

Asus AC750 RT AC52U Dual Band Wireless Router Review Specifications Price Online in India

Security Features of this Asus Wireless Router

The Wireless Protected Setup button on the back allows the user to connect devices without entering any kind of password. Another great thing is that this router is highly secure and supports all the modern security standards like WPA and WPA2.

Guest network support and parental controls can also be managed through the setup page. On-router VPN setup is also supported. To manage everything easily and without much hassle, users can install a dedicated app on their smartphones.


  • Can achieve transfer speed up to 300 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and up to 433 Mbps at 5 GHz
  • USB port can be used to connect storage devices and printers
  • WPS button
  • Parental controls to block inappropriate websites
  • Guest network
  • 11ac standard
  • VPN support

Cons: Cannot be used to play HD games

Verdict: The price of Asus AC750 RT AC52U wireless router is not in a perfect balance with the features that it offers. A good option would be to increase your budget and buy a high-end dual-band gaming router.

Band Dual, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
USB Ports 1
LAN Ports 4
Security WPA and WPA2-PSK
WPS Button Yes
Total Wireless Speed 733 mbps
Extra Features Guest Networks, VPN and Parental Control
Buy 5500 Rupees


NetGear WNDR4500 N900 Wireless Dual Band Gaming Router

Netgear is probably the best brand when it comes to reliability and good customer support. Its products are always durable and also come at a reasonable price. While doing the background research, the NetGear WNDR4500 Wireless Router caught my eyes with the features that it offers. This device is meant for users who like to play HD games or stream 4K videos.

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Stunning Design: The manufacturer has done a lot of hard work on the design of this device. I am sure you will be stunned by the looks of its outer shell. It is a vertical router and the front cover features a reflective finish. The main body itself rests on a transparent plastic stand that provides a premium feel to it. To keep the main board cool, there are air vents at the top and bottom of the outer shell.

High Speed Data Transfer: Even though it is not an 802.11ac standard router but its speed is really appreciable. The maximum throughput that can be achieved is 900 Mbps, which will be enough for all your requirements. Moreover, if you are okay with wired connections, then the transfer rates can jump up to 1 Gigabit/per second. Netgear has also improved the wireless range of this device so that distant devices can also get good reception. Another great thing to be mention here would be the dual band support. Users can run this router at 5-GHz or 2.4-GHz or at both frequencies simultaneously.

NetGear WNDR4500 N900 Wireless Dual Band Gaming Router Review Specifications Price Online in India

A Bunch of Onboard Features comes with this NetGear Gaming Router

This router comes equipped with two USB ports on the back, both of which can be used to attach storage devices. You also get four LAN ports to connect this router with other devices through wires. Considering the setup requirement of modern devices, Netgear has also provided a WPS button on this device. Parents can also block those websites which are not considered appropriate for children via the setup page. Guest network creation is also possible on this router.

You can also download a dedicated application on your smartphone to manage this device on the go.


  • GENIE app for Android and iOS devices
  • Mind blowing design
  • Gigabit wired connection
  • Dual band
  • WPS button
  • WPA and WPA2 security options
  • Parental Controls
  • Guest network

Cons: 11ac standard is not supported as it is an old router

Verdict: This router was launched a couple of years ago, but its popularity has not reduced since then. It is one of the favorite devices of PRO gamers. Considering the network technology of India, this router will remain your reliable companion even after three years from now.

Band Dual, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
USB Ports 2
LAN Ports 4
Security WPA and WPA2-PSK
WPS Button Yes
Total Wireless Speed 900 mbps
Extra Features Guest Networks, DLNA and Parental Control
Buy 9200 Rupees


TP-Link ARCHER C20 AC750 Wireless Dual Band Router

Dual-band routers are generally priced too high and customers are forced to buy them since alternatives in the market is very less. However, TP-LINK has done a good job of starting a competition among router manufacturers. Its products are priced considerably low in comparison with their counterparts manufactured by popular brands like D-Link. However, I must say here the brand TP-Link fails to provide a good post-purchase service to customers. Some of my friends have even faced this problem.

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Keeping the customer service problem aside, let’s move on to our review of the TP-LINK AC 750 Wireless Dual Band Router that comes at a really exceptional price of 2299 rupees.

802.11ac Standard at 5 GHz: The dual band functionality will certainly be appreciated by the users who have a lot of devices that need high-speed network connection. This device can also be regarded as a budget gaming router as it offers 802.11ac connectivity at 5-GHz frequency. However, the maximum throughput at 2.4 GHz is 300 Mbps and that of 5 GHz is 433 Mbps only.

TP LINK AC 750 WIRELESS DUAL BAND ROUTER Review Specifications Price Online in India

Offers Some Interesting Extra Features with TP_Link Wireless Router

TP-LINK has provided a USB port on the back, which can be used to attach a storage device to this router. Moreover, the files on the storage device can be easily accessed throughout the network. You can even play the media files on a DLNA supported Television. If you do not want the guest to use your main network, then a dedicated Guest network can also be confirmed from the setup page. In total, this router is capable of running three wireless networks simultaneously.

Ease of Use: The manufacturer has designed this device in a way that enhances the experience of users. Dedicated power and wireless buttons are provided on the back so that users do not have to wait too long while doing a soft-reset. Users who do not like entering the wireless activation password manually can use the WPS button located on the right side of the port panel.


  • Dual band
  • IEEE 802.11ac standard is supported at 5 GHz frequency
  • Guest networks
  • USB port
  • Good for running moderate games and streaming HD videos
  • No heating issues

Cons: Poor customer service

Verdict: Apart from irresponsible customer service, there is nothing that can be said against this device. If the budget is tight and you badly want a high-speed router, then this product is the best option. However, be aware of the price while purchasing this router because some online vendors are selling it at a high price.

Band Dual, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
USB Ports 1
LAN Ports 4
Security WPA and WPA2-PSK
WPS Button Yes
Total Wireless Speed 750 mbps
Extra Features Guest Networks, VPN and Parental Control
Buy 7600 Rupees


Xiaomi Mini Wireless Router Dual Band

Xiaomi is doing a really great job in the electronic market by launching new kinds of products every year at unbelievable prices. This brand entered India by launching a smartphone and now it sells a plethora of electronic devices in this country. The product that we are going to discuss today is new in the market, but it is indeed very special.

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The Xiaomi Mini Wireless Router runs on 802.11 AC standard and comes in a compact outer shell. However, I do not like the fact that most of the sellers are selling this product for more than 9,000 rupees because outside India anyone can get it for under US $50.

Xiaomi Mini Wireless Router in India

Dual Band: This mini router can work with both 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz frequencies. You might ask why we still need 2.4 GHz connectivity on a router. Well, the main reason behind this is most of the devices that we use including old laptops and smartphones are not compatible with 5-GHz networks. And, the second reason is that radio waves have more chance of penetrating thick surfaces at 2.4-GHz than at 5-GHz.

This Xiaomi Router comes in a Sleek and Compact Body

There is a reason why Xiaomi has attached the word ‘Mini’ to the name of this router. The body of this device is so small and thin that you would not believe it is a router on the first look. Moreover, this router offers the same form factor that Apple’s Magic Track Pad comes with. There is also a big air vent at the bottom because of which the router never gets hot even on a busy day.

802.11ac Standard: You will be able to enjoy speeds up to 1-GBPS on this router as it supports the latest IEEE 802.11ac standard. The antennas on either side of the router body can be only rotated in one direction because of which network efficiency gets reduced. However, the worst thing is that the two LAN ports on the back can only transfer data at a maximum speed of 100 Mbps. Xiaomi has also provided a USB port on this router to expand the connectivity options of the users. The router sports a MediaTek MT7620A chipset, which clocks at 580 MHz. It can also be used as a network bridge or wireless repeater for your home.

Xiaomi Mini Wireless Router Review Specifications Price Online


  • Dual band router
  • Supports multiple network standards including 802.11ac, 802.11n and 802.11g
  • Dual antennas
  • Sleek design
  • Air vent
  • USB port on the back
  • Throughput up to 1167 MBPS


  • Only two LAN ports
  • Users will not get speeds more than 100 MPBS in the case of wired connection

Verdict: This Xiaomi router is a good device, but not at its current price. You should wait until some new sellers come into the market and the price gets reduced.

Band Dual, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
USB Ports 1
LAN Ports 4
Security WPA and WPA2-PSK
WPS Button Yes
Total Wireless Speed 1167 mbps
Extra Features VPN
Buy 9360 Rupees