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Powerful Sony Hi-Fi System with CD Player and FM Radio

Sony MHC-ECL7D Mini Hi-Fi System Review Specifications

Sony MHC-ECL7D Mini Hi-Fi System

In order to counter the competition that has emerged among audio system producers, Sony has developed its own mini Sound system, too. It seems that the moderately sized systems are selling well, hence Sony’s decision to build their own mini version. Their entry in this lucrative series is the Sony MHC-ECL7D Hi-Fi System. It is creatively designed, but unlike in other competitor models like those from LG, Sony has reduced the fanciness in order to major with sound output.

Even though it still looks awesome, it cannot match the LG version. However, when it comes to sound output, the MHC-ECL7D Mini has almost doubled the output of the LG minis. I hate to say that Sony never included Bluetooth functionality in this system, but at least there is a compensation from its lower price. But I still think the developers would have included even the flimsiest Bluetooth version on this sound system.

The Sony Music System has an Appealing design

Although Sony did not build this product as one solid block, it still maintains a compact shape, if the detachable speakers remain fastened on the main unit. It has a smooth black finishing with a glossy coating. But I would suggest that you be very careful with placing objects adjacent to this device. That black polishing appears to be the kind that scratches easily. This system isn’t as bulky as it looks owing to the fact that the speakers are detachable and can be ferried separately from the main unit. It is also not as heavy as the main unit only weighs 2.4-kilograms, whereas the speakers weigh 2.5 kilograms each. Read also Best 7 Boom Box Under 5000 Rupees in India.

The dimensions are 77 by 38.2 by 34.6 (W x H x D) centimeters in total. However, the main unit is smaller, as it only measures 19.3 by 30 by 26 centimeters, the rest of the measurements belong to the adjacent speakers. Thus the speakers form the bulk part of this product. I like the Diamond-like edges on the facing of this product and especially on the projected LCD display. The plastic feels sturdy though susceptible to scratching if one is not careful.

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User-Friendly Connectivity options with this Hi-Fi Music System

Although this product lacks Bluetooth connectivity, users still have more than enough ways to connect with this system. To start with, it has a USB port from which you can play music from flash disks and pen drives. It also has an AUX in port, an RCA port and a 3.5 mm jack port to connect to tablets and smartphones. It doesn’t have an HDMI port nor Wi-Fi connectivity.

Speakers are wired and there is a component video input port on this product. Most of its ports are found at the back. Although there is an AUX in port at the very bottom part of the main unit’s front-facing. It also has an FM Radio with AM and FM reception. Sony also included a remote control for easy use.

Excellent Sound output: This product is very powerful in terms of sound output. Considering that it’s just a mini system, the 5170-Watt PMPO rating is commendable. Both speakers are fitted with a 16-centimeter driver for the woofer and a small 4cm driver for the tweeter. The total RMS output for this product is 470 W. This Hi-Fi system is enhanced with Dolby digital technologies to ensure utter clarity in the sound output. Sony included a Microphone utility on this product which allows users to sing to their favorite tracks as they play.

However, if I compare it to sound systems in its price range from LG, this system is just loud but the quality of sound isn’t as good as in its LG counterparts. My speculation is that the designers of this product did not include Fiberglass shielding in the speaker cabinets. So the system is just loud but vibrates a lot, so there’s some bit of distortion.

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Playback features of this Music System

The Sony MHC-ECL7D Mini is built to play a wide range of music formats. Among these supported formats are WMA, MP3 and some other video formats such as AVI, MPEG, MPG, MKV, DivX, and WMV. It, however, lacks 3D playback and Karaoke features. This was a big failure on Sony’s part. I mean, including a few toggles to change the sound atmosphere, wouldn’t be as difficult really. Nevertheless, this system supports CD playback and can play even video CDs.

I, however, hate the fact that Sony did not include a direct shift to tracks by pressing their track numbers on the remote. For example, if you want to listen to a Track number 23, you have to forward the tracks one by one. So you will press the next button 23 times to get to your song. In most mini systems, especially those from Philips, all you have to do is press the track number on the remote and there you have your song playing.

Even so, Sony has included a shortcut to this playback flaw, but you will need to connect the system to a TV. Once you have connected it to a television, the track list will appear on the screen and you can scroll your track through the screen. The only weakness with this process is that you will need to install an external splitter to switch from DVD to TV on this product. Unfortunately, the splitter tool is to be bought separately from the product.

Should you buy this Sony Music Master? Find out

On the positive side, this system has an attractive design and the drivers are powerful. All the same, I think the flaws of this product are more than the strengths. To start with, the FM radio has a bad reception, especially if you are going to use it in a remote area. It lacks a video component output which would give a clearer picture on your TV screen, similar to what you would get from an HDMI port. Instead, it has a single cable output that actually requires a splitter before projection.

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The part I hate most is that this system has no wireless connectivity. Sony would have allowed this product to have just a simple Bluetooth functionality.

Pricing and Verdict: It’s true that this sound system is cheaper than most of its competitor models. It is priced at 15990 Rupees, but I would find it wise to add on 3000 rupees onto this price and buy something with all the vital stuff that this system lacks. The only situation that would allow me to advise you to buy this system is – if you don’t have even a single coin to add on its 16000 Rupees price tag.

Price 16000 Rupees
Brand Sony
Total Power Output (RMS) 470 Watts
PMPO output 5170 Watts
CD playback Yes
Supported Formats MP3, WMA, AVI, DivX, MPG, MKV, MP4, WMV
FM radio Yes
Wireless (Bluetooth) No
Ports USB, RCA, and AUX in
Weight Main Unit(2.4 kg) Speakers(2.5 kg each)
Parts 3
Dimensions 77 x 38.2 x 34.6 cm ( W x H x D)
Speaker connections Wired