Which is the best power bank under 1000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling power banks from 300 to 1000 Rupees price range. All the suggested power banks are currently a top favorite of buyers.

► What are factors to consider while buying a power bank?

→ Brand Reputation: Manufacturers may claim that their power banks have 10000-mAh capacity or 26000-mAh capacity to lure customer. The big claim of the massive capacity is not right often, however. Most of the power banks on sale in the Indian market are China made. Recently, Chinese’s influential CCTV conducted market research on power banks. The outcome suggests that against the claim, branded power banks have only 60 to 80% capacity and only 20 to 50% in case of non-branded. Therefore, in the selection of the best power bank, brand name does matters.

→ Capacity: The latest variants of power banks in the market have sufficient capacity. Currently, the best capacity on a 1000 Rupees power bank is 15000-mAh. In fact, even top brands provide minimum 10000-mAh capacity to its power banks – on sell under 1000 Rupees. This much power is enough to keep your smartphone and tablet working while traveling the longest distance – from Kanyakumari to Sharda Devi Shakti Peetha in Kashmir.

→ Charging Speed: While a vast capacity of a power bank is an advantage, fueling up the same becomes a considerable challenge. To charge a power bank with 10000-mAh capacity by a 1-Amp charger would take some 7 to 9 hours. However, the same would reduce to just 5 to 6 hours if used a 2-Amp charger. Similarly how fast a power bank is — in charging a smartphone also matters. A power bank holds a considerable capacity, but if it cannot charge at a fast rate, you would soon be irritated with it.

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Security Features: Without the necessary protection, power banks are potential low-intensity bombs. Therefore, security features such as overcharging protection are one of the critical parameters I used in the selection of the best power bank under 1000 rupees here.

Add-On Features: Nowadays power banks come with lots of added convenience features also. For instance, the power banks of the brand Billion have LED Torch built-in. That indeed helps in case of a power cut.

► What capacity power bank to buy?

In my opinion, a power bank should have the capacity not more than 10000-mAh when the connectivity ports are conventional. A higher capacity makes sense on a power bank with the latest connectivity option, such as USB-type C.

10000-mAh capacity on a power bank is enough to ensure your smartphone continue to operate at least for three days. Ideally, you should charge your phone by plugging your phone charger into a power socket. A power bank should be an emergency backup solution.

Everyone knows that cell or battery is made using chemicals. Chemicals are safe as long as used in a controlled environment. You must have heard news related to battery blast. A power bank could easily blast or catch fire. Thus, a power bank with smaller battery in your pant pocket, on your working desk or in your bag is always safer.

☼ 10000-mAh URBN Power Bank

Most power banks on sale have frivolous claims about their battery backup. Power banks usually have only 60 to 70% of the actual battery capacity mentioned in their specs sheet. In the case of non-branded power banks, the same could go to as low as 20 to 40%. Thus, it is always advisable that buy a branded power bank.

URBN 10000 mAh Li-Polymer Ultra Compact Power Bank

For a reliable power bank of 1000 Rupees with fast input & output charging, URBN is one recommended brand. The URBN 1000 Rupees bank is ideal for charging all smartphones irrespective of their operating system. It weighs only 180 grams. Thus, it is the lightest power bank with a 10000-mAh capacity. With two USB ports for output supply on this power bank, you can charge up to two devices simultaneously.

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As I said in the beginning, manufacturers' claims often do not match the actual performance of their power bank. However, the same does not apply to the URBN power bank entirely.

Price ₹999 → Amazon
Features 12W Fast Charging | Power Storage: 10000-mAh | Made in India | Dual USB Output: 2.4V 5V Fast Charger | Type-C Input | Weight: 180 Grams | 4-Level Protection for Safe Charging | LED Indicator | BIS Certification


► 11000-mAh Philips Power Bank {DLP6006B}

The Philips power bank with 11000-mAh capacity is a better option than Mi power bank with only 10000-mAh capacity. Also, it is more affordable. Its current market price is 799 Rupees whereas you will have to spend 899 Rupees to get the Mi power bank. Besides, Philips provides 12-months warranty, 6-months more than only 6-months warranty offered by Xiaomi Mi. As far as product durability is concerned, I hold a much higher regard for Philips than I do for Xiaomi Mi.

Philips 11000 mAh Power Bank DLP6006B

Philips DLP6006B power bank features a Li-ion battery. Its body has a rough leatherette finish, unlike the very slippery surface of the Mi power bank. So, you will feel comfortable holding it in your hand. The build quality of this Philips power bank is much better than the build quality of Mi power bank. No doubt about it.

With three output ports, this Philips power bank can charge up to three mobile phones simultaneously. It also has a LED Bulb. With that, it becomes a fully functional LED torch.

With close to 2.5 Lakhs ratings at Flipkart, undoubtedly Philips DLP6006B is the best mobile power bank under 1000 Rupees. Go for it!

Price 799 Rupees
Feature Power Bank | LED Torch | 12-Months Warranty
Power Input: 5V/1Amp | Output: {5V/2.1Amp, 5V/1Amp}
Build 3 USB Power Output Ports | 1 USB Power Input Port | LED Bulb | Dimensions (WHD): 65×144×23 mm
Sales Box Power Bank | Charging Cable | Documents


► 13000-mAh Rock Power Bank

If you are looking for a high capacity power bank under 1000 Rupees, turn to a Chinese brand. Hong-Kong based Chinese brand Rock sells good quality, but affordable power banks. The highest capacity on a power bank it provides is 20,000-mAh. That variant is on sale for 1200 Rupees only. A Chinese brand could make a power bank that cheap.

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Here we are only discussing the best power bank in 1000 Rupees. So, let us see what this Chinese brand has to offer on a 1000 Rupees power bank. The best capacity, it offers on a power bank under 1000 Rupees is 13000-mAh. You need to pay only 800 Rupees to order it.

Rock 13000 mAh Power Bank in 800 Rupees

I usually do not recommend non-branded China made products because of certain, uncertainty of their reliability. The reasons to include here this ROCK brand power bank are many, however. First is high capacity. Second is USB Type-C support. Moreover, third is faster power output. The heavy-duty power bank gets charged quickly. It can charge supporting devices at a much faster rate than its alternatives, withal.

The Rock 13000-mAh power bank is the only option under 1000 Rupees has USB-Type C connectivity. The rest of its features are almost as good as other power banks have. Further, the power bank is made of hard fireproof plastic. In spite of a massive battery onboard, it weighs only 325-grams.

This 1000 Rupees power bank could be an excellent option for those who care less about the brand name. Considering the price, the Rock 13000-mAh power bank is indeed a risk worth taking.

Price 800 Rupees
Capacity 13000 mAh
Security Features  Fireproof ABS and PC
Suitable for Smartphone, feature phone
Weight 325 grams
Output Ports 2
Power Supply  5 V/ 2 A, Type C, Charging Time: 8.5 hrs.
Output Power 5 V/2.4 A
Dimensions ( LWH ) 159 x 62.5 x 23 mm
Features 12-Months Warranty


► 15000-mAh Billion Power Bank

For a high capacity power bank in low cost, Mi is no longer the best brand in the Indian market. Now the best brand is Billion. Billion power banks are Made-in-India product.
Further, Billion power banks are faster, reliable, and available in the high capacity as well. Therefore, there is every reason why should you buy a Billion power bank. Billion offers a one-year warranty against manufacturing defect.

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There are two power bank variants of this Indian brand on sale. The first variant with 10000-mAh capacity, weight 260 grams and is on sale for 800 Rupees. Another variant has the capacity of 15000 mAh. It weighs 320 grams. You can order it by paying 1000 Rupees. Between them, the best option is the latter. Both the power banks can retain power — up to 12 months with the loss, not more than 30%.

Billion 15000 mAh Power Bank 1000 Rupees Power Bank

Both the variant have the same features. The only apparent variance between them is the power capacity onboard. Thus, the best 1000 Rupees power bank is the variant with 15000-mAh capacity.

The manufacturer of the power bank has limited its use for fueling up smartphones and mobile phones only. Here smartphone means all smartphones irrespective of their operating system, Android and iOS.

Remarkable is the build and design of the Billion power bank. A metallic finish on the compact build of the unit makes it looks attractive.

Primarily there are only two factors to measure the excellence of a power bank. How quickly it gets charged is first and second is the ability to charge supporting devices at a fast rate.

My MI power bank with 10000-mAh capacity takes about 7-hours to get fully charged. However, almost in the time, Billion’s 15000-mAh power bank gets charged. Similarly, the power bank can also charge a smartphone at a faster speed than the Mi Power bank could. Thus, Billion undoubtedly is the best brand for power bank under 1000 Rupees.

Added feature LED Torchlight saves money – you might spend in buying a Torch. In case of electricity cut, I would be least interested in wasting my smartphone battery by lighting its LED flashlight. Thus, built-in LED torch on the 1000 Rupees power bank is indeed a worthy feature.

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Do Billion power banks support fast charging? As per old standards, it does support since its output power is up to 2.1-Amp. However, the latest standard for quick charging is based on USB-Type C. It is one of the fastest power banks under 1000 Rupees, nevertheless.

Price 1000 Rupees
Capacity 15000 mAh
Specialty Made in India Power Bank
Suitable for Mobile Phone, Smartphone, Android, Apple
Weight 320 grams
Output Ports 2
Power Supply 5V / 2A
Output Power 5V / 2.1A
Dimensions ( L × W × H ) 160 × 69 × 23 mm
Features LED Torch Light & Battery Level Indicator


► 10000-mAh Mi Power Bank with Security Feature

Xiaomi also gets credit to disrupt power bank sector. Before Mi power bank in the market, Power bank used to a costly thing. My first power bank was a Mi power bank with 10000-mAh capacity. I am still using it. I bought it when Xiaomi launched it the first time in the Indian market.

Build quality, durability, and reliability. Everything is still copacetic on my Mi power bank. I had not expected such durability from a Mi product. In spite of it being a nine-month-old power bank now, it can still twice fully charge my Asus Max, which has 5000-mAh battery.

mi 10000 mAh 1000 Rupees Power Bank

Thus, if you are also looking for a reliable, and not ready to trust the Billion product, Xiaomi Mi is the second best power bank brand for 1000 Rupees power banks.

Two Mi power bank variants with 10000-mAh and 20000-mAh capacity are on sale currently. The best in them is obliviously the one that has 10000-mAh capacity. To charge the 20000-mAh power bank would take about 24-hours using a regular charger. That is not a practical thing in everyday use. Then there are security risks associated with a power bank having such a higher capacity, also.

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The best 1000 Rupees Mi power bank comes with the required security protection. With two power output ports, it can charge two devices simultaneously. It weighs only 240 grams. Thus, it is the lightest power bank with 10000-mAh battery on sale.

Price 900 Rupees
Capacity 10000 mAh
Security Features 9 Layer Circuit Chip Protection
Suitable for Mobile Phone, Smartphone, Android, Apple
Weight 240 grams
Output Ports 2
Power Supply 5V / 2A
Output Power 5.1 V/2.4 A, 9 V/2 A, 12 V/1.5 A
Dimensions ( LWH ) 147 × 71.2 × 14.2 mm
Features Battery Level Indicator


► 10000-mAh Syska Power Bank

Syska, famous for home power solution — is one of the top five Indian brands for power bank. The maximum capacity this Indian brand offers on its power bank is 20,000-mAh. Cost of the heavy-duty power bank is 1800 Rupees. At 900 Rupees, Syska has a top-rated power bank with 10000-mAh capacity.

The low-cost power bank comes with many security features. That includes protection for overcharging and short circuit. Further, its build is impressive as made of ABS material. It is lightweight, too.

Syska 10000 mAh power bank in 900 Rupees

As per old norms for quick charging, this 1000 Rupees power bank does have fast charging feature. In fact, it limits output power supply to 2.1-Amp only. Its power retention days are around 20 to 25 days. Charging it with a 1-Amp charger would take about nine to ten hours. Using a fast charger, a 2-Amp charger, you could reduce the time required to charge it fully, to just five hours.

This Syska power bank has 4.1 rating on Flipkart. That is based on some ninety thousand users’ ratings. In terms of rating, it competes with the Lenovo power bank, which has 10400-mAh battery and costs 1000 Rupees.

Price 900 Rupees
Capacity 10000 mAh
Suitable for  Smartphone, feature phone
Weight 285 grams
Output Ports  Precise IC protection to protect from overcharging, short circuit, and over discharging
Power Supply  5 V/2 A
Charging Port 2
Output Power  5 V/2.1 A
Dimensions ( L × W × H ) 141 × 62.1 × 22 mm
Features ABS Build, 6-month warranty


► 15000-mAh Ambrane Power Bank

Ambrane is one of the dominating power bank brands with some 50+ models of efficient power bank on sale. The top model of the brand has got so far close to 1.3-Lakh Ratings on Flipkart. That is an incredible rating. In fact, that asserts what the brand is capable of producing.

The top-rated power bank has 10000-mAh battery capacity. It dons a sturdy body with an impressive build. The cost of this power bank under 1000 Rupees is only 850 Rupees. Further, the most advanced Ambrane power bank comes with 26800-mAh battery. The price of the heavy-duty power bank is only 2500 Rupees.

Ambrane 12500 mAh best Indian brand 1000 Rupees Power Bank

The maximum capacity, however, this Indian brand provides on its 1000 Rupees power bank is 15000-mAh. In a hard plastic shell, the power bank has a solid build and looks pretty, too. Officially not confirmed but users of this power bank have reported its weight could be anything above 400-grams. Yes, it is heavy.

The Ambrane power bank is fast in charging devices, but it is slow in loading charge. By using a regular charge that comes with a branded budget smartphones – would take not less than 12-hours to charge it fully.

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Security features on this high capacity power bank are many. That is a good thing. Isn’t it? Besides, it can retain charge up to a month. It takes about 60 to 70 minutes to charge a branded smartphone with 4000-mAh battery. However, this 1000 Rupees power bank could get warm enough during a charging session.

Conclusion: What goes in favor of this Ambrane power bank is that you can use it to charge any gadget that supports USB charging, requires 5V input. However, it being utterly slow in getting full charged is disappointing. Charging by this power bank is fast, however. Is it a power bank with 15000-mAh capacity? I doubt.

Price 1000 Rupees
Capacity 12500 mAh
Security Features PTC Protective Circuits, Temperature Resistive, Reset Mechanism
Suitable for Smartphones, Tablet, Laptops, Apple Devices, Other USB Devices
Output Ports 2
Power Supply Input- 5V/1.5A
Output Power 5V/2.1A
Charging Time Close to 12 Hour
Features Battery Level Indicator
Weight About 420 grams
Charging Temp 0°C – 45°C (Typically)
Discharging Temp 10°C – +50°C (Typically)


► 11000-mAh Intex Power Bank

Along with Ambrane, Intex is one of the best Indian brands for a reliable power bank. The maximum capacity Intex offers currently is 20000-mAh. In its 1000 Rupees power bank has 11000-mAh capacity, however.

The Intex 11000-mAh is the most rated power bank on Flipkart. It looks impressive with an excellent 4-star rating based on more than 2.5-Lakh user’s rating. Thus, the most popular power bank in the Indian market is a product of Intex.

Intex 11000 mAh Power Bank

Why buyers prefer an Intex power bank to the products of Mi, Lenovo, and other top brands? The features and technical specs of this 11000-mAh power bank reveal that.

The Intex power bank is lighter than competing options despite a more massive capacity battery it has. Is it a power bank with 11000-mAh battery, this question is relevant, then. Further, the input and output power feature of this power bank is as useful as any other power bank in 1000 Rupees.

Besides the Billion 1000 Rupees Power Bank, only this Intex heavy-duty power bank comes with a built-in torch. Such feature for convenience is indeed a great help during an emergency. LED notification to indicate charging status and battery level is also present on it.

The best-selling power bank has three USB ports. Thus, it could charge up to three mobile phones in one go. Fueling up the power bank using a regular charger would take about eight to ten hours. However, the same reduced to about five hours if used a 2-Amp charger.

Price 1000 Rupees
Capacity 11000 mAh
Suitable for  Feature Mobile Phone, Android Smartphone
Weight  280-Grams
Output Ports 3
Power Supply 5v/2.1 A(Max)
Output Power 5V 1A, 5V2A & 5V 2A
Dimensions ( L × W × H ) 142×63×26 mm
Features  Built-in Torch, Life Cycle: > 500 Times

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