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Best Portable Wireless Speaker under 5000 Rupees

Best Portable Wireless Speaker in 4000 to 5000 Rupees Price

What is portable wireless speaker? A portable wireless speaker communicates with an audio producing system wirelessly. It comes in a compact build such that one can carry it in a pocket, backpack, or in hand. Therefore, to distinguish from the wireless speaker systems, which requires either tabletop or wall-mount installation, it has been referred to “portable.”

Further, a portable wireless speaker comes with chargeable battery and wireless communication technology. Currently, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC are three established wireless communication technologies. Depending on the price, a portable wireless speaker will have either one, two or all three ways of wireless communication with an audio producing system.

Which portable wireless speaker is best under 5000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best portable wireless speaker in 4000 to 5000 Rupees price. Here you read about the best portable Bluetooth speakers of top speaker brands in India market Samsung, Ultimate, Sony, Envent, and others.

► 24W Tribit StormBox Bluetooth Speaker

Tribit is an American brand for speakers, headphones, and earphones. By looking at the products of this brand, we are very sure that it will be a top player in the global speaker market soon. The instant success of Tribit StormBox Bluetooth Speaker is a clear example of our assessment. Within one month of its launch in India market, it has become a best-seller. This Tribit wireless speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 Rupees in India market.

Tribit StormBox Bluetooth Speaker Surround Sound Enhanced Bass

The Tribit StormBox wireless portable speaker generates loud and clear 24W HD sound with 360° surround sound effect. Do you prefer listening to songs with heavy bass? By virtue of being equipped with a special bass boost button, this Tribit speaker generates loud and clear sound with heavy bass. Apparently, it is the first Bluetooth speaker under 5000 Rupees, which comes with a dedicated Bass Boost button.

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JBL Flip 3 portable wireless speaker is a better option than Tribit StormBox in terms of sound quality and clarity. In terms of bass performance, however, our testing suggests that Tribit StormBox is a better choice.

Price 5000 Rupees
Features 360° HD Sound | Innovative XBass with Bass Boost Button | Fully Waterproof | Powerful Battery | Connectivity: {Bluetooth | AUX} | Built-in Microphone for Hands-Free Calling | Pair Two Tribit StormBox Bluetooth Speaker
Sound 2.0-Channel Speaker System | Speaker Driver → 45-mm | Output → 2×12W
Battery 2600-mAh | Charging-Time: 4-Hours | Music-Playback: Up to 20-Hours
Build Weight: 775-Grams | Dimensions (HWD): 68×180×68 mm
Sales Box Tribit StormBox Speaker | Micro-USB Cable for Charging | Strap | Documents


► Sony Extra-Bass Portable Wireless Speaker {SRS-XB10}

Sony is my favorite brand for premium quality display and sound in home use gadgets. Currently, in 4000 to 5000 Rupees range, one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers is Sony SRS-XB10. Its current price is 4300 Rupees while I am drafting this piece. This speaker could last more than 5 years easily. It has NFC, so it is up-to-date with the latest wireless communication technology. It has more features and functions than alternatives from the same price segment, withal.

Sony SRS-XB10 EXTRA BASS Portable Wireless Speaker

Who does not like Bass and punchy sound? Sony truly markets the SRS-XB10 as a wireless speaker with Extra-Bass. It can produce maximum 10W crystal & clear sound with deep bass.

HD Sound with Extra Bass: What I liked the most is that Bass is not over-powered. This Sony portable Bluetooth speaker, therefore, is not only the right speaker to listen to Bass dominated songs, but is also fit for melodious old songs, speech, and classical music. Even at the highest volume, audio quality remains at best is another feather in its cap.

The design of this Sony wireless speaker is usual but classy. You can proudly flash it to your friends. Sony is still one of the few brands that symbolize superior quality. Moreover, its water-resistant body feels very solid although it is a lightweight speaker.

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Should you buy this Sony portable speaker? The 1400-mAh battery of this portable speaker renders close to 16 hours of music play time, claims Sony. And, its other features are Hands-free calling, pairing two speakers, and one-touch NFC. Thus, considering everything I would not be wrong in rating it as one of the best portable wireless speakers under 5000 Rupees in India market, currently.

Price 4300 Rupees
Features Hands-free calling | IPX5 Water-Protection | Pair 2 Units of SRS-SB10 speakers | 12-Months Warranty
Sound 10W | Impedance: 4-ohms | Extra-Bass | Electronic Dance Music | Full-Range Speaker | HD-Sound
Battery 1400-mAh | Li-ion | Music Listening backup → 16-Hours
Connection One-Touch NFC | Bluetooth 4.2 | 2.4-GHz Wi-Fi
Build Weight: 260-Grams | Water Resistant | Built-in Microphone | Dimensions (WHD): 9.8×9.8×15.7 cm
Sales Box Speaker | USB-Cable | Documents


► Samsung Level Box Slim Bluetooth Speaker

With the Level Box Bluetooth speaker, Samsung meets buyer's price for a quality Bluetooth speaker. The Level Box SLIM speaker under 5000 Rupees is a brilliant choice and a “Value of Money” option. If used with care it would remain functional for many years to come.

Samsung Level Box SLIM Bluetooth Speaker

Among the many exotic features of this Bluetooth speaker, first and foremost is its waterproof body. It is a fully functional power bank, as well. A power bank is a must-have arsenal in your armory to power up your smartphone at a crucial juncture.

Samsung Level Box SLIM speaker is light in weight, weighs only 236 grams. Therefore, it could be an excellent choice if you travel quite often.

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The sound quality of this speaker is brilliant. Its HD sound does not break even at its highest volume. A great speaker it is to play all types of songs including songs sung by great singers Richa Sharma, Shankar Mahadevan, Wadali brothers, and many others.

Perfect speaker to gift someone: Have you still not decided what to gift your Grandpa on his next birthday? Here is a stylish (with a retro tilt) Bluetooth speaker to present him as a gift. Trust me! Your present would be treasured, and in return, you would get lots of blessing and love. In fact, not only to Grand Pa, it could be a perfect gift for anyone.

The design of this Bluetooth is such that it is fit for all sound playing jobs. It is a personal speaker, and it a speaker for entertaining a crowd as well. Seat around it and enjoy songs, renowned speaker's lecture, Bhajan — it has the wherewithal to produce loud & clear sound to set the tone of the gathering.

Should you buy this Samsung wireless speaker? Hundreds of portable Bluetooth speakers are on sale in the market. Only a few of them can produce HD sound and have the necessary features, however. This Samsung Bluetooth speaker is unquestionably one of them.

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Samsung Level Box, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for mobile phone and tablet is an excellent choice at its current price. It checks all the right boxes for an exceptional Bluetooth speaker. Samsung has priced it appropriately for India market.

Price 4500 Rupees
Features Hands-Free calling {Call receive | Mute | Reject} | Built-in Power bank Feature
Sound 8W
Connectivity Bluetooth (Range 15-meter) | MicroUSB for charging | Headphone Jack
Battery 30 Hours of Music Play/ talk time backup on default volume
Build Waterproof Body | Dimension (WHD): 148.4 x 79.0 x 25.1 mm | Weight: 236 Grams
Warranty 12 Months
Sales box Speaker | Charging Cable | Documents


► Ultimate Wonderboom Portable Bluetooth Speaker

There are many great reasons why you must consider the Ultimate brand Wonderboom wireless speaker. It is a multipurpose Bluetooth speaker. It can connect with a smartphone, tablet, LED TV, computer, Laptop and also with another Wonderboom speaker. Moreover, it produces 360 degrees loud & clear sound. And BASS level in the audio output is quite impressive. Its battery quality is remarkable and lasting, as well.

Ultimate Wonderboom Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Connectivity Features: The Bluetooth speaker device can pair — not just with one or two, in fact, up to eight devices at one time. Moreover, it can also pair with another Wonderboom speaker, or two Wonderboom speakers can connect with one source to play music concurrently. Isn't this a great feature on a 5000 Rupees Bluetooth portable speaker?

As far as its Bluetooth range is concerned, that is approx. 100-ft. In that field, the connectivity strength between the portable speaker system and the music-producing source remains at best. In fact, a range of hundred feet is far excellent. You do not need more than this in daily use. Thus, I would happily recommend this wireless speaker for home party, outdoor picnic, or watching a cinema with the whole family.

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Outstanding Sound Quality? This Bluetooth speaker beats even top-selling portable speakers of JBL, Philips, and Sony in performance. For instance, it has the 3D sound effect (or 360-degree sound effect). Watching cinema with such sound while door and Windows are closed and lights are off would give a cinema hall experience at home. Such impressive sound effect this 5000 Rupees wireless speaker can produce. Is there any JBL or Philips best-selling speaker under 5000 Rupees, which can produce such advanced audio?

The Wonderboom wireless speaker consists of two 40-mm active drivers and two passive radiators 46.1×65.2 mm. And, according to the official website, the maximum sound level is 86-dBc.

Absolutely no complain as far as audio clarity and BASS level are concerned. You listen to something on a high pitch or low pitch sound — that has no bearing on the quality of audio reaching to your eardrum. I loved the BASS performance of this Ultimate brand speaker. In fact, that could be safely termed best bass in a portable speaker.

The max audio output of this Ultimate Bluetooth speaker is 10-Watts. That is more than enough to shake up not only your room but flat, too. However, is the loudness of this speaker being indeed enough? It depends on users per se. I found the speaker quite loud, but it may not be appropriately sufficient loud for others and you. However, one thing is for sure that its audio output is not meek, rather impactful.

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Build Quality and Design: The build of this top-rated wireless portable speaker is a bit bulky. Its weight 425 grams does not make it to the list of lightweight Bluetooth speakers. However, more substantial weight means its overall build is quite sturdy– not easily breakable. Because of its heavier weight, however, it is not an ideal wireless speaker to carry on a tour. Caring almost 500 grams extra in a travel bag is not a practical notion.

While connectivity control functions are on the top side of this recommended wireless speaker for computer as well, volume control is on its front side. Adjusting tune for your ear comfort hence becomes a lot easier. Especially its volume control function is easily reachable.

Battery Life: The brand Ultimate claims to have this wireless speaker for mobile also– roughly ten hours of music play time. That, however, is not the actual backup. A fully charged battery lasts only seven to eight hours, in general.

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Besides, to fully charge the battery –the required time duration at the beginning is two and a half hours. After a few months of use, however, the duration changed to three and slowly three and a half hours. Besides, one major drawback is not having a battery indicator on this wireless speaker.

No charger in the Sales (I do not see this as cons. You can use any USB charger using the wire given in the sales box of this wireless speaker)

Pros: –

  • Excellent build quality with User-friendly control
  • Faster Wireless connectivity
  • Excellent Audio Output with 3D Sound Effect
  • Decent Music Listening time
  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  • Advanced connectivity options

Cons: –

  • No Battery Indicator
  • Occasional Bluetooth Pairing failure
  • A bit heavier build

Should you buy this Ultimate portable speaker? The Ultimate Wonderboom portable Bluetooth speaker produces excellent sound, and its build is solid. It can generate 3D surround sound. Considering the alternatives in the market, in 5000 Rupees Ultimate Wonderboom wireless portable speaker is an excellent choice.

Price 4900 Rupees
Features Onboard Volume Control | Pair Two Wonderboom speakers
Sound 10W | 360 Degree HD Sound
Connectivity Bluetooth (range:  up to 30-meter) | Pair with up to 8 BT Enabled Devices
Build Waterproof | Weight: 425 Grams
Battery Charging Time: 2 – 3 Hours | Backup: 7 to 8 Hours
Warranty 24 Months
Compatibility LED TV | Mobile | Tablet | Computer | Laptop


► Envent LiveFree 590 Portable Wireless Speaker

The Envent Bluetooth speaker can produce max 24-Watts audio. Its audio being powerful means it would devour more battery power in less time. This portable speaker, therefore, has to have a robust battery onboard to power it up for many hours of use. The 4000 mAh battery of this speaker takes about close to four hours for being fully charging. That renders almost eight to nine hours of music playing time.

Envent LiveFree 590 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Further, this Event portable wireless speaker comes with multiple connectivity points. Through Bluetooth, it connects fast, and reliability of connectivity is quite stable, too. Audio systems lacking Bluetooth can connect to it through an AUX cable. Moreover, this portable speaker system also has built-in TF card support. Just enter your preprogrammed mobile SD card into it to play your favorite tracks. It also supports playing sound clips hosted on a pendrive, withal.

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Thus, Envent LiveFree 590 is an all-in-one Bluetooth speaker. It can connect via Bluetooth as well as wire and play songs from an SD card as well as Pendrive. This portable speaker system is also for making voice calls. It is a Bluetooth speaker and microphone inbuilt.

Build and Design: The design of this top-rated wireless portable speaker is cylindrical. That closely resembles with a wireless speaker bottle design. All the connectivity options are at one side. There are five buttons in the control ring to perform actions like power, play/pause, next, back, and calling. The default communication channel is Bluetooth. You can change that according to your requirement, however.

The body of Envent LiveFree 590 speaker is made out of high-quality plastic but has a rubberized feel too. IPX4 certification confirms that its body is waterproof resistance. Not a true waterproof speaker, there is enough coating, however, to protect it from dust and shower.

Pros: –

  • Stylish and premium
  • Play music from SD card, Pendrive, Mobile, Laptop
  • Fast and Stable Bluetooth connection
  • Massive 4000 mAh battery
  • Mobile Calling
  • 24-Watt Loud & Clear sound with Clear BASS
  • Dual Speaker and True Bass
  • A Carrying Pouch included in the sales box
  • Water and dust proof body

Should you buy this Event portable speaker? Envent LiveFree 590 is undoubtedly one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 Rupees. It comes with all required features that must be in a multipurpose portable wireless speaker. This Event speaker can connect with almost all types of audio producing system irrespective of the limitation they have on their connectivity front.

Price 4999 Rupees
Features 2.0 Channel | Built-in MIC
Sound 24-Watt
Connectivity AUX | Bluetooth | USB Charging
Battery 4000 mAh | Charging Time: 3 Hours | Backup: 8 to 10 Years
Build ABS Plastic Body | Weight: 299 Grams | IPX4 Rating
Warranty 12 Months
Compatibility LED TV | Mobile | Tablet | Computer | Laptop