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Best Portable Wireless Speaker under 4000 Rupees

Best Portable Wireless Speaker under 4000 Rupees in India Market

Which is the best portable Bluetooth speaker under 4000 Rupees? Here you learn about the best-selling portable wireless speakers from 3000 to 4000 Rupees price range. The suggested speakers are exceptional than their alternatives in terms of build quality, sound quality, connectivity options, and other convenience features. So, select the one that has your favorite features and fits in your budget.

► 24W Portronics Roar Portable Wireless Speaker

Portronics is a favorite brand for true-sounding speakers in India market. Recently this Indian speaker brand included a new model called “Roar” to its portable Bluetooth speaker range.

Portronics Roar portable speaker looks very impressive and premium. It comes in a solid black color. Making its design head-turner is its rugged build with stylish metallic grille on the front. With a 6000-mAh battery, this Portronics speaker is an excellent choice to entertain outside gathers continuously for many hours.

Portronics Roar 24W Portable Wireless Stereo Speaker

This Portronics Bluetooth speaker can generate 24W loud and clear sound from its 2.0-Channel speaker system. Although the speaker system has no bass radiator, yet produces sound with booming deep bass. Low frequencies are well pronounced in the audio.

Is this Portronics wireless music & speaker system worth it at its current market price? Indeed it is a tricky question!

Portronics Roar speaker competes with Zoook Rocker Boombox+, which features 5000-mAh battery and can generate 32W sound by its 2.0-Channel Speaker system with two 1W Bass radiators. Moreover, the price difference between them is almost 1000 Rupees. Therefore, I will go with Zoook Boombox if I need to select from them. Because it is cheaper, louder, and has more features, including FM radio than its new competitor on the market from the house of Portronics.

Price 3500 Rupees | Flipkart | Amazon
Features Wireless Music Streaming | 12W+12W = 24W Loud Clear Sound with Deep Bass
Build Battery: 6000-mAh {7-Hours Backup at 70% Volume, Charging-Time: 3 to 4 Hours} | Connectivity: {AUX-in | Bluetooth | SD-Card Reader} | Cool Retro-Look with Metallic Grill | Weight: 2-Kg | Onboard Control | Mode Selection | Volume-Control Knob | Charging-Indicator Light


► Sony Extra-Bass Portable Wireless Speaker {SRS-XB12}

The XB12 speaker model is not the successor of the XB10 speaker model, which is one of the best-selling portable wireless speakers from 3000 to 4000 Rupees price range. They are competing against each other. So, you must know the exact difference between them to make the right selection.

Both the speakers are similar as far as sound quality, loudness, and clarity is concerned. Both of them have a single speaker unit with the 46-mm driver for generating loud and clear sound with extra bass.

Sony Extra-Bass Portable Wireless Speaker SRS-XB12

The visible differences between them are in their build quality and connectivity options. Sony XB12 is lighter, weighs 243 grams only. Whereas, the gross weight of the Sony XB10 is 260-grams. Sony XB12 with the IP67 rating is more secure again water than XB10 speaker, which has the IPX5 rating only. Thus, in terms of the build quality, XB12 is better than XB10.

In terms of connectivity options, however, Sony XB10 with NFC connectivity is better than Sony XB12, which has only Bluetooth for wireless communication. But Sony XB12 comes with Google Assistant. That means it can be operated by voice commands.

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XB10 vs. XB12, which is the best Sony portable wireless speaker under 4000 Rupees? I will go with the latter. The reason is the Google Assistant feature.

Price 3500 Rupees | Amazon | Flipkart 
Features Hands-Free Calling | Totally Waterproof | Totally Dust-proof | Maker Speaker Chain | Google Assistant
Sound Audio Output: 10W | Full-Range Speaker | 46-mm Speaker Driver
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2 with 10-meter range | Micro-USB | Audio-In → Stereo Mini-Jack
Build Weight: 243-Grams | 16-Hours Battery Life | IP67 Rating
Sales Box Speaker | Strap | USB Cable | Documents