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Top Wireless Speaker in India Market below 25000 Rs

best bluetooth speakers india under 25000 rs

Bluetooth speakers are some of the most revolutionary devices that the 21st century came to embrace without a debate. In India, these devices are not only entertainment gadgets. Apart from amplifying music from smart devices, these speakers are a statement of class and enlightenment. This explains why there are so many speaker models in the country.

In this piece, we cover portable Bluetooth speakers, which are on sale in the price range of 20000 to 25000 Rupees. Here you read about premium Bluetooth speakers of top brands in India market. Read also Best Bluetooth Speaker Below 30000 Rupees in India.

► Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker

One of the best Bluetooth speakers in India market is the Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus. Here is why we think you should buy this portable wireless speaker.

Sturdy build and unique shape: One of the reasons why the SoundLink revolve+ is among the top portable Bluetooth speakers in India is its design. Bose engineers built this device to impress music lovers. First, this system is among the few Bluetooth speakers in the market today that can operate in all weather conditions.

Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker in 25000 rs

The speaker has a water-resistant casing that protects the internal systems from being damaged by adverse weather conditions. Its unique cylindrical, cone-like shape prevents water from settling on its surfaces. Moreover, the Revolve+ has protective bumpers that shield it from sudden impact. So, this gadget won’t break or crack in case you drop it accidentally.

→ Deep, immersive concert-like sound output

The Bose Sound link Revolve+ happens to be one of the best premium Bluetooth speakers on the market today, owing to its impeccable sound output. This device has an all-around 360 degrees sound output that creates an outstanding concert-like effect. For premium Bluetooth speakers, this is probably a standard feature though Bose tried to make their Revolve+ an exception. The cone shape design on this product helps bring a true 360° effect.

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Moreover, we noticed that there was virtually no vibrations within the speaker even when playing music at high volumes. Perhaps, this is because the engineers used a sturdy aluminum shell to hold the drivers intact. Additionally, the manufacturer did not add any seam on top of the grille. Lack of a seam on top of the speaker’s membrane enhances the sound detailing and clarity on this product. Also, this design brings out an air of class and elegance.

→ Superb Bluetooth connectivity with voice command support

Actually, the Bose Revolve+ should be among the top 10 Bluetooth speakers in India. It’s not a common thing to have your everyday Bluetooth speaker responding to your voice prompts whenever you need it to do so. Remarkably, this Bose portable speaker supports voice commands through Bluetooth connections.

How this technology works, is pretty sophisticated for us to explain here. Nevertheless, we did a number of satisfactory tests to ascertain that it works well on the Revolve+. Basically, this speaker will work with Siri and Google voice commands. Unfortunately, we were not able to test it with Cortana, but we assume that Siri and Google voice covers most of the users in India.

Price 24500 Rupees
Features True 360 Degree Sound | Uniform Coverage | Voice Calling | Access to Google Now | Access to Apple Siri | Pair with two Additional Speakers to Build Stereo System | Operate with BOSE Connect App | Compatible with all types of devices | Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
Build Aluminum Build | Water Resistant (IPX4) | Flexible Fabrics Handle | Dimensions 18.4 cm H x 10.5 cm W x 10.5 cm D | Weight 900 Grams
Connectivity Bluetooth | AUX | Wire | Wireless | Micro USB Port
Battery Li-ion Battery | 16 Hours Music Play Backup
Sales Box SoundLink Revolve+ speaker | USB power supply | USB cable | AC power adapters
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