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Best Wireless Portable Speakers below 2500 Rupees

Best Portable Wireless Speaker under 2500 Rupees in India Market

Which is the best portable Bluetooth speaker in 2500 Rupees? Are you confused with hundreds of portable speakers with similar properties? In this article, you read about best-selling portable speakers in India market from 2000 to 2500 Rupees price range. Here are portable wireless speakers for loud music and bass from top brands Philips, Tagg, JBL, and others.

► JBL Go 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with MIC

Apart from housing some powerful bass drivers within its sturdy casing, the JBL portable Bluetooth speaker also happens to have a water-resistant body. This portable mini speaker is best for everyday use. It has a sturdy plastic and silicone casing. Its compact body, as well as lightweight build, means that you can carry it almost anywhere. It weighs about 186 grams on average, withal.

JBL Go 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with MIC

The Go 2’s bass output is not exactly the finest although we wouldn’t term it as sub-optimal. Actually, the manufacturer improved the bass performance on this gadget compared to the JBL Go 1. Whereas the best portable speakers for smartphones should have a strong bass output, the JBL GO 2 further enhances its performance with noise-canceling capabilities. This means that all the phone calls you receive through this speakerphone are crystal clear and free from interruptions.

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The JBL Go 2 Portable Bluetooth speaker runs on a 730-mAh battery. On average its battery takes approximately two and a half hours to charge fully. Once fully charged, the battery can sustain the device for about 5 hours of nonstop Bluetooth music streaming.  Connectivity-wise, this JBL portable speaker only supports Bluetooth connections and Aux In audio input.

Cons: –

  • Does not support USB connections
  • Lacks FM radio
  • Easily scratchable
Price 2500 Rupees
Features Wireless Music Streaming | Rechargeable battery | Waterproof Body | Hands-free Calling | Close to 5 Hours of Music Play Battery backup | Auto Power Off | IPX7 Rating for Water Resistant
Sound 3W
Connectivity AUX | BT
Build 180 Grams Weight | 2.5 Hours Charging Time for 100% Battery
Warranty 12 Months
Sales Box JBL GO 2 | USB Cable for Charging | Documents


► Philips Portable Bluetooth Speaker {BT4200}

This is a full range speaker comes with two big driver units. A total RMS output of 10-Watts ensures that the produced audio is powerful enough for a good music listening experience. The speaker generates deep bass levels.

When I tested it by playing a bass focused audio clip, the platform on which I had placed the speaker also started to vibrate. Moreover, at higher volumes, the mid and high range frequencies distort, which is something that I did not expect from a product manufactured by Philips.

Philips BT4200B Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The speaker has Bluetooth connectivity as the primary method to connect with a smartphone and other well-matched devices. Alternatively, you can also use the 3.5-mm audio jack for wired connections. The inbuilt microphone does allow the users to receive calls, but the audio it records distorts badly.

Pro Features: –

  • Generates a stereo audio
  • Produces deep bass levels
  • Attractive looks
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Features a 3.5mm audio jack

Cons: –

  • Audio distorts at high volumes
  • Mediocre battery backup

Conclusion: The BT4200 Bluetooth speaker is a nice package from Philips. This portable Bluetooth speaker generates loud sound with clear Bass. However, its mediocre battery life and low-quality microphone disappoint. Still, it is one of my favorite Bluetooth speakers under 2500 Rupees because of its brand and audio quality.

Price 2200 Rupees
Features Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device | MIC for Hands-Free Calling | Works with Apple Devices | USB Charging
Sound 10-Watt
Connectivity Bluetooth | 3.5-mm Audio-In
Battery 3 Hours Charging Time | Li-Po Battery | 8 Hours Music Play Time
Build Dimensions: 25.8 x 10.8 x 8.2 cm | Weight: 180 Grams
Warranty 12 Months
Sales Box Speaker | USB cable for PC charging | Documents


► TAGG Loop Wireless Speaker with MIC and FM Tuner

You may not have heard about the brand Tagg; this is a favorite brand for best portable speakers in India. Its products line up in speaker and headphone segment are bestsellers in online stores. Recently this brand launched a portable speaker, Tagg Loop. Within the launch of a few weeks, the speaker became one of the best-selling speakers under 2500 Rupees. You, too, can grab this portable speaker by paying only 2300 rupees now.

Stereo Audio: The wireless speaker has a unique setup of two high-grade drivers. They produce loud & clear audio. Therefore, I would happily consider this speaker as an ideal speaker system for a small party in the home as well as outside.

TAGG Loop speaker under 2500 Rupees

Tagg Loop portable speaker generates clear sound with deep bass and sharp treble. The audio does shrill a bit at high volumes, although. The speakers, however, have a less resistance because of which they consume much less power.

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Solid Outer Shell: A portable wireless speaker means it should be well-designed for everywhere use. It should have been made for ruff-and-tuff use. Besides the body of the speaker being sturdy, it should also have collisions and scratch resistant properties. Knowing that well the manufacturer has used the best quality materials in making this best Bluetooth speaker under 2500 rs.

Another great thing is that the Tagg Bluetooth speaker can comfortably fit inside your travel bag. It, therefore, is a perfect compact speaker for music on the move. It could be your favorite travel companion as well.

Hands-free Calling: You can also receive and answer calls on this wireless portable speaker. The microphone of this 2500 rs speaker is excellent in quality. Therefore, accepting calls on this portable speaker is always a pleasant experience. The person listening to you another side of the call would hear the crisp and clear sound as well.

Connectivity: Tagg Loop wireless speaker has all the connectivity options, insert, wired and wireless. It can connect with audio producing devices through AUX-in, Bluetooth, and USB. It also has a feature to read and play music from microSD card. Thus, the portable speaker can connect easily to all types of music producing systems. This pocket speaker is one of the few limited editions, which has all in one connectivity options with powerful sound, yet priced so cheap.

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Battery: The inbuilt battery of this speaker gives about 4-5 hours of music playtime and close to 18 hours of call time on a single charge. Moreover, this speaker can also act as a power bank. You can charge your mobile phone and smartphone with it.


  • FM Tuner
  • Dual speaker units
  • Loud and clear sound and deep bass
  • Bluetooth and Aux-in connectivity
  • MicroSD card read support
  • Receive/answer calls
  • Durable and attractive body
  • Good battery life
  • Works as a power bank

Verdict: Tagg Wireless Bluetooth speaker is a perfect solution for those users wants the best return for their money. Comparing the price and offered features, I would not hesitate in rating it the best Bluetooth speaker under 2500 Rupees. The quality of this device is comparable to some higher priced speakers manufactured by the brands like JBL and Philips. While their cost is above 5000 Rupees, here you get one of the best portable speakers in India market currently with all-in-one features under 2500 Rupees.

Price 2300 Rupees
Calling YES | MIC inbuilt
FM Tuner YES
Audio 2 × 8-Watts | 20-20000Hz | 16-ohm
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 | AUX-in | TF Card ( SD Card Slot ) | USB
Battery 2400-mAh | 2-3 hours charging time | 4-5 hours play time | 18-hours standby time | Power bank property | Micro USB Power Input
Compatible with Smartphones, Laptops/PC, iPhones/iPads, with all 3.5 mm jack supports
Sales box TAGG LOOP Bluetooth speaker, Micro USB charging cable, AUX-in Cable, Documents
Weight 748-grams
Warranty 12-months


► JBL Go Wireless Portable Speaker

JBL speakers are quite famous in the market. They are better known to offer superior audio quality and appealing design. The JBL Go Wireless Portable Speaker that comes at the price of 2295 rupees lives up to that reputation. It is a compact device that any music lover would want to carry around in his backpack.

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Mind Blowing Looks: I am pretty sure that the design of this speaker will impress you on the first look. It comes in a really sturdy outer shell. You can even fit this boxed speaker inside the palm of your hand. However, my advice would be to take proper precaution while carrying it because the corners are quite sharp. All the control buttons are located at the top but fitted under the body gently to give a sleek feel. There is also an indicator light that turns blue when the speaker is on and red when it is charging.

This speaker model is available in the market in multiple colors including red, orange, white as well as gray.

Premium Sound Quality: The 3 Watt driver unit has got an impedance of 4 Ohms and is capable of producing loud audio without consuming much power. Sounds at all the frequencies are generated accurately. This JBL speaker is the best portable device for listening to music when you are alone in the room and want a moment for yourself. However, the experience will not be immersive because it produces mono audio.

JBL Go Wireless Portable Speaker

Poor Battery Life: I appreciate all the features of this speaker except the battery. The manufacturer promises about 5 hours of power backup on a single charge, but in reality, it hardly makes it to 3 to 4 hours.


  • Comes with brand value
  • Good build materials are used
  • Compact body
  • Attractive design
  • Produces high-quality audio
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Inbuilt microphone to receive calls


  • Battery life is undesirable
  • Single driver unit

Verdict: Although this JBL GO wireless speaker produces amazing audio but an extra driver unit could have made a good difference. I won’t recommend it for long journey as the battery life ends after 3 to 4 hours of performance.

Price 2300 Rupees
Sound 1-Channel |  3-Watt Audio Output | Frequency Range: 18 – 20000 Hz
Connectivity Aux-in | Bluetooth
Build Battery Powered | Weight: 130 Grams | Dimensions: 82.7 x 68.3 x 30.8 mm


► Philips Wireless Portable Speaker {BT100W}

Since the official introduction in Indian market, the Philips BT100W speaker has been one of the best selling portable wireless speakers at online shopping websites like Amazon. The main reason behind this is the product offers really great audio quality and comes with a better build and design than any other speaker in this price segment. Most of the customers we interviewed given positive feedback and were happy with the product performance. User’s positive rating, superb built and impressive loud audio output are some qualities because of which we decided to include it in our list.

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Much Unique Form Factor: The design of this speaker really blew my mind. Its outer shell has been designed in a much unique way to give a pleasing appeal to the eyes of users. The driver unit has been placed in vertical position to face the ceiling, so audio does not get muffled or blocked no matter how you orient the speaker. Moreover, this speaker comes in a compact body and is highly portable.

Produces Clear Audio Even At Higher Volumes: One main benefit of this speaker is that it does not produce distorted audio at higher volumes. Its anti-clipping technology ensures that the driver unit generates crispy audio at all the frequencies. The RMS output of two Watts is good when you are alone. However, this audio loudness is definitely not enough for a home party.

Although I do not consider it a disadvantage still some users might feel so. You cannot connect extra speakers to this device directly as there is not audio out port on it.

Philips BT100W Wireless Portable Speakers

You will be able to pair a smartphone with this speaker from a distance of about 10 meters, which is really a great thing. The transfer of data over Bluetooth connectivity does not get interrupted unless the line of sight gets blocked. The best thing is that users can connect the speaker to any electronic device through the aux-in port. There is also a micro-USB port on the back, but that is only used for charging the built-in battery.

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  • Inbuilt microphone
  • LED indicator
  • Offers about 8 hours of battery life
  • Distortion-free audio production
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Sturdy and compact build

Verdict: For the price of 1800 rupees, Philips BT100W speaker comes with many great features. Its sound quality is just amazing. I am sure the users will enjoy listening to loud and clear music from this portable wireless sound solution. However, I would have considered it a complete audio box if the brand Philips had blessed it with a micro SD card slot support.

Price  2100 Rupees
Dimensions 63 x 63 x 82  mm
Audio Channel 1
Connectivity Aux-in | Bluetooth
Inbuilt Battery Yes
Weight 180 grams
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