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Portable Lenovo Ideapad Laptop with Original Windows 10 Operating System

Lenovo Ideapad 110 Review and Specifications

Lenovo Ideapad 110: The Best Budget Lenovo Laptop in the Market Today

Advancement in technology and the need for better performing computers has aggravated computer manufacturers to come up with numerous computer models of different sizes, costs, colors and designs. Due to large scale production of computers today and the ruthless competition between various manufacturers, the price of computers especially laptops, has tremendously dropped. Consequently, this has made computers and laptops more affordable meaning that more of the middle and lower class buyers can afford taking one home.

The demand for cheap laptops has also increased owing to the fact that laptops are slowly becoming necessities to all factions of society. Among the very core needs that have triggered the high demand for laptops is – education, work and entertainment. Therefore, manufacturers have had to take serious risks in bulk productions of subsidized laptops, so as to satisfy the customers’ needs.

Lenovo is one laptop brand that is doing really well in terms of giving middle and lower class consumers some good choices to suit their preferences. Unlike bigger manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo is focusing on giving low income users some choices in traits such as size, price, and weight. The Lenovo Ideapad 110 is one laptop model in which all these factors have been put into consideration by Lenovo.

Features and performance of Lenovo Ideapad 110

The Lenovo Ideapad 110 has this diminutive build which is complemented with a 15.6-inch screen. The display has a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. This enables a visible pixilation of texts, images and videos, plus the gaming experience is far much enhanced due to this display.  The screen is further braced with an energy efficient LED backlight to ensure that your battery runs for a couple more minutes long. On the upper front side of the screen, this laptop has a 0.3 MP Webcam fixed for you. You can use this to make face to face calls through Skype and Facebook, with the help of an inbuilt analogue microphone under the laptop’s chassis.

This product has a reasonable weight of 4.85 Lbs. and it measures 0.9 inches in thickness. Having such a slim design means that there is a good balance between portability and screen size. The laptop hence allows for a decent view without becoming too bulky and cumbersome to handle.

Connectivity: Additionally, this laptop has an array of connectivity options. To start with, it has Bluetooth 4.0 which is compatible to almost all Bluetooth devices out there. Bluetooth in this product allows for a seamless wireless transfer of media files between the laptop and other connected Bluetooth accessories.

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The other attractive connectivity feature on this laptop is the ports. It has two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0. The USB 3.0 links well with the latest high-speed devices, while the USB 2.0 is meant to give users more room for connecting to more accessories.

A 3.5 mm combo audio jack comes in handy when listening to music on this product, while one HDMI port will help you expand the view to other connected devices. The HDMI port here is compatible to HDTVs, high-Def monitors and projectors. Lenovo also included an RJ45 Gigabit LAN which connects to Ethernet/wired networks seamlessly.  You can also connect to Wi-Fi hotspots since the laptop has a Wi-Fi chip on it. The Wi-Fi chip on this device complies with all the current Wi-Fi standards on laptops. The product also has a 4 in 1 card reader port that can read SD, SDHC, SDXC or MMC formats.

Performance and Processor

The Lenovo Ideapad 110 is powered by a quad-core Intel Pentium N3710 processor which is clocked at 1.60GHZ. It also has an Intel HD graphics card, which provides a reasonable everyday imaging quality for internet use, basic photo edits and a touch of some casual gaming. I played Just Cause 2 on this laptop and apart from some slight blurs during rapid motions on the laptop, I found everything else quite accommodating. This PC notebook comes with 4GB OF RAM and 500GB of HDD-based storage. Some people may regard the memory on this product as inadequate, but 4GB is enough to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs, all at once. Also the 500GB hard drive is good for serviceable file storages such as holding collections of photos, music and other media files.

The dark side: Even so everything has its negative sides and the Lenovo Ideapad 110 is no different. Among the very paining letdowns in this product, is a relatively low resolution display and a slow processor. The 500GB storage space is also not that convincing, since there are other laptops with the same price as the Ideapad 110, that have at least one Terabyte in HDD storage space. The HP 15 is one good example, which features core-i3 processors, 6GB RAM in some versions and of course a higher storage space (1TB to be particular).

Verdict and Final Collusion

The specifications and features discussed in this piece have made Lenovo Ideapad 110 a more appropriate choice for most middle and lower class users. In addition to the features elaborated above, most of these cheap laptops are entirely made of plastic which somehow worsens the damages resulting from accidental drops. If you are on a really tight budget, then the Ideapad 110 is your kind of laptop. Otherwise, you can get more from a HP Pavilion 15. This laptop is priced at 25332 Rupees on average.

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Every consumer has a freedom of choice and with the emergence of more laptop models in the global market such as Acer, ASUS, HP and DELL among others, the future consumer will have a wide range of products to choose from, depending on their intended use and purchasing power. I would recommend Lenovo Ideapad 110 since it averages well in terms of performance, plus the product is price effective. Read also 4 Best Selling HP Laptops for Every Day Use below 40000 Rupees.

Brand Lenovo
Model Ideapad 110
Display size 15.6 inch
Screen resolution 1366 x 768 pixels
Dimensions 0.9 x 14.88 x 10.43 inches
Processor Intel
Processor speed 1.6 GHz
Operating system Windows 10
HDD Storage 500GB
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0 and HDMI
Buy 26000 Rupees

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