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Portable FM Radio for Home Use – Top 3 below 1500 Rupees

Portable FM Radio Speaker Portronics POR-141

If you think only Philips can manufacturer durable portable FM radio, you should follow this article then. Here I will introduce you some modern portable radio in your budget from the brands you would have never heard before. Take my assurance that all these products are best in the market. You would surely be proud of your invest on them in a long run.

Here is the review of portable FM radio from most renowned brands Sony, Portronics, and Ultra Prolink. These FM AM radios fall in the price range of 500 to 1500 Rupees. Anything below 1500 Rupees is the best budget one should consider for buying a quality portable AM FM radio. If your budget is more than 1500 Rupees and close to 2000 Rupees then you could easily eye on a Boombox. We have a popular article to help you shop online one good quality boom box from some seven best rated at present in the Indian market. Check the article at Best 7 Boom Box Under 5000 Rupees in India.

Sony ICF-P36 Portable FM Radio with AM

This website is most famous for helping Indian consumers in buying reliable home appliances. Somehow, we got a user experience note on this Sony portable radio. We decided to publish them by adding our own assessment of the product.

The review article, in fact, has been one of the most popular articles on GS. Therefore, this time we decided to invest some resources in doing a comprehensive review article on some best portable AM FM radios in low cost.

This Sony radio is one of the best-selling products on this website as well. That is, by the way, an assurance that investing in this Sony radio would not go in vain.


Sony’s ICF-P36 model comes in a compact body, and it can tune medium waves, short waves, and FM channels. You should consider it for better signal reception and powerful, crystal clear audio as well. Even taking it on a tour is right, as its build is quite compact. Actually, this Sony FM AM radio looks like a pocket radio by its portable build and design.

Read more about this unique Sony radio at Best Portable AM FM Radio in India under 1500 Rupees. In the article, we have reviewed it for all its features and explained how it overcomes from the challenge of the poor signal at the user’s place. If radio signal is an issue in your house, consider this Sony portable FM radio with a surety.

FM and MP3 Player Ultra Prolink UM0017 Retro

In 1000 Rupees, the Ultra Prolink radio, which is also a handy MP3 player, could be a great choice for young friends. This FM radio can produce powerful clear audio, has a headphone socket, too, with a rechargeable battery, and a classic design.

Brand: The brand based out of Delhi has been in the business of selling cheap electronics products since the year 1971. On major shopping websites, products of Ultra Prolink have got mostly four-star ratings only. That should be a certification of the quality and service support, Ultra Prolink ensures on its products range.

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I have personally never used any Ultra Prolink product so cannot establish how it responds to customers query and sales service request. But my team has done research on this subject. No comments were found that could project the brand Ultra Prolink in a poor light especially in terms of customer support.

Ultra Prolink UM0017 Retro Portable FM Radio with Music Player

 Build and Design of This FM Radio: The FM radio is very slim even though it comes with many advanced multimedia features. The digital display on the front shows playlist number or the tuned FM channel. That looks quite appealing, too.

To manipulate settings and to tune either a playlist or an FM channel, it comes with a bunch of buttons, placed at the front. The radio has some dedicated buttons as well for ON-OFF, FM channel scan, switch between modes – FM or MP3, and to set a track.

On the right side of this radio has a volume control wheel, a power input socket, and a headphone jack. Moreover, to catch FM signals, there is a powerful tall antenna as well.

Very popular BL-5C battery, placed on its rear, and that once fully charged could provide three to four hours of backup. The brand also has an advice for buyers: the battery must be charged at least six to eight hours before the first use.

Sound Quality and SD Card MP3 Features

The 3W speaker is powerful enough and generates very clear audio. Do not think the speaker is fell short in terms of watt value since portable radios have an only 1.5-Watt speaker in general.

Note this, popular portable FM radio brands like Philips, Sony, and Panasonic have been assembling a speaker on their radios- much small in power than what this Ultra Prolink FM radio has. I must say audio quality of this radio is very pleasing and soothing to ear. I greatly enjoyed the small session I had spent with it.

SD Card Slot: As it has been clear by now, this Ultra Prolink radio is not just FM radio. It, in fact, comes with many nifty features as being a full-fledged multimedia gadget. The feature of SD card slot on this – endorses my accusation.

What is great about the slot and the mechanics associated with them is easily reading tracks stored there. Essentially, the only thing users need to do is to just press the scan button and start enjoying songs in the best possible loud clear sound.

Further, if you want to enjoy local FM programs without disturbing family members and friends around you, then take benefit of the Headphone Jack on this Ultra Prolink radio.

Another great thing about the SD card slot feature is- users could score music by connecting this portable radio with a personal computer using the USB socket on it.

As a whole, the concept and easiness that the brand has ensured for users on this portable FM radio are very pleasing and assuring.

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Should you buy this portable radio?

The digital LCD panel at the front shows all the necessary information such as track number and time, FM band tuned, battery status, and the track under play. The design of this portable FM radio is quite appealing. Its antenna is very powerful. Thus, it would never trouble you by frequently losing signals.

The 800-mAh battery of this radio certainly satisfies with a decent backup time. Moreover, buttons on this are one of its kinds and they have greatly impressed me. On top of this, the easier management of microSD card and the feature to store songs on them by connecting the radio with a computer makes it a truly worthy choice.

Although this Ultra Prolink FM radio for home use comes in two color options: I like the retro black variant. Moreover, the radio has auto scan & store & play features and powerful audio output as well.

All in all, the Ultra Prolink UM0017 Retro FM radio is a fabulous choice for listening music through multiple sources. I recommend this handheld FM radio cum music system.

Price Rs. 1000
Impedance 4 ohms
FM Scanner YES, with Auto Scan & Store
Micro SD Card YES
Music Folders YES
Headphone Jack YES
PC Plug & Play YES
Battery BL-5C 800mAh
In The Box Manual, Battery & Charging Cable
Weight 222g
Dimensions 19.6 x 7.9 x 3.6 cm


Portable FM Radio Speaker and Music Player Portronics POR-141

I have become a fan of the brand Portronics after doing a review of its portable budget headphones. This Portronics portable radio promises to entertain by means of its bunch of features, which, by the way, are as promising as the similar features on the Ultra Prolink portable radio, discussed above.

But this is a costly product compared to its alternative. The ultra Prolink radio is priced at Rupees 1000 but Portronics demands a price of Rupees 1300. The price difference between both the local brand portable radios is exactly 300 Rupees. So let us first examine this Portronics radio on the front of quality overall. Then we would see how right the brand is in asking of 300 Rupees more for a handheld FM radio cum music player.

Built and Design: In terms of build quality and design, this Portronics radio fails to compete with that of the Ultra Prolink. Portronics POR-141 looks more like a device from a diagnosis center. Many buttons on the front of this FM radio do not look very standard and professional. In comparison, Ultra Prolink radio has a well-designed, thought-through control panel to get the radio set up as according to user’s wish to operate.

Further, even on the comparison of sound quality, only the two-watt audio system is not that appealing on this Portronics radio. To help you recall, the Ultra Prolink portable FM radio comes with a three-watt speaker.

Moreover, if you prefer a multimedia radio light in weight then also the Ultra Prolink radio is a proven recommendation. This Portronics portable FM radio for home use cannot be said actually lightweight at its gross weight of 1.8 Kgs.

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Portable FM Radio Speaker Portronics POR-141

Entertainment Features and Radio Qualities

As far as radio features are concerned, it comes with a built-in antenna that helps in catching clear signals even when being played in a deep inside room of a house. It only supports FM bands and it cannot play short wave and medium waves of the All India radio channels.

But lacking AM channels support is not matter of a big concern. Considering local FM transmission of Vivid Bharati, FM rainbow and AIR news, hardly one would miss its AM channels support features.

Other than radio features, Portronics is selling it with the USP of the support to external storage. One could use a microSD card in size of up to 32GB and play songs from there. When this radio has a microSD card inserted, by connecting with a laptop or desktop, users would be able to load songs on them.

Making easier to switch between FM to Music and vice versa, an easy-to-reach switch is also on this portable FM radio.

All in All, this Portronics FM radio satisfied me with its set of features but not more than the FM radio from Ultra Prolink. In less price, Ultra Prolink offers the same features and on top of that – is a choice for a better sound, better radio signal, and loud & clear audio output.

Power Source and Other Features

For powering this portable radio, there are two ways: battery or AC adaptor. The 800-mAh BL-5C battery of this radio is rechargeable and replaceable. Once the battery is fully charged, it would run for three to three and half hours of backup time. I think in day-to-day usages, this is more than sufficient.

No features as such lacking on this FM radio, thus, users would not have any complaint with it for its features. In fact, along with the ultra Prolink FM radio, this Portronics radio is two of the best radios with FM and USB support under a friendly budget.

Conclusion: Thus, the USP features of this handheld FM radio are: play music from SD card source, tune FM radio, and USB port. But it lacks Bluetooth. Portronics is asking for a premium price, and then it should provide a product with some solid features.

I would personally prefer the Ultra Prolink FM radio, despite knowing the fact that Portronics could be trusted for budget mobile speakers as well. What would be your choice? This question becomes relevant here since both the radios have almost same operational standards and features.

Buy Rs. 1300
Item Weight 1.8 Kg
Product Dimensions 15.4 x 3.4 x 10.7 cm
Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration 5.1 channel
Wattage 2
Batteries Included No
Connector Type USB
Micro SD Card YES
Music Folders YES
Headphone Jack YES
PC Plug & Play YES

Users Review and Opinion

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