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Portable Atta Chakki Flour Mill below 10000 Rupees

Portable Atta Chakki Flour Mill below 10000 Rupees

Packed food always has added preservatives. Even if some Indian cinema stars making the huge claims in commercials- never believe processed, packed food would be one hundred percent natural. The government guideline permits the use of such artificial preservatives although they are still not natural, so cannot be trusted 100% safe.

Branded Packed Atta has become very popular in the last few years, so all grocery stores keep stock. But branded Atta cannot be as safe as local Chakki made Atta. In fact, packed Aata causes constipation; therefore, even before visiting a doctor, the first thing one should do is to switch to Chakki fresh Atta.

This is a review article dedicated to portable flour mills. I am going to discuss here two best Aata makers or portable flour mill for Indian homes in the price range of 8000 to 20000 rupees.

  • Amul Portable Chakki Atta Maker
  • Laxmi One HP Mini Atta Chakki

These are reliable and durable machines for making good quality flour in the home. Buy them like a good Investment for your family’s health. And, buy them for the triple surprise also: make fresh flour as and when you want, save money on costly packed Atta, and save time in going to a local Chakki and waiting there long.

Even if the machine runs successfully next eight to ten years, the cost for Chakki fresh Atta would stay under 1000 rupees annually, which is less than 100 rupees monthly. Power consumption by such portable machines is very less. It would not add any shocking figure into your monthly electricity bill.

While I was going through the details of these online available products, I came across some essential information. Read the information below in order to use such machines accurately. The list of some precautions one should take to avoid any malfunction in the unit.


  • Ensure electricity supply to your place has a proper earthing.
  • Ensure power is supplied to the unit using three PIN electricity socket.
  • Before starting the grinding – make sure the setup of the unit is accurate.
  • Keep the handle, which is for regulating the flour quality at point one during assembly and cleaning process.
  • While grinding spice, run the unit only for 30 minutes. Allow one-hour cooling period.
  • Before grinding turmeric, cut into small pieces, effectively small than grams.
  • If there are many things to go into the flour mill, plan accordingly then – Decide carefully – the first, second and last grains.
  1. Example: Grind flour mess before coarser Mess
  2. Example: First grind wheat, then spice
  3. Example: First grind turmeric then dried chilies

Actually, there is no fixed rule to set grains in an order; it is left to user’s common sense. A right order should be made such a way that there is no harm if some left over flour of the first grain is mixed into the second grain, up next in the order.

There is no harm if little bit turmeric powder gets mixed into Chilli power, but vice-versa will not be appreciated. Turmeric power has many usages other than to add color into cooked vegetables.


  • Never use for wet grinding.
  • Avoid water, wet cloth, or a thick brush for cleaning the unit.
  • Never use an extension box to bring power socket closure to the unit.
  • Never attempt grinding Corns.


Table Top Amul Atta Chakki Mill

The Atta maker is not associated with iconic dairy brand Amul India. Rather, Amul Engineering Co, a Gujarat-based company has designed it. According to the official website, the company has about 25 years of success in the domestic engineering. In fact, it is designing new products as well as making traditional designs of domestically usable machines.

As I can see on the website, the brand has been a strong player in the market with products in five categories: flour mill, RO water purifier, cooler, Pulveriser, and electrical motor. With a total 15 flour mill models/variants, it appears, Amul Engineering has a strong foothold in the flour mill segment.

These details are important in order to understand – how serious a brand is. At GS, we carefully consider the brand and its background while selecting a product of it for a review. Even if a product is good, but the manufacturer appears not so serious or looking for a new prospect by giving up the current one, it is better to ignore them.

Built and Design: Compact and efficiency are two words can describe the Amul Atta Mill well. It will take space in the kitchen even lesser than a stool. Stainless steel body outside, cast iron inside, one HP motor, and emery stone are some essential parts of the product.

The flour mill is measured as 58 cm in height, 30 cm in length, and 20 cm in width. The stone, which is converting grains into flour, is the Emery stone, 150 mm × 20 mm in size.

Capacity: The table-top machine can grind 6 to 10 Kgs grain in just a one-hour. Since it is best-suited for home use, I think such grinding capacity is sufficient. In fact, it could also be a viable option for a joint family with 10 to 15 members.

As we have learned, Amul Atta mill can effectively grind wheat, Daal, and spices. But we are not very sure about using it for grinding turmeric. However, the alternative of this 1HP portable Mill can be used for turmeric grinding by following some simple pre-steps.

How to use it this Portable Atta Chakki

In order to get a perfect grinding, dry up the grain in open during a hot sunny day for around four to five hours. If one does this essential pre-step, the flour will be soft and accurate for cooking delicious food then. In addition, the machine would stay firm and the roughness of the stones would remain intact a longer time.

Although no harm in running it daily or twice in a week, but I would rather you run it once in 15 days.

Keep grains ready and spices either mixed or sorted. Run the machine, collect the flours, clean it up nicely, packed it up, and put in one corner. The kitchen is now ready with natural, nutritious flour. In this way, one can save on time and electricity bill as well. In addition, a well-cared use will increase the motor life as well as the whole setup.

Make sure it is cleaned properly from inside and outside. Especially wheat has a kind of natural sweetness, a perfect choice for letting bacteria and worms grow.

As is in the image, the top section hides the upper side of the stone and the lower or the body section hosts the base stone. By losing three knobs, both sections can be separated for cleaning and repairing purpose.

Amul Round Chakki Atta Maker Review Specifications Price Online in India

Start by installing the top section on the main body section. Now tight the screws up in order to complete the header section setup complete. Use hand power to tighten the screws. Avoid being too harsh on them.

Now set the hopper or grain collector as the top-most section of the machine. Cover the spout outlet with a long clean cloth whose other side has to open into a flour container. In this way, the flour can be delicately collected into a container without creating a mess around.

The machine starts running in slow speed, letting users adjust the flour quality by forcing the handle into the clock or anti-clockwise. Start with some grain to check the consistency and quality of the flour in the current adjustment of the unit. Once satisfied by flour quality, fill the hopper completely and set the machine into booster mode.

Read the unit user manual for more clarity about the steps and the details of different kinds of grinding.

Once the unit has been cooled after completion of the grinding works, initiate a cleaning process. Use a soft long brush or a small piece of dry cloth for cleaning inside and outside the unit. After the cleaning process is over, assemble it back as a complete unit.

One HP motor Single Phase

The motor appears pretty powerful, it gives 950 runs per minute easily. This much speed is more than sufficient; actually excessive for making flour, spice powder, Sattu, and Daal flour, etc.

One can understand 950 RPM well if I share info about a regular Atta Chakki, which can only touch to the optimum speed of 600 RPM or less. Therefore, Amul Atta Chakki could be a great choice for Chips & Namkeen shops as well. However, a flip side of the story is – high-speed means high frictions that result in heat, which could apparently affect the flour quality.

Cheaper Option: There are not many options available in the online market for tabletop Atta mills. The product of Amul engineering is cheaper than the other one, yet to be discussed here.

 Warranty and customer support: Besides Amazon’s replacement policy, buyers are entitled to six months of free service guarantee. For the few selected areas, on-site warranty service is also possible.

For more clarity in terms of service and warranty commitments, contact to the manufacturer at: Address: Shop No. -9, Jalaram Society, Bapunagar, Ahmadabad -380024, Gujarat. Mobile number:  +91 98256 46375, 94286 07951. Landline: 079 – 22742353, 22770461. Email: [email protected] Website:


  • The model has an 110V variant, made for domestic use in the US
  • Powerful motor
  • Strong Built


  • Not so attractive design
  • Not much clarity about warranty and on-site service

Final Verdict: Amul Atta Mill is a table-top portable dry grinder gets power from a one HP motor. I am very pleased with its performance and built quality. It could be a great addition to your kitchen. This compact flour mill can be useful with its ability to do all kinds of dry grinding with lots of ease. In fact, it could also be a perfect choice for gifting to a new bride.

At Amazon, there are two variants of this machine is listed: one with 1.0 HP motor and another with 1.25 HP motor. I recommend the model has the 1.0 HP motor. Both models have similar performance and speed as well. Therefore, the powerful model with 1.25 HP motor, which evidently consumes more electricity, is of no use. For domestic use, consider the model comes with just one HP motor.

Price 8300 Rupees
Body(H x W x L) Body(58 x 20 x 30 cm)
Emery Stone 150 mm Diameter
Built Material  Stainless Steel & Cast Iron
Motor 1HP, 900 to 960 RPM, Single Phase


Portable Laxmi 1HP Mini Flour Maker

The portable Atta Chakki of Shree Laxmi Industries will cost 9500 rupees, 1500 rupees more than Amul Atta mill. Laxmi mini Flour Maker looks attractive and its built quality appears durable as well. Use it with a proper care without over doing anything; this would result in its years of working without any service requirement.

By the way both portable flour mill maker – Amul Engineering Co and Shree Laxmi Industries are Gujarat-based and have ISO certification for their good quality products.

Both Atta mills with some plus and minus are very similar in terms of built, design, and function. There is only a price difference by 1500 rupees. This is going to be an interesting battle to find out – which is the best.

Build and Design: Although not so good in terms of finishing but the overall built quality of the Atta mill appears to be excellent. Four wheels instead of four static feet is a brilliant enhancement in the design. Indeed, it makes transporting the 26 kg unit from one place to another place a lot easier. Its body is made using stainless steel. For a perfect grinding, it hides 150 × 20 mm Emery stone inside as well.

Performance : The unit offers a great performance. In one go, it can grind five to ten Kgs grains. According to the manufacturer, it should be given at least one hour of a cooling break following one hour of grinding. In this way, the unit will continue to render optimum performance and its components quality will remain intact for years.

The 1HP motor is actually a bit slow at just 900 RPM. That is, however, a good thing as the flour can preserve maximum taste, flavor, and color as well.

Troubleshoot and Warranty

Sometimes due to heavy load, the unit may not start the grinding work. Then, use the booster button.

Besides Amazon agreement for 10 days replacement, buyers entitle to a complete replacement only in the case motor burnt. Otherwise, only the parts of the unit will get repaired or replacement during one year of service warranty period.

Laxmi 1 HP Mini Atta Chakki Review Specifications Price Online in India

Customer Care : Address: 12, Sankalp Estate, Panna Estate Road, Ahmadabad – 380023, Gujarat, Bharat. Mobile: +91 9909154046 / 9825891432. Tel: +91 – 79 – 22747397. Email ID: [email protected]


  • Stable feet with wheels
  • Strong built
  • Efficient motor for effective delivery


  • The unit appears not so attractive
  • Costly product

Final thoughts: After analyzing both Atta Mills carefully, I have reached to a conclusion; the product of Shree Laxmi Industries is better because of the design enhancement, durability built, and user-friendly attitude of the manufacturer. However, For US citizen, 110V variant of the Amul Chakki Atta maker is only the option.

The flour mill has some exacting features such as intelligent design, durable built, and a bit slower process as well. Moreover, when I enquired about the brand, it happens to be present at all major social media platform with a dedicated YouTube channel, too, showcasing features of its latest product.

In today’s highly competitive market, manufacturers should be excited for 360-degree engagement with customers at various platforms. They should also be trying to answer queries and complaints at social media. YouTube is a great platform to create demand for a new product in the market.

Price 9500 Rupees
Body(H x W x L) Body(60 x 20 x 30 cm)
Emery Stone 150 mm (Diameter)
Built Material  Stainless Steel
Motor 1HP, 900 to 960 RPM, Single Phase
Over Load Switch 6 Amp
Grind Wheat, Juwar, Millet, Rice (Course), Chana, Adad, Mag, Coriander (Dry), Black Paper, Dry Chilly, Dried Ginger….

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