I looked at experts’ opinion, recommendations of top photography blogs and top YouTube Channels for camera reviews, as well as users’ opinions to select the top point shoot camera for this piece. Based on the feedback collected, here are six best point and shoot camera from some 50 odd models on sale under 20,000 Rupees.

The cost of the most affordable branded DSLR camera is 22,000 Rupees. Should you buy a point shoot camera or a DSLR camera, this question does not arise if your budget for a new camera is under 20,000 Rupees. Here are the best point and shoot camera for beginners as well as pro users.

The Gadget Shiksha website hosts an in-depth review of several of the suggested camera models here. Therefore, instead of a full review, I present here only the pro features of each camera model. Read also Panasonic Video Recording Camera in India under 25000 Rupees.

Best Point and Shoot Camera under 20000 Rupees (हिंदी में)

→ Sony Cybershot DSC-WX500 – A Compact Digital Camera

Sony masters the art of making a compact camera, a small size digital camera. Thus, it should not surprise that the Cybershot WX500 is world’s smallest point shoot camera with 30X zoom. Next, in this piece, you also read about a Sony camera with 10X Zoom, which is world’s smallest camera with 10X zoom.

A compressed build and design have its benefit and disadvantage. A compact camera is easy to carry but not comfortable in use as control buttons are tightly placed. The same is the case with this Sony digital camera also. Control buttons are small and tightly situated next to each other.

Sony Cybershot DSC-WX500 Point Shoot Camera

Operating this smart camera is more comfortable with the given two automatic modes. The first is “Intelligent Auto Detects,” and another is “Superior Auto.” The Intelligent Auto Detects mode is for regular shooting wherein ideal settings are applied. On the other hand, in the Superior Auto mode, in quick succession, the camera captures multiple exposures to minimize camera shake effect and noise. Pro users could make the best use of onboard resources of this camera in manual mode.

The Sony WX500 point shoot camera has the tried and tested pairing of 1/2.3-Inch Exmor-R 18.2MP sensor and image processor Bionz X for exceptional image quality. Thus, shots in right light cover in-depth details with vibrant color and accurate exposure to the subject. In low light, maximum ISO 800 works best to keep noise to a minimum. The highest light sensitivity of this camera is ISO 3200, but at this level, noise is visible in shots.

Further, the Optical SteadyShot image stabilization system does an excellent job. You can also shoot Full HD movie at 60 fps on this Sony point shoot camera. Price: 18000 Rupees


→ Canon SX530-HS Digital Camera with Fast Processor

The Canon camera is the best point shoot camera around 15000 Rupees. It proffers a DSLR-like performance, but its control is not as intricate as a DSLR has. It has a solid build in a compact design. You get good hand control over it while shooting. Its whole weight is only 442 grams.

The SX530 model sports a 1/2.3-inch sensor and its picture quality is far more impressive. It does capture real colors with smallest details from the scene until ISO 800. Its shutter speed, however, is poor compared to alternatives in the market. The DIGIC 4+ processor onboard processes raw data at a much higher rate allows the user to capture more shots and videos in less time.

Canon SX530-HS Point Shoot Camera

In fact, the best point & shoot camera canon comes with 50X zoom and has a 3-inch LCD. It lacks an electronic viewfinder, although. One-click movie button makes easier to capture full HD videos at 30 fps instantly.

Further, on the connectivity front, this camera has all the latest options. It can connect to external devices using micro USB, Wi-Fi, and NFC.

At the price of 17000 Rupees, Canon SX530-HS point shoot camera is an excellent choice. The pro factors are 50X optical zoom lens, excellent imaging, and full HD video recording, as well as fast connectivity options.

The upgraded version SX540-HS is on sale at 20000 Rupees. This camera comes with enhanced imaging and recording specs. An in-depth review of Canon SX530-HS camera is at Hot DSLR Alternatives under 20000 Rupees.


→ Nikon Coolpix B500 – Low Cost Automatic Digital Camera

In the low budget, for professional photography, one of the best digital cameras is Nikon B500. Its overall build is smaller, features 16MP CMOS image sensor and 40X optical zoom. Currently, on sale at 17000 Rupees, this mid-size bridge camera has a chunky of handgrip makes it hold in hand very relaxed and secure.

The B500 model has no hand-operated mode. The modes it includes are automatic, movie, creative, scene, and few others. A dial on the top of the camera makes a lot easier to shift between modes. On the top of the camera are also the ZOOM rocker, flash button, and a button to use longer focal length while framing shots.

Nikon Coolpix B500 Point Shoot Camera

The point shoot camera Nikon has excellent focus speed with accuracy in good light. When the light drops, it tests user’s fortitude. The processor speed is decent in case of an image, but the movie-processing pace is slow. It takes lots of time in processing even small movie clips.

As it is the case with most of the budget point and shoot cameras, Nikon Coolpix B500 performs exceptionally well in good light. In ideal conditions, it captures images with lively colors and subtle saturation. Well-detailed pictures are worthy enough for print and reprocessing. A professional user, however, could best use the 40X Zoom of this camera to capture the long-distance shots in high quality.

Nikon’s pair-share technology, SnapBridge allows the user to set up a Bluetooth connection between the camera to a smartphone to auto import and then share them instantly with family, friends, and on social media. You can read an in-depth review of this superior camera at 4 Best Digital Cameras in India under 20000 Rupees.


→ Canon PowerShot SX620-HS Point Shoot Camera with Auto ZOOM

The SX620-HS model has the features of Canon SX610 with increased ZOOM, and maximum apertures at both ends of the range are much faster. It is also lighter by 9 grams than its predecessor is. Battery life has also increased, provides longer camera use time.

As expected from Canon, the build quality of this point shoot camera is impressive. Making it an obvious choice for pro users is a metal tripod mount, however.

Canon PowerShot SX620-HS Point Shoot Camera

For beginners, “Smart Auto” mode is quite handy as it automatically adjusts camera settings according to the scene, camera position, and available light. Expert camera users, however, can manually set the camera and tune ISO for excellent photography. This camera also comes with various scene modes for tricky shooting like fireworks, nightlife, and snow & mountain life.

“Auto ZOOM” is a rare feature on budget cameras like this one. When activated, it automatically adjusts Camera ZOOM-in once detected a face. What is interesting that once the face moves out of the scene, ZOOM-out initiates, and the camera returns to the active settings. In fact, the feature can also recognize multiple faces. If you want to capture the best moment of your loved one, this camera is perfect. From a distance, you could take high-quality close shots.

Further, the battery backup on this point shoot camera is excellent. 1250-mAh battery could last up to 280 to 300 shots and in the eco mode up to 400 shots.

The Canon SX620-HD at full resolution shots in ISO range 800 to 3200. 25X built-in zoom could be double up to 50X with Canon’s signature feature ZoomPlus and 100X when the user chooses 2X of the function. Besides, the lens-shift image stabilization system performs excellently in the background to minimize noise due to camera shake. Price: 17000 Rupees


→ Sony Cybershot DSC-H300 Looks like a DSLR Camera

The Sony budget camera comes with many pros including excellent image quality, comfortable hand control over the camera, and fast maximum aperture. It is a superb superzoom camera with excellent color production, significant exposure, and fantastic details coverage.

What makes the Sony camera superior to its alternatives is a fast maximum aperture, new lens, enhanced IS systems, and improved AF. Its build and design are so good that it looks like a low-cost DSLR camera. And interestingly its performance matches up with a DSLR as well.

Sony Cybershot DSC-H300 Point Shoot Camera

The user-friendly design keeps control buttons at the logical places with no funny surprise. Thus, an excellent choice for professional photographers this Sony camera is as they could make its use from day one. One-touch Video recording and stop button are on the right place, withal.

Where this point shoot camera fails to gratify is its menu system. That is a bit messy. The shooting modes provided are auto, scene, program with auto exposure, aperture priority, shutter priority, iSweep Panorama Mode, and 3D Still Image Mode also movie mode. Like most of the digital camera, this Sony camera provides an option to choose the best review panel between LCD and electronic viewfinder.

Sony H300 is fairly a fast digital camera and video recorder. It shows no lag in continually capturing excellent quality still images with high exposure, real color, and lots of details and recording HD video then produce them.

New image stabilization system as Sony claims can significantly reduce noise despite user’s shaky hand. Therefore, at 15000 Rupees it is an excellent choice for everyday users. An in-depth review of this Sony Point Shoot camera is at Best superzoom camera under 20000 This Month.


→ Sony Cybershot DSC-WX220 Point Shoot Camera

Here is a slim digital camera that you could easily slip into your pocket. This Sony compact camera packs exceptional specs. In fact, it is the smallest digital camera with 10X digital zoom at present. EXMOR-R sensor onboard gives it an edge among the best cameras for low light shooting under 15000 Rupees.

The WX220 camera features a non-touch 2.7-Inch LCD draws live shot with 460,000 dots. For beginners and general users, it could be a fantastic choice. I am saying so since most of its options are automatic. Images enhancement features of this Point Shoot camera are exciting, too.

Sony Cybershot DSC-WX220 Point Shoot Camera

Along with Sony’s Sweep Panorama Mode, it has several digital filters. You can record full HD video with it. Now the industry standard connectivity options for a digital camera it comes with Wi-Fi and NFC for fast sharing.

There is a four-way dial with a central push button on the backside of the camera to navigate through menus and settings. The in-center push button is for changing the shooting mode. There is a dedicated movie button to turn the camera into video mode, withal.

The 18.2MP sensor of this Sony camera is capable of capturing the right amount of details. What is surprising that even at ISO 3200 noticeable noise is less. Further, multi-frame Noise Reduction Technology is a worthy feature. This function captures few shots then merges them into one final image.

Thus, to capture images with natural colors and enough background details here is the best camera. Automatic white balance system of the WX220 model does an excellent job in most cases. Sony has lived up to its reputation with this budget slim camera also. Pay only 13000 Rupees to order it online. A detailed review of this Sony point shoot camera is at here.