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Pigeon Stainless Steel Gas Stove below 4000 Rupees

Pigeon Tango Gas Stove Review and Specifications

Pigeon Tango Rectangle 2 Stainless Steel Gas Stove

When it comes to looks, the design of stove in a kitchen matters a lot. No matter how much money you have spent in kitchen beautification, it will go waste if the cooktop does not look good.

Pigeon is a well-known brand in the market and sells quality cooktops at affordable prices. Its Tango Rectangle 2 Gas Stove costs just 3,545 rupees and promises to offer high durability (at least on the spec sheet).

Two Burner Setup

The Tango Rectangle 2 stove comes with a two-burner setup, both of which are high-powered. These give high flames and help in cooking the food fast. I would like to point out though there are some manufacturers in the market that are offering even 3 burner setup at this price point.

Eye-Catching Design

No other budget gas stove can match the looks of the pigeon cooktop. It not only features glass at the top but on the front as well. The glass material itself is thick, durable, and shiny. It can resist high temperatures without melting or cracking. Pan support is enough high and wide to support big utensils without any problem.

Easy To Use and Maintain

The Pigeon gas stove offers manual ignition and the control knob is quite smooth to rotate. It gives greater control over the flame. Customers will be able to clean this appliance easily as it has a minimalistic design.

Durability Is In Question

Glass panels do not come cheap and this made me a bit skeptical about the durability of the Tango Rectangle 2 Stove. Pigeon has done some price cutting while manufacturing other parts of this appliance. Its burner will not last long and erode within 5-6 months (if you clean it daily). Components like nozzles, plastic knob, and supply line sport low quality materials.

My Experience with Pigeon

I had purchased a 3-burner stove from Pigeon’s Favorite series. Just after a few days of using this cooktop, it started giving problems. First, it started leaking some gas from the knob of middle burner. After another couple of days, the same knob got broke (may be due to heat). At this moment, I registered a complaint at but their support did not come to my rescue. I did not waste time and sent a complaint via email directly to Pigeon (owned by Stovekraft). They sent me a reply same day saying a technician will call and come within 72 hours. 5 days passed but no one came or called. I left this issue there because my mom did not even use the middle low heat burner and I was also busy in some problem.

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Six months into the future, the Pigeon stove again started giving some problem and this time around, it was related to the main burner (left side). This made me angry, so I wrote a strong message and emailed it to them. In reply, the manufacturer again said a technician will call but this time, someone did call me. However, the call came at 8 PM in the evening and the technician was right outside my door. I was a bit surprised and angry because of the time of the day he came and that also without consulting me first.

The technician was quite sarcastic and rude. My mom asked him to leave the shoes outside but he did not even listen. Anyways, we showed him the stove. After analyzing it, he said that the stove could not be repaired under warranty. The reasons he presented were:

  • The main burner stopped because of moisture (some white material had clogged the nozzle and the gas pipe). Moreover, he said that the gas leakage problem is also because of moisture.
  • The broken control knob (middle burner) cannot be changed because plastic parts are not under warranty.

Now, as a resolution, he recommended me to go for paid repair. This seemed weird to me. The reasons he gave for not repairing the gas stove under a warranty claim rang a loud bell in my mind. He even refused to clean the gas pipe and said that the whole supply unit will be replaced.

I asked him to leave. A local stove mechanic will happily clean the gas pipe for 150 or 200 rupees but this gentleman was asking for the replacement of whole supply unit.

So, this was my experience with Pigeon. I am not saying that this gas stove also has the same bad build quality as mine had but the customer support this brand provides is really bad. Their technicians do not have the basic knowledge of how to talk to a customer. They do not even take the customers seriously. It seems to me that Pigeon runs some kind of incentive plan under which if a technician succeeds in charging the customer for doing repair, he will be paid more.

Pigeon Tango Rectangle 2 Stainless Steel Gas Stove Features

Pros & Cons and Final Verdict

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Toughened glass
  • High power burners
  • Pan support offers good balance
  • Plastic parts are not durable
  • The supply line can catch corrosion

In terms of design and feel, there are only a few gas stoves like this one. The Pigeon cook top will enhance the beauty of your kitchen for sure.

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As far as the customer service is concerned, I will request you to not come to a conclusion just because of my story. Read the reviews of other customers on the ecommerce sites and then decide.

Burners 2
Ignition Manual
Glass Panel Yes
Finish Black
Warranty 2 Years
Frame Materials Stainless Steel
Knobs Rotary
Price 3545 Rupees

Users Review and Opinion


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